Popads.net review- it is a popular advertising network for pop up ads, may be you know about this advertising network or may be not, does not matter, actually couple of days ago I have singed up with Popads.net for advertising on my first blog that is a education portal blog of India www.instituteofindia.com for increasing my earning.

As you know I do not put advertisement on this blog, because I have some target for this blog, after achieving that target I will put advertisement on this blog.

So, here is the thing for you, for what you are looking, most probably you wanted to know is this a legit advertising network or scam advertising network.

Then the answer for you, this is a legit advertising network.

Yes this is it!

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Popads.net is a Legit Popads Network with Proof-

Actually may be you are thinking I have written that I have proof too, yes here is the screen shot of receiving payment from Popads.net on Paypal.
Popads.net Review Legit or Scam With Proof

For Which Type of Blogs  Popads.net is Good-

Actually, showing pop ads is not good idea on some websites specially high quality niche based but if you have a blog or website, those have high impression at least 1000 views per day then Pop ads perform extremely well, see if you don't have traffic then you can not earn money with any network, you should have traffic on your blog.

How Much Popads.net Pay Per Thousand Impression-

Actually they don't have give any specific statement on this, but I have analysed about this from long time, actually earning is depend on traffic, type of traffic, traffic country, specially if you are getting traffic from English speaking countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia then your earning will be increase.

But they do accept blog or website having traffic almost from any country so that is not an issue.

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New Withdraw Option of Popads.net-

Here, I am giving another recent update from Popads.net, which I got today that is 6/10/12014, that's why I am updating that update in this blog, here is the message I got from them-

Dear PopAds Publisher,
We would like to inform you that we have recently done few important improvements in our withdrawal handling systems:
  1. Right now we offer daily automatic withdrawals via PayPal as well as Payoneer. Payoneer support was added a couple of weeks ago, however we decided to test it carefully and ensure we have enough financial buffer to offer daily payments, before sending out the newsletter. Payoneer is a service that allows you to withdraw your PopAds balance to a prepaid ATM card(Mastercard) or to a local bank account with low fee($3 USD) and low minimal withdrawal($20 USD). Payoneer covers many countries, which PayPal does not support.
  2. PayPal withdrawal system has been updated. Right now you will not need to contact us if you request PayPal withdrawal to a limited PayPal account. Our system will automatically cancel the transaction and refund it back to your PopAds account balance.
  3. We have created a public withdrawal systems monitoring page at Twitter: https://twitter.com/PopAdsPayments
While we planned to stop offering Payza withdrawals once we start supporting Payoneer, we were asked to continue support for Payza. At this moment, Payza withdrawals are done every two weeks, however as it is not easy for us to load funds into our Payza account, delays should be expected.

Best regards,
Tomasz Klekot

-I think this is very good news for all publishers of Popads.net, I like it. I don't know what you think, let me know, Thanks!

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Top 10 Points to Notice About Popads.net

I was thinking to provide you top 10 check points of popads.net, so here are those points
  1. Fast Approval Process- sources of traffic does not matter.
  2. Fastest payment process- Which I have not seen in last four years, any other ads network do so.
  3. Minimum withdraw is 5$- Which is really pretty good for small publishers
  4. You can get payment easily through Paypal
  5. You can use other ads with popads.net
  6. I have used popads.net and Adf.ly together
  7. Increase in revenue by 200%, but you need traffic
  8. Code Installation is easy even with Blogger
  9. Very good statistics of traffic with revenue
  10. Alexa rank is under 1K worldwide- Which is really very very good.

Missed Facts About Popads.net Review-

So, getting excited from this, then may be you wanted to know SEO effects for popup ads, let me tell one more interesting thing about Popads.net, That was I did not see in my life for getting payment from advertising network.

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They paid you emergency payment within about 8 hours, this option is not providing by any other network.