PPC full form
Exactly three years ago I did not know, what is blogging ? Advertising Newtorks to monetize blogs or websites, even what is full form of PPC, PPM, eCPM etc. I know about these things, I was thinking yesterday, should I write about these basics things in my next blog post, so this is it.

First let me tell you, what is blogging? 

Blogging is the way to share things in the internet that's why the whole world will get the information you have provided on your blog,

In 1999, Pyra Labs has introduced this service as a name of Blogger.com then after in 2003 Google acquired the service from Pyra Labs and Google has started given free service for which one Pyra labs charge or we can also say premium service.

Now come to these full forms of my post title terms-

  • The full form of PPC is Pay Per Click
  • The full form of PPM is Pay Per Impression
  • The full form of PPV is Pay Per Value
  • The full form of eCPM is Effective Cost Per Mille(CPT- Cost Per Thousand)
  • The full form of PPA is Pay Per Action
  • The full form of PPL is Pay Per Lead
  • The full form of eCPA is Effective Cost Per Action
Hope fully these full forms will help you, now the main thing for you, if you are a blogger then choosing an advertising network is depend on how much traffic you are getting to your blog.

If you have blog traffic more 2000 visitors per day then I will suggest you to use (eCPM), this is advertising networks, here is the list of Top CPM Networks for Bloggers 2016.

Now for low traffic blogger, if you will use eCPM then you are not going to make more money, for low traffic you should use Google Adsense and also you may promote Clickbank product on your blog, if you will not get then use alternatives to Google adsense.

If you are having low traffic means about 500 visitors per day then you can increase your blog traffic by promoting your blog posts on social medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, StumpleUpon, Digg, if you are a technology blogger then don't forget to promote your blog post on Technorati and also on Digg, SEO.

Actually, one of the best social sharing website is StumbleUpon, I used all of above but let me tell you excited moment of mine, well I got such type of mail every week, even sometimes every next day, that is your pages are stumbled by StumbleUpon.

For a reason, I can not share with you the screen shot because it contains all articles of mine blog those are being stumbled.

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List of All Top PPC Networks-

Well, I have already written top PPC networks for Publishers but today let me share with you only three ad networks to use on your blog those are really going awesome for all, well till now I have help more than 1000 publishers to monetize their blog all around the world and I am sure these three networks will help you a lot, here is the list-
  1. Google Adsense- This is true that Google adsense still leader in PPC market and of course still it is dream for many to get approval from Google Adsense.
  2. Bivdertiser- Another good PPC ad networks and of course one of the best promoting Adsense alternatives read my Bidvertiser Review. 
  3. Chitika- Another good ad networks, If I am not wrong it was 2012 when first I have tried chitika and after looking at the CTR I got amazed based on my own experience I have written an amazing article under title name Chitika Review.

Bidvertiser Info-Graphic for Publishers-

Bidvertiser review, payment proof

Four Ad Networks to Join as a Blogger-

I don't recommend to join all networks, but I will tell you to join only four ad networks those are working great for me that means at least one of them will work great for you-

Knowledge is good but you must concentrate while writing an article on content, which will definitely help you to become a next level blogger, one more thing never loose hope in blogging, because you don't know what tomorrow will bring for you?

Is there any full forms you don't know about?