Google Plus is a amazing new age social networking website, which is provided by Google for making life easier, in this article I will tell you tips to use Google Plus for your blog, that's why you will drive more traffic to your blog, because it's been Google Plus is adding feature