How to Get Direct Advertisements for Blog
For any blogger direct advertisements are the primary source of earning from blog, because there is no third party commission but to get direct advertisements for your blog, you need to do little hard work, you and me both know hard work can give you any thing but of course you have to give time for this thing will  happen in real, basically in this article I will tell about about how can you get direct advertisements for your blog and little bit beyond advertisements, my main goal is to make you earn more money from blog.

Here I am going to tell you those tips which will give you direct advertisements for your blog:

1):- Add "Advertise With Us" Page on Footer

This is one of the best way to get advertisements for your blog because those usually read your blog posts, they will come to know that you want to advertise on your blog, this is the thing you need to tell people, then see the emails will come to you for advertisement query, if you are new to this then never mention price for advertisements on your blog, because first see how people are interested to advertise on your blog, because first you need customers then set your own price and after every month start increasing price.

2):- Write About Best Things About Your Blog

See if you wanna get more and more advertisers for your blog then you must write best things about your blog, you may show some comments on your blog, which will represents your blog quality, one more thing don't forget to share your blog alexa rank and also Google page rank.

The most important for now a days that social media subscribers of your blog, don't forget to share about this information.

3):- You Can Make It Easy for Advertisers

See as you are going to get connect with advertisers directly then may be every one will not agree with you for deal, because of safety of their money and your money too, that's why I will recommend you to use Buy Sell Ads, to make it easy for people, but as the fact of the whole things in the nature every thing having advantages and disadvantages, so for this service Buy Sell Ads will charge you 25% of total selling price of the advertisement place, but even than this is good.

Let's do talk about little bit beyond of this for getting more advertisements for blog and make money blogging from home:

1):- This is not a Day Job

There is huge difference between day job and blogging, but still you have to do day job till you will not familiar with blogging, because you are not going to know every thing about blogging in one day because it is a long process with patience that's why every blogger can not make money online, because blogging can make you more money after a year may be few years, till the time will come you have to wait and keep working on the blog with improving your skills day by day.

But you will make as much money, that much money your day job will not give you, the most important thing is you will enjoy your life in the better way, because in blogging you can work with your own way, I think this is really important for our life, freedom with work, this thing only can give you that is blogging.

2):- Write More About the Article

In any right job need time to make it happen in the right way, the same here in blogging you need to put continuous effort with great patience, if you wanna become popular blogger then don't write short article always right ever green article with more contents, if you don't have knowledge about the topic then read other blog posts, ask your friend those are familiar with the topic, you always must apply most important things in blogging those are read  more, learn more and write more, after publishing and before publishing the article don't forget to read the whole article as a proof reading.

3):- Stick to Topic

When I have started blogging, about two years ago in that time I did not know about blogging, about SEO for blog, even you can say nothing but I do know I have to become a famous blogger by helping other people, now I am helping bloggers.

As a blogger you must choose the topics you want to share with the people which will bring more targeted traffic and remember 100 targeted traffic(visitors) is much better than 1000 untargeted traffic, if you want to drive targeted traffic to your blog then you must provide information about only few topics in which you can provide the best things to the world of people.

UPDATE 2016-
Recently I have earn 40$ for writing only one article for Infolinks, actually for getting $40 I did not do anything specially, Infolinks manage contact me for writing an article about Infolinks and for this they will pay me $40.

I have written the same and I got paid here is the payment proof of it, that I got paid, actually they have send me $40 through Paypal, that's why I am going to add proof of me Paypal account screen shot, that's why you will motivate to do so.
Infolinks Payment Proof

MORE important, if you want personal help from me, you can contact me on Facebook as well as you can ask me through comments below.

That's not all, I have been earning lot of money from my blogs, because I have been stick to topics that is the main reason my blog become popular in particular niche, so I make money from direct advertisers ranging from $25 to $200 per article that's great is not it dear, I know blogger earning even more than $1000 per article but their blog are more popular so popularity play most important role, remember that.

But, for seeing such days you need to put effort in one particular niche with laser focus that's why you can make it unique enough for users and that is the main reason to become popular in the internet world, but I am working in different niches I have many blogs, but the truth is that I don't write in every blogs but hired people those are writing for my blogs.

So, here I am going to show you the exact road map to get success in blogging in short time, but you have to invest little money but later you are going to earn lot of money from your blog, because here most of the blogger missed because they don't want to invest any money and smart blogger invest because they wanted to grow fast, even I was in the same situation in those days I did not wanted to invest money because I wanted to earn only $10 per month, but later I realize the potential or internet.

Let me tell you dear about my recent experiment on Youtube, I have been invited by Youtube two times and those moments were awesome for me, let me share with you one of the screen shot of it.
youtube event, creator day
Okay, let me share with you the road map to get your first direct advertiser-
  1. Invest money for getting good unique theme for your blog [If you want to get one, then I have awesome team for you, just contact me]
  2. Get hosting from good hosting company like BlueHost India [See BlueHost India Coupon for Discount]and WiredTree [WiredTree Hybrid Discount Code] for providing good user experience to your readers.
  3. Choose one niche and then write awesome articles means-
    • 2500 words
    • 5 headings
    • 10 sub headings
    • 20 bullet points
    • 5 important words must be bold
  4. Maintain frequency
  5. Have fan page on Facebook & keep promoting your articles, don't stop soon you will get return with complex interest.

That's it

As a blogger you must have three things, if you don't have then make habituate of these three things:- Patience, Learning and Sharing.

Well, after having these things even few bloggers do not succeed in blogging, but I will suggest you to give time may be one to two years then definitely successful will touch your toes even.

But, that is depend on your luck, timing as well as your way of sharing your contents.

Is there anything you would like to know about Direct Advertising?