How to use Bold Letters for Search Engine Optimizations
Search Engine Optimizations is a broad term and it's a great tool for bloggers or for website owners also, search engine optimization can really change the future of a blog, but you have to learn it for better results, because no one is going to help you every time, but of course agencies can help you every time, if you will pay them very good amount, one more thing i.e. black hat SEO, beware from black hat SEO tips, which can banned your blog for forever from Google.

In this article, I will discuss with you, how bold letters are helpful for getting good rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

See, proper search engine optimization of a blog is only help search engine's crawlers or spiders to read your blog, this is the work of search engine optimization.

Now, if you want to get position on the top then you have to do hard work, because search engine shows their organic results or natural results for free of cost, you don't need to paid even penny for this, but you have to deliver one thing that is great content.

Now, let me tell you, how bold letters are helpful to get good rank on search results?

Here is the cone behind of this, search engine crawlers always looking for great content, if you will write anything in bold letters then definitely crawlers will notice those bold keywords on that basis they will fetch your blog posts to show results on search engines for a query by user, but that does not mean you will bold every letters, don't do this because it will give negative effect on your blog.

Just bold only some keywords those are most useful for users, let me help you more to make clear this topic better way, just bold those keywords, those words you have written on your title of your blog post.

One more thing about SEO is anchor text, if you are reading this term first time then let me tell you more about this term. this is a great term in SEO, because it will increase your page views and ranking of your blog just like that.

This thing, we know in simple term link-able words or sentences, here is the thing to do after doing bold some important letters, provide link to other blog posts of your blog, means make those words or sentences link-able with bold and then see the difference in ranking of your blog posts.

One more thing I would like to discuss with you that is"what type of letters you should use, small or capital"?

This is the question many newbie bloggers ask, I will share with the answer of this question too, answer is there no effect on SEO for using small or capital letters, but people like title of the blog post should have capital letter in the beginning of each words, because users like this, you can write in this way, but how to write best eye catching title?

You can write, but you need to read news papers, magazines, and just follow their way of writing title of the blog post.

I hope you got it that doing letters bold would be useful for us, but most important is- don't bold all letters in your blog post, it would be horrible.

I mean bold only few keywords those are important, that's enough.

Actually, in 2014 SEO is really little bit changed than it was in 2010, so you need to stay updated to it, otherwise you will miss something important.

Well, with bold letters, if you will add headings as well as subheadings then it would be much better to get good result, I mean look at this blog post.

How, I am going to use headings and subheadings.

Top 5 Basic SEO Tips Other Than Bold Letters-

Basics are most important.

But, in basic SEO, you need to know about Keyword Research as well as choosing keywords for your blog post title, here are five things you need to take care.

1) Title of The Blog Post- Really Matter

Title, is the key to drive traffic from search engines, if you can write killer search engine friendly title then you can not even handle traffic on the website.

But, after all things to keyword research, you can only choose high potential traffic title, if you know how to do keyword research.

2) URL Structure of the Blog Post

Search engine, also see URL structure of the blog, if you have written proper URL structure again search engine will give preference to your blog post than others.

So, keep this in your mind every time.

3) IMAGE Optimization

Images are just great source for getting traffic.

But, if you can only get benefit of this, if you will add good quality image, which must be related to your blog post.

There are few things to notice, while optimizing your Image for search engines and those are-
Alt Tag, Name of the File, Caption, Title Tag too.

If you will do these things in right way then you will definitely able to drive traffic from images of your blog.

And one more thing, after looking at popularity of image sharing website, I must say people likes images too.

4) Content of the Blog Post

In blogging, if you can write something different as well as  real then you can easily grow.

But, it will really take your lot of time, it will be worthy later.

So, how to write killer content ?

Which will be ideal for search engines well as for your readers- see if you can satisfy your readers then search engine will give your preference always.

If you wanna get example then see Techcrunch, Mashable like blog.

These are really big brand today, but all these websites started from ZERO traffic, you also become like them but hard work needed.

See, almost all bloggers, putting lot of time to blogging from years that's why they are popular like John Chow, Neil Patel, Jemery Shoemaker, Darren Rowse and there are countless those are living from their blog.

But, their most of earning source is from affiliate marketing, own products too.

At the last, it all comes to your content, if your content is good in details then you are going to be popular, but you need to keep blogging and need to promote your blog right way.

5) Promotion Gets Authority

When, I have just started blogging.

I thought, only writing great article would be good enough for becoming popular.

But, I was absolutely wrong, because the real fact is something else, here is the fact, if your content will get more readers then only you are going to become popular, quite easily more important in very less period of time.

So, where you should promote your blog?

Here are few places, where you can promote your blog post, but I will suggest you first concentrate on one media then go for another one, because each and every medias are having lot of potential to crash your blog server.

Here, are few medias those have been helpful for me- Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reditt, StumbleUpon, Indiblogger, Pinterest (For Images) etc.

In my next blog post, I am going to reveal power of promotion of blog post on social medias, because I got something special from it.

Search Engine Optimization is good for blog to get good rank in search engine results and this is important too in blogging but the big thing in blogging is your content and niche of your blog means topic of your blog, never do blogging on huge number of topics, do blogging on at most 6 topics, which will lead you to become a good blogger.

One more thing, I would like to tell you, don't use black hat method, which will kill reputation of your blog.

What do you think about these SEO Tips and Tricks ? Let me know.