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Traffic is everything in blogging, probably that's why you are here, see I don't know about you, probably you are newbie in blogging world or may be you are blogging from last few years, I do know one thing, i.e. you will drive more traffic to your blog after reading this article, this is my guarantee to you.

Basically, I am going to tell you, how professional bloggers drive more and more traffic or visitors to their blog, actually they used some tactics that's why they drive more traffic to blog, you can do the same but you need to invest more time in your blog, because time is more precious then any other thing in the world, this is I believe. I don't know what you believe?

So here we go to know those tactics to increase traffic to your blog-

1) SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

To drive traffic to blog, your blog posts and your blog also should be optimized for search engines, I have seen many bloggers don't succeed in blogging only because of their blog is not optimized for search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization contain three words but there are more than 200 factors on those basis search engine show results, now may be you are thinking it is quiet difficult to do it, then let me tell you, you don't need to optimize 200 factors but of course you have to optimized few factors like-

#a)- Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions of your blog help search engines crawlers to know about your blog categories means, what your blog providing for people?

Always provide meta descriptions short but effective to your blog that's why your blog post will get good rank on search engines, which means you will get more traffic to your blog.

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#b)- Meta Keywords

Meta Keywords are also important for your blog, but don't write meta keywords, which keywords don't belong to your blog, simply write keywords those related to your blog, that would be quiet good for your blog for getting good rank on search engines.

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#c)- Links from Other Sites

Links from other sites, technically we called outbound links, there are many ways to get outbound links, like commenting on other blogs, participate in forums like http://www.warriorforum.comhttp://stackoverflow.com, ask questions and give answers don't forget to left your blog URL to get back links, participate in questions and answers websites like yahoo answers,,, in these websites too, left your blog URL to get benefited for giving answers.

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#d)- Inter Linking of Your Blog Post(Anchor Text)

Internal linking is called in technical language inbound links, there is one best way to do it, use anchor text, just like Wikipedia use to interlink there own web pages to articles, to increase page views and get good rank on Google(Through Time Spending Per Users).

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#e)- Title of Your Blog Posts

This is big in blogging, if you wanna get visitors from search engines then this is really need in blogging, that is effective title of your blog posts, let me tell you more about this because you should understand the whole concept about this thing, see if you are searching on anything on Google or any other search engines they show results, which is depend on your query right? That means who has give title name exactly what you are search on search engines, the probability getting rank on the top on search results of the blog post(who has given title name of the blog post as you are searching on the search engines).

Hopefully you are getting me, you should give your title of your blog post, which people are searching on the search engines, then you will drive more traffic to your blog.

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#f)- Category of Your Blog Posts

Category let decide search engine crawlers content of your blog, that's it is good to write a blog for a single category than multiple category, some times two or three!

If you are using as your blogging platform then it is called label, you should also provide labels of your blog post, to make clear about the blog post to search engine crawlers.

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#g)- Content in the Blog Posts

See search engine crawlers also read your blog post contents before showing results, so don't forget to write keywords as you have given on your titles to get more traffic to your blog, but don't repeat too much those keywords, but do repeat, one or two times.

May be you are thinking how much you should repeat those keywords, according to me and many experts says that it should not be more than 3%.

One more thing I would like to tell you, that is many bloggers don't know about how much words should your blog post have that's why your blog post ranking will not get hurt from Penguin and Panda like updates, the answer is more than 250 words.

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#h)- Image in the Blog Posts

Many bloggers don't add image to their blog posts and if they add then on the top of the blog posts,
actually there is a benefit of adding images to your post, because people also do search images on search engines, if you are not adding images then you are missing those visitors to your blog, also you should optimized images your blog posts for search engines.

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#i)- URL Structure of Your Blog Post

URL(Universal Resource Locator's) of your blog post also important to get good position on search engine results, to get good rank on search engines you should write good URL structure of Your Blog Post.

#j)- Do Follow Links

This is the biggest mistake new bloggers do, they provide do follow links to other blogs or websites, that's why their blog page rank pass to other blog or website, don't give do follow links to any blog or websites, don't even sell do follow links to other website, which will decrease your blog reputation even ranking on Alexa, This mistake I did when I have started blogging in my blog (my first blog)

#k)- No Follow Links

No follow links are links which you should use to provide link to other blogs or website, don't give no follow link to your own blog pages, it will decrease your blog ranking.

One more thing, always use link open in new window to get more page views and better ranking of your blog.

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#l)- Free Back Links Tool

Free back links tool is tynt tool, which is really good for increasing back links for your blog, because whenever people will copy your blog content this tool will help to copy a link of that blog post with content, in this way your blog back links will increase.

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2):- Contents (Niche Also)

This is big in blogging, after all "Content is King" in blogging, because all things we do, all things will work, if your blog content is unique and user friendly, so don't try to write content that you are expert in English rather try write content, which shows you are expert on your niche.

