List of Email Marketing Service Providers
As a blogger or website owner you must use email marketing for getting more visitors and this is clear for every one that more visitors means more money that may be from advertising revenue or conversions or may be from sells.

In this article, I am going to share with you list of all best email marketing service providers, among of those email marketing service providers I am going to share with you free email marketing service provider too.

Updated 2020-
Yeah, this article I have written in 2015, so I thought its time to update this article with latest information which I am using these days.

Because now a day.

There are many other things you can do, other than e-mail marketing too, those I will share one by one in my next upcoming articles.

Like messenger marketing, push notifications, SMS marketing, webinar marketing those are very hot to earn lot of money.

Okay, these days I am using GetResponse free for next 30 days you must try their service because they are best according to me.

I have used many e-mail marketing services but this is the best one right now in the market, because they are not only providing e-mail marketing but also there are many other things like landing page also. they are providing here is the list of services they have included in the e-mail marketing package.

The screen shot below you can see with pricing.

Specially, I love the package they are providing many companies charging more than their pricing only for providing webinar service.

So, I love them that is the reason also, okay the screen shot if below to know more about their service and package.
Email Marketing Service, getresponse review 2020

Key Points About GetResponse E-mail Marketing Services-

  1. Automation builder (5 workflows)- This is an amazing feature for non technical guy like me, I don't know about you, but I am sure if I can do it anybody can do it.
  2. Webinars (max 100 attendees)- This is once again amazing way to make your cold traffic to hot traffic.
  3. Contact scoring & tagging- Another awesome next generation feature given by them.
  4. Sales funnels (5 funnels)- Amazing way to get sales.
  5. Work together (3 users)- You can work together as a team.
  6. Webinar funnels (5 funnels)- This is very hot to get sales instantly tried and tested and I get success in this let me share with you my sales screen shot of one of my store
These are very crucial to get success in online business and you are getting all these at one place and what else you want my dear. So, what you are waiting for click here and take their service for 30 days free.

1) Google Feed Burner

Actually this is free one, bloggers first choice is Feed burner specially those are beginners, because they are doing awesome job for newbie bloggers to get more traffic to blog.

Awesome- Get Step by Step Guide to Use Feedburner

They are providing the same thing as paid email marketing service providers are providing, the difference is in the features nothing else, what exactly I feel?

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2) MailChimp

This is a paid one, but they provide also a free plan which is limited but as a newbie you can use their plan, which one is the free one.

Let me tell you in details about their free plan, I am going to tell you about the plan which is free for forever.

Yes for forever! but here is the deal for free one, you can send emails up-to 12000 per month up-to your less than 2000 subscribers but if you will like their service you may upgrade even later.

mailchimp review 2020, email marketing
Sometimes I used them, it is good to start learning about e-mail marketing, they also provide few more tools like capturing e-mail addresses like services.

3) Mad Mimi

This is of course a paid one but here is the thing they are providing for you, actually they are providing a free service for their customers, they are giving plan for free, you can have upto 2500 subscribers and you can send upto 12500 emails per month.

Now its only 100 subscribers.

Recommend for you- don't forget to watch their helping video.

4) Aweber

Most of the professional bloggers are using this service providers service because of it's service, actually they provide best tools for getting more subscribers from your blog or websites, so that's why if you want to become professional blogger then you must try this email marketing service provider because it's worth it.

Try it Now for FREE, later it will give you worth of millions. Think About it.

SignUp Now for FREE Trial
aweber review 2020

#5) SimplyCast

Actually this email marketing service provider also providing paid service but besides these the email marketing service provider understand that it is not easy for every one for starting paid service that's why they are also providing the free one even.

They have given a name for this free service is "Epic Free" plan, here are things you are going to get from the service provider without upgrading, means for free, you need to just signup, yes you need to do just signup.

This service provider is providing many things for free but I am going to tell things those are important for you in the initial time.

a) You can send up-to 30,000 emails every month to your 2000 subscribers.
b) You can also send up-to 100 autoresponder messages.
c) One form absolutely free.
And d) One landing page for free.

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Which one I am Using as a Blogger & Internet Marketer-

Many of my blog readers, ask me which one I am using and they also wanted which one is good for beginners, see it is up to you, if your budget do not allow you to use paid service then you can go for Feedburner, still I used that one but for promoting my own products or even other products those are really cool.

I used Get Response.

There are several reasons behind of it & I wanted to tell you all those important reasons-
  1. Of course first month its free
  2. You can create your own landing page, I have created one for promoting my own products as well as other products, those personally I used and believe it can make difference in your life.
  3. They got really pretty helpful customer service
  4. They will provide you free tutorials for increasing your list.
  5. Really affordable price least is only $15 per month for having up to 1000 subscribers and you can send unlimited mails.
  6. I am getting more than 300% ROI with this e-mail marketing program.
Guess what?

You need to try this because its free, so Get It Here.

Actually there are many email marketing service providers but I have told you services those are better for you, as best known to me.

If you want become a professional blogger and you have money then I will suggest you to use Get Response for email marketing.

Which E-mail marketing you are going to use?