On Page Factors, Off Page Factors, SEO
SEO- Search Engine Optimization categories by On Page factors and off page factors in the earlier when Google had developed by Larry Page and  Sergey Brin, because in that time only things work for search engines are Spiders to crawl the page and page indexing.

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These two things work for search engines to provide relevant results to their users but now days the concept has been changed and even changing day by day, but the reason behind that keep giving proper search results, what exactly the searcher is looking for on the results.

Ultimately the concept of search engine works did not unveil by Google, Yahoo, Bing but even then webmasters are using some tactics to get traffic from search engines, may be using keyword density, meta tags, meta descriptions.

These are really working now but the main thing is SMO(Social Media Optimization), new trends to get traffic to blogs or websites, which is really important in blogging to get good quality traffic to your blog, so don't forget to share your post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, specially Google Plus is most important to get good traffic from Google search engine, because Google has given full credit to Google Plus for showing results, so don't forget to use Google Plus social sharing button on below of each post.

Actually on page factors are those factors, which we do in the page like title name, meta tags, meta descriptions, keywords in the article etc, we can also say that those implements we do to get your article on the top of the search engines in page is called "on page factors in search engine optimization".

One more thing that is "Off page factors", these factors are really important to get referral traffic to your blog, because referral traffic is better traffic than organic traffic(Traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines) as par my blog results.

Off page factors are back links, page rank.

I think as a blogger we must concentrate on our post content and more important quality of content to get good traffic to our blog, because if you are getting traffic today for using some tactics then I know there would be another update like Google Panda and Google Penguin and you know what will happen, you will loose your visitors from search engines.

Then if you wanna keep getting traffic then you must provide quality content and your article must have about 800 words to make your users stay more time in your blog.

Remember, if your users are staying more time means your blog ranking will increase rapidly even you can not imagine. So, don't forget to write more and more.

At the last I would like to say you the most important thing in blogging that is proofing reading, don't forget to read after publishing your blog post.

Few More Tips and Tricks Regarding White Hat SEO Practices-

Dear I have been blogging from long time almost four years earn very good money, but learn lot of things those will help me lot in future more important I have learn almost all of those things from my real experience or from mistakes.

Like from getting hit from Google Panda and Penguin and recover from Google updates, I know it takes time but I have recovered that's why I am happy.

Well, today I am going to share with you few SEO Tips and Tricks those can easily enhance your blog post ranking even you can beat blog, I mean any high authority blog.

But, for this you need to invest two things, no its not money.

Its- your time as well as effort, these two things can reach you there, well I know there are about 200 factors on those basis Google shows result, that is right because I got this information from Google official.

But, in actual if you will focus on only four things you can easily WIN in SEO war, see it is not even black hat, it is completely white because it will help you to get result in long time, here are those factors-
  1. Title of the Blog Post- See choosing proper title is almost 80% in SEO, but in the beginning it is little difficult to choose proper title which drive traffic, that's why I have full proof plan for beating this that is learn how to Use Keyword Research Tool.
  2. Keywords content in the Blog Post- See, once again it is also important, see if you are a beginner then it is little difficult for you to understand this properly, that's why I will recommend you to do only and only one thing to do this almost properly, that is use keywords in the blog post as well as headings those keywords you have used in the title of the blog post.
  3. URL structure of the Blog Post- URL (Universal Resource Locator) is the also a key for getting good rank in search engines result page, here you need to do only thing just add the title of the blog post directly but use dash in between the words- Read More About Proper URL Structure
  4. Headings and Subheadings in the Blog Post- Headings are also important but use heading if you think it is needed it also look very well.
Important, yeah page loading speed also matter, so if you are using blogger platform for blogging, then you need to use fast loading blogger template, which will be better for better ranking.
Yes, that's it.

If you can follow these four points of SEO, you will easily win for long time, I am sure about this because I got result from this.

After all it comes to revenue every time, yes I have seen this, if you got traffic that does not mean you are going to make lot of money.


Its not like that, because there are type of customers out there, so you have to drive targeted traffic to your blog, as well as you need to place your revenue keys in the proper place that's why it will convert quite easily.

Above all steps are almost about On Page Optimization but what about Off Page but legit way, that's why your blog will not get hit by Google Updates like Penguin and Panda.

Here are those steps- You need to build links from high authority sites on your niche, that's why I have created a dashing blog post on How to Build Real Traffic Driving Links for Blog.

But, dear one very good concept I like to tell you about, first be sure yourself that you are doing something awesome that's why people will feel awesome after reading your article.

Everything and anything depend on you.

See, I always recommend my blog readers to concentrate on- On Page Optimization because it really works, but over optimizing page is harmful for any blog, I mean any high authority blog or website, you can see example of Ebay.

Because if you will do On Page Optimization properly, your off page support will go viral, that is for sure.

Is there anything you would like to know about On Page and Off Page Optimization?