At least beginner bloggers, they do copy paste from other blogs, don't do this if you wanna make reputation of your blog, hey don't try to be over smart in the Internet, because Internet is not good for over smart people, you are not going to get anything by acting over smart rather do genuine work to get good price from that work.

3):- Social Medias

Now a days social medias are playing important role to drive traffic to blog or any website or any landing page you want, because after search engines people are more living in social networks, so the probability of getting more traffic from social networks are good, although every social networks having different benefits, that's why I have listed below many social networks with reason to use that network.

#a)- Google Plus

Google Plus is the most useful social networks for bloggers, here is the first reason why? Because Google has given almost full credit to Google Plus for showing results for search query. That's why you should use this social networks for your blog to get more traffic, if you are using as a blogging platform then you can also use their commenting system on your blog too.

#b)- Facebook

This is big man, this is the world largest social networking website, that means people are more there, so the probability of getting traffic from Facebook is more, so here are things you can do to get traffic from Facebook, create a Facebook page and then share your post on that page, you can also share your blog post on your Facebook profile, as a blogger I don't use Facebook too much because it diverts me from my goal, but yes of course I do use Facebook to get more traffic to my blog.

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#c)- Twitter

Twitter is the world largest micro blogging website, generally people use twitter for getting connected with their favorite celebrity and celebrity used twitter to get connected with their fans, I use twitter to get more traffic and also make money.

You don't need to do any thing special on twitter just you need to share your blog post on twitter, your blog followers will get notify that you have share something yummy for their blog.

#d)- Digg

Digg is also a social media, where you can share your blog post, to get more traffic to your blog, after submitting your blog post, you are not going to get traffic instantly but of course you will get traffic, which may be you can not think about that much traffic, yes I am talking about 20,000 visitors to your single blog post.

#e)- StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is also a good social media, just you need to add your URL with including category then you will get traffic automatic for free, specially I usually use StumbleUpon to promote my blog post.

#f)- Technorati

Technorati is also a good social media specially for technology bloggers, if you are writing blog posts related to technology then I am 100% sure this social media is going to help you, who knows one day your blog would be under 100 top blogs in the world.

#g)- Reddit

Reddit is well known social media for bloggers, because traffic is there, if you are writing awesome traffic instantly then you must share your each blog post here to promote your blog post and ultimately your blog.

#h)- LinkedIn

Almost every blogging guru's talking about Facebook, Twitter or may be some times StumbleUpon but I think no one is talking about right now that you can drive traffic to your blog, by sharing blog post on LinkedIn.

First of all let me tell you, what is LinkedIn? This is a world largest professional networks, so chances of getting life time visitor(professional) is more from this social media.

I strongly recommend you to use this social network to drive visitors to your blog.

#i)- Pinterest

This is also a social media, which is having attraction of images from all over the world, as I know this is one of the fastest growing new age social network, as I have already mention that if you are adding images to your blog post that means you can drive more traffic from image searches, but this is the second source to drive more traffic to your blog through your blog images.

Just you need to add your image on Pinterest and see the traffic coming to your blog through Pinterest.

4):- More Traffic

In this section I am going to tell you evergreen traffic and also gateway to become a professional blogger, because following ways are really awesome to get traffic to blog, I will strongly recommend you to use at least these ways to drive more and more traffic to your blog consistently, consistency is important than for short period, if your blog already getting good traffic then you must have good hosting otherwise your readers will face problem, WiredTree Hydbrid Coupon, actually they are providing great premium hosting service.

#a)- Emails Listing

All professional bloggers as well as internet marketers use this tactic, this is also known as out bound marketing or some one said this list building, actually people must check their email address according survey even more than social networks in some countries like India.

#b)- Commenting on Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs is really good strategy to get good traffic and also get back links to increase reputation of your blog, but make sure you are commenting on blogs in well manner and also after reading the whole article to write your comment effective.

See don't spam any blog that is not a good strategy to build audience for your blog, one more thing I would like to share with you, you can comment on your niche blogs or other blogs to get traffic, but if you are writing a great blog post then I will recommend you to do lots of comment on your niche blogs.                                            

#c)- Add Your Blog URL to Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the most trusted website for content in the web, may be you know this right? so it's time to drive traffic from Wikipedia just add your blog URL to Wikipedia, where Wikipedia sharing content related to your blog posts and then see how traffic is coming to your blog.

This is good strategy to drive more traffic to your blog, even I am using this strategy to drive more traffic to my blog.

Traffic is every thing in blogging to become a professional blogger, more important to get traffic you have to create a great post and also promote that post then you will succeed in blogging.

If you are newbie first learn things and then do experiments get success in that(probably some good things) then share in your blog, what you got?

This strategy is a evergreen strategy for bloggers to become one of the best blogger in the world!