Google analytics is a tool provided by Google for bloggers or website owners to know about the website statistics, as a blogger this is a wonderful tool to use and get benefited from this tool, may be you are thinking how it will benefit you as a blogger, I will tell you the whole concept, what is exactly it? and also how you would can use this tool for your blog to become a better blogger.

First of all if you are having a blogspot blog that means blog created on right, then may be you have seen your  blog stats right, may be traffic sources "country wise", "city wise" but that stats will not give you real time stats but now a days many tools providing this thing like  Hitstat, but all those tools will not tell you about users engagement, how much time the users are staying, how many users are reading only one blog post.

Over all I got many points to share with you about this tool but I know you will come to know about those features about this tool after using it but although I figure out some features of this tool to share with you-

1):- Dashboard
This option you can see there on the top of the Google analytics page side bar(left side), let me tell you something interesting about this dashboard, you can come to know about all stats of your blog you can come to know about all stats(visitors, page views, referral) in a second.

This is amazing right!

2):- Real Time
Specially I like this option of Google analytics because I always wanted to know output my effort and to inspire from the result, that's why I can do more blog post with maintaining quality, In this real time, you can come to know about active visitors on your blog, locations of the users and also many other things you can see but I will recommend you to use Overview to see all in one page, then after go around.

3):- Audience
This option will give you feature to see the amazing thing about your blog and which is also a good things to know about your blog that is "New Versus Returning Visitors", this is the thing my dear blogger you have to increase your returning visitors with increasing new visitors because a blogger only become successful when the blogger will attract their new visitors to become full time visitors to make a blog to the next level.

4):- Traffic Sources
This option will give you a perfect result about your blog traffic, actually there are many traffic sources but we have categorized into three parts- (a) Organic(Search Engine), (b) Direct(Returning), (c)Referral(Recommended by Other websites or blogs), you will come to know about these three traffic resources remember organic traffic is almost depend on your title of the post and content length too, but referral and direct traffic is depend on your content only, that means only your blog post can reach you to become a next level blogger.

5):- Content
Content is also a good option provided by Google analytics, you can come to know about your blog post popular titles those are giving you traffic to your blog and one more thing about this category is they give you details load time of your blog and which is really important, if you want to know why load time is important? then first look at the world two largest websites Google, Facebook their site load faster, that's why people can browse their website quite easily, because in this world every one don't have super fast internet connection, this is matter.

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6):- Conversion
This option is for bloggers those are selling any product, this tool provide information about how much your goal is complete for goal sections other then these are also having many things like how many people are registering your website, how many people are purchasing.

But this is for e-commerce or we can say for advanced blogger, don't worry one day you will use this tool but till that time use above five to become a better blogger.

See this tool service is amazing right, what you are going to do wrong that is only concentrating on these features is not good because after all you have to write your blog post with maintaining quality, don't waste time, because time is more precious any than other things.

Do you have any other things to share about Google Analytics?