In blogging there are many useful tools to use to become a professional blogger, in this article I am going to tell you one of the best tool for bloggers, this tool will definitely give you a platform, which allow you to know what people are searching on search engines, now think about if you will write title for your blog post same as people are searching on the search engines, then definitely you will get almost all visitors to your blog.

But here is the big thing for you, don't get excited and start writing 5 to 10 articles daily, don't do it, because it will decrease your quality of article and remember in blogging content is every thing, which will really make you rich blogger.

Come to the point let's talk about Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool, if you are new to internet world or even blogging world then you are not going to use this tool quiet easily, that's why let me help you more to use this tool properly that's why you will get maximum number of visitors to your blog and make money blogging.

Benefits of Using Google Keyword Planner Tool-

Okay, actually I have already share with you guys that is step by step guide to use Google Keywords Planner, there are many those got help from this tool through my tutorials, here are few benefits I am going to share with you for using this tool-

  • It is provided by Google
  • Bloggers number one choice tool
  • All online marketers of course those are successful they used it
  • Personally, I used before writing any new blog post title, launching niche blog, helping my clients to choose domain name and other things.
  • Of course its FREE

Let's do it together, first go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool, then you will see the webpage like I have given below the screen shot-

Now, may be you are going to write an article on your blog or may be you want to know, how many people are searching on the web on a particular topic, write that particular and then at the last write same words as you can see for the verification that you are human not robot.

Then click on "search", then you will see many keywords ideas, let me search keywords that's why you can understand better way.

I am going to search keywords on "blogging", then I can come to know how many people are searching on the web monthly wise.

You can see the screen shot as I have given on the above, but once after getting this results you have to do another one thing, which option you can see on the left side on your screen, I have given the screen shot also for your better understanding.

If you are smart enough then you are understanding little bit, what about the above screen shot, if you are not understanding about the above screen shot then let me tell you about this, actually as you are seeing results on the above for keyword "blogging", the result their that is for Board term one, means, people are not searching exactly that particular keyword, may be people are searching like "blogging for money", "make money blogging" or any other sentence, which contain the keyword "blogging, but if you want the result exact result, what people are searching? Then click on "Exact" only then you will get the exact result, what people are searching.

As, can see the result after click on exact only, so always use the exact result, which is really important in blogging.

Some times bloggers or internet marketers used Geo-targeting then you may used advanced option to know, people are searching on the web country wise. I am going to add the screen for this option too.

As you can see on the screen, you can choose country then you can search on the web to know how many people are searching on the web country wise. This options will open after clicking on "Advanced Options and Filters". This will definitely help you to find out proper title and most searched keywords on the web. That's why you will succeed in blogging.

Step by Step Video Tutorial to Use Google Keyword Planner-

Below, I have added a video tutorial which will help you to use Google Keyword Planner tool in much better way, again don't try to understand this tool in seconds spend time and try to grab the concept to use it then it will be very fruitful for you for long time-

I can share with you many reasons may be hundred but here I am going to share with you what you can do by using this tool-

  1. Before choosing domain name
  2. Before choosing title of the NEXT blog post
  3. Before going to think about your next online venture
  4. Before going to put a online campaign for promotion of your product
  5. To know the trend of any keywords

This tool is providing amazing feature for bloggers as well as for internet marketers to know the market potential, this will help you a lot for becoming a great blogger.

What do you think? Do you know any other tool, which can help bloggers to become a professional bloggers?