Recently I have noticed, which is the free blogging platform for bloggers has changed two features may be one of them you know that is template changing and let me tell you another one, that is length of title box.

In this article I share with you, why they have changed the length of the title box and another one is improvement to template editor, first let me tell you about the reason behind "long title box", actually they did this because of getting help bloggers from search engines, actually this long title box make you to write long title for the blog post and long blog post title always help bloggers to drive massive traffic to blog.

But don't write a title more than 150 words. which is useless.!

In the language of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) this is called long tail, long tail means long title of the blog post, always remember your title play almost most important role for getting visitors to your blog.

Now may be you are interesting to know how it works, let's take an example, you will search on "Blogger Tips for Bloggers" Google, then may be will get results as I have given below the screen shot.

Now, you can see non of them are matching with the searching sentence but the 2nd result and third results are based on long tail, long tail title always help to drive more and more traffic to blog.

One more thing may be you know about this or may be not, that is the Google Plus profile photo on the blog post, which really increased visitors and even your blog post can get good rank on Google, I have written an article how to get it.

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Now back to the topic actually while writing a title, write what people are looking for for from the post, like if you writing a blog post on blogger tips, then you must include blogger tips in the title but you will have to include one more thing on which is you are writing the article, like if you are writing tips on SEO then you may be give your title name "SEO Tips for Bloggers to Get Massive Traffic", because people will also see the whole title before clicking on results on Google.

Let me tell you some more things about blogging, first of all if you are newbie or may be you have started blogging in the past few months, then you are making these mistakes.

1):- Not Writing Proper Title Name
In this article basically I am concentrating on title, right! here is the reason because in blogging almost title is everything, as I have already mention this.

But I know you will face problem to choose the proper title, that's why I have written another article, which will make you understand, how to choose best title for your blog post to get more and more traffic to blog.

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2):- Proof Reading
About 100 million blogs exist in the internet, only few of blogs are making money because they do understand value of people's time, what I mean? they do everything which make people come to their blog again and again, non proof reading blog post kill this thing, if you are newbie then may be this term is new for you, actually proofing reading means read the article carefully before publishing it by self or by some one else, who can do it properly?

Because, if some one of your readers will find error, then your blog look like unprofessional, people will not believe on your blog, don't let it happen for your blog, if you wanna really make money from blogging.

3):- Not Adding Images to a Blog Posts
Adding images to blogpost is really important to get more traffic from search engines because people also search images on search engines, so add images to your blog post to make interest for readers as well as to get more traffic to blog, here is the thing to do, add image to blog post but give image name as you have given title name but in short. Like I have given an example "blogger tips for bloggers", don't add any other thing for getting better traffic to your blog through images, just give name to your image "blogger tips for bloggers".

4):- Not Concentrating on Keywords
Always remember keywords play most important role for getting good rank on search results, may be you are thinking, what you have to do for it? You need to use keywords on your blog post, those keywords you have used on your post title, do this and see the results after a week, because if you are using white hat SEO then it takes time to get results.

My recommendation to you is don't use black hat SEO, it will kill your blogging career, remember it!

Note:- is improving day by day it's features to help bloggers to keep blogging and also to make money blogging, happy blogging.

What do you think about these two features?