How to Write SEO Article for Your Blog Which Bring More Visitors
SEO(Search Engine Optimization) article for your blog is most important to get more traffic from blog, after all SEO is a good friend of blogs, if any one can write a blog post with using combinations of words I am 100% sure traffic for the blog post will increase by 100%.

In this article I will share with you complete tips for writing SEO friendly articles for your blog, that's why you will get more traffic to your blog.

1) Title of Your Blog Post

In blogging, if you want traffic from Search engines then first step for making your blog SEO friendly then write title what exactly people are searching on search engines and you may use long tail title.

See, it is always depend on Keyword research, if you know how to use Google Keyword Planner then you can get any traffic but you need to put effort right way as well as time.

My personal source to choose title is Google auto suggest, yes which is just amazing tool for me which I used another website that is Quora, which is also my favorite tool.

2) Use Title Keywords in Your Post

As search engine showing results on the basis of title and keywords, that's why you need to concentrate on keywords while writing an article, but don't repeat the titles several times other wise it will be bad for SEO, so repeat keywords not the whole titles, but you may repeat the title but up to to a limit.

3) Create Internal Links With Your Previous Post

This is one of the best way to increase your existing visitors of your blog and also good for SEO of your blog post, but make sure you are providing do-follow links and open in the next window script for getting more benefits of using this tips.

This is one of the best way to improve your blog post ranking on Google I am using it a lot and ranking lot of keywords on Google and it is completely white hat even I have used this technique for my test series for Vizag Steel MT 2020 as well as GATE 2021 Mechanical Test Series

4) Don't Give Any Do-follow Links to Other Blogs

Providing Do-follow links to other blogs or websites will kill your website ranking and you are not going to get good rank in search results even, I will suggest you to do one thing don't provide links to other websites if not necessary, if it is necessary then provide link but no follow not do-follow.

But, you can give follow links to most popular website which will be good for ranking of your blog.

5) Use Open in New Window with Do-follow links for Own Blog

Many bloggers do mistakes in this point they provide no follow links to their own blog post, don't do this for your own blog and another one most common mistake that is not using open in the new window script because this will help to users stay on your blog more time and more time users will stay on your blog, more good rank you are going to get on search engines.

6) Share Your Post on Google Plus, StumpleUpon, Digg,

This is must in blogging specially Google Plus, if you are not using Google Plus then you are really missing some thing big from Google search engine, because Google has given full credit to Google Plus for showing results.

To get more visitors from StumpleUpon and Digg, those write very good content they must submit their blog post on these sites.

These tools were good way to get traffic to your blog but other than these you can create FB groups, leverage video content for driving traffic which is a great way to drive traffic to your blog.

I called this as hybrid system to drive traffic to your blog and it is working superb awesome, I am using this technique to drive traffic to my blogs as well as to my products from this I got lot of sales, even the screen shot I am sharing below-
Hope you like it and it will work for you.

7) Write at least 2000 Words Article

Many bloggers having confusion about writing length of the article, then let me very frank about this concept, bloggers are improving their writing skills and length of the article day by day.

Here is the big reason, if you will write a 2000 words article then people will stay on your blog about 20 to 40 seconds, now think about those are writing 4000 words article then definitely people will stay on those blogs more time and as I have already told you more staying time on the blog means more good ranking on search engines.

Actually, its not always about number of words, it should be like how well you can explain the article, more detail articles you will write more attention you will get from your readers.

8) Use Subheadings

When you are going to write an article of having length of 2000 to 4000 words article then if you will write the article with paragraphs then almost no one is going to read your article completely, to keep give interest by users on your blog post, provide subheadings, it will make enjoying users while reading, because it shows better professionalism.

9) Write From Your Self (Don't Use Copy Paste Method)

In online business copy paste is not allowed because copy paste contents is not going to give you any value, so always try to write from your self if you don't know much about the topic then learn from other blogs or may be from forum or may be from books but write on your blog what you got with your own language this practice will improve your writing skills.

Actually, copy paste method is always a bogus method, I will suggest you to stay away from this method.

I mean start building your own identity through your blog and you, me both know this would only possible if you will do hard work as well as genuine work.

So, go for it.- I mean you got almost every thing to go for it.

10) Write Some Important Notes After the End of the Article

Writing important notes about the article will give the proper value to the users of reading your article, as I have read many professional bloggers and journalists articles they used to write notes, may be some times you can see on the book, there are some benefits of writing short notes on the end on the article.

SEO is good, but always think about it, what you are providing to your visitors, that's why your visitors come to your blog again and again.

See, it is really good to be a blogger but it is not sure that your blog post always will be on top, so remember always, be calm and keep going slowly.

I will suggest you one more thing regarding blogging, you must have basic knowledge of SEO, that's why you will go to wrong directions.