Don't Loose Hope In Blogging Because Tomorrow Will Be Yours
Blogging is the way to make money online (decent income) but it takes time to make decent income, this is almost every thing in blogging, actually most of the bloggers loose this, that's why they don't become a good money making blogger, in this article I will give you some tips, what's why you will be keep blogging and you will see that day, when people will get inspiration from your blog.

"Don't Loose Hope, You Never Known What Tomorrow will Bring"

Let me tell you something about this topic, actually most of the bloggers want to make money instantly, that's why they loose hope, but in blogging you can not make money instantly, there is only one solid reason behind this, that is blogging is a real business.

And real business take time to build!

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See, you need to enjoy while writing a blog post, think about money after writing at least 500 blog posts, yes this is my guarantee to you, write 500 articles on your blog, you will be start earning very good decent income from your blog.

But, till that time come, you have to provide quality contents in your blog posts, more important is evergreen content, evergreen content means all time heat content, not like just any trending news.

More important in blogging is content, what type of content you are sharing in your blog?

Because many bloggers don't share very good contents or they just do copy paste that's why they never succeed in blogging.

In blogging always think long time, yes long time thinking is really need in business and even in life to enjoy your life more better way.

Now, come to the blog promotion and article writing, actually many bloggers loose hope also because of putting effort too much in beginning time and then they just decrease their effort day by day going forward, don't do this, although increase your effort in your blog to become one of the best blogger in the world.

You should have a mission for blogging, no matter what you are sharing in your blog? But mission should be there, that's why you will find perfect readers for your blog.

If you want to make more money from blogging then you have to get targeted visitors, to get targeted visitors you need to stick to your topic and also keep blogging, never stop learning and sharing.
If you want to make quick money then start affiliate marketing.
Because, learning and sharing is the best part in blogging, don't forget to promote your each blog posts on social medias, send emails to your readers, optimize your blog for search engines, use anchor text, tell your friends about your blog.

To help your readers properly, write your article from beginning, don't assume that things are known for every one.

Start writing from beginning to expert level, that's why your readers will get satisfy from articles of your blog.

At the last, I would like to tell you one more thing, which is really important in blogging, that is proof reading of your blog post, don't forget to read your blog post twice after writing it.

If you found any mistake then correct that immediately and later publish your blog post.

Few Things Can Stop You to Be a Popular Blogger-

Your Lazy Nature-

LAZY nature is our main ENEMY, I mean human biggest enemy is Laziness, nothing else, which I believe, if you are lazy then just start try to change your character, otherwise I have to say this blogging is just not for you.

Try to Cover Everything-

DON'T try to get everything at a time, if you will do so, at the end you will get nothing and you will LOOSE your precious time. I hope you understand this, first become famous in any niche then go for another one, which would be easier as well as practically possible to achieve.

Want to Become Famous without Hard Work-

In this world, if you are getting anything for free means without hard work then it is obvious that any one can get that, then you can understand, what is the value of that thing? So, try to achieve something which is not easy to achieve, which will make you famous.

Not Having Blogger Friends-

Friends are really important to get links in our real life, if you got blogger friends then that would be just awesome to be a popular blogger at least in the initial stage, I will suggest you, if you don't have one then just tell your own friends to start blogging and see the growth level between both of you.

Not Stick to Plan-

Planning is always needed to achieve the target right way more important in time, so you need to first make your own plan for blogging, I mean what you want to share? How much money you want to earn? How much traffic you want? and just go for it with having full of confidence and have faith in your work.

Over Trying for Money, Traffic, Popularity-

This is the problem of almost all beginner bloggers, actually they just start blogging after seeing people like John Chow, Darren Rowse bloggers income report, they just do not realize their hard work behind this, that's why I will tell you work hard but wisely then you can also earn like them, but dear it will take time.

15 Lines You Need to Consider to Get Success in Blogging

One of the best thing work in life that is by taking action, if you wanted to do better and amazing in your life then you have to take action without it, it is just not possible, so here I am going to tell you 15 lines for becoming better and finally start earning passive income online.
  1. Traffic comes from content
  2. Engagements depend on quality content
  3. Number of articles matter for becoming famous [Target 1000 articles to have in your blog in two years of blogging]
  4. Hire designer 
  5. Start investing money in different projects, may be small or big depend on your own budget
  6. Hire content writer, but don't hire your friends, hire who is professional and working with any content writing firm
  7. Articles must be about 2000 words [Use On Page White Hat SEO]
  8. Promotion is a non stop process 
  9. Learning must be non stop
  10. Attend event related to blogging, current I have attended two events organized by Youtube, actually I have been invited there here is the photo of one of the event held at 38 Barracks CP, New Delhi.
    ujjwal kumar sen, youtube event, blogger, India
  11. Networking is important with others those are in the same field
  12. Collaborate with other bloggers, is just amazing way to get success quickly
  13. Respect other hard work 
  14. Find out loophole and full fill it quietly 
  15. Be original, transparent and helpful

Three Most Important Things to Get Success in Blogging-

If you want to get success in blogging then you need three most important things, I must say main components of a successful blog.

  1. Good Hosting
  2. Content Writing Skills and
  3. Promotion

I have seen many do very good in blogging when they have started and slowly they start loosing interest in it, because they unable to earn money from blog, so you also need to know how to earn money from blog, from very first month.

Because, it is just an awesome skill, frankly say I did not know how to earn lot of money from blog, but suddenly I got main for writing an article for a big company [3 years back] and they offered me $50 for writing one article and that was my first maximum income for writing one article and income was instantly, I mean first I got paid and then write, so have patience and keep blogging to see those days, well if you are thinking about good hosting company then I will suggest you to go with WiredTree, here find out some awesome discount- WiredTree Coupon Code and of course you need to have good blogger template, if you are blogging on blogger, you can check it out a fast loading blogger template, that is just awesome, I have invested lot of money for making it useful for all my fellow bloggers.

Blogging needs patience, don't loose it, because one day it will make you to go there, where you wanted to go!

I more thing, what you want?

Just go for it and don't think too much, but must be new, if it will work, then it would be great.

Is there anything you know can make you successful blogger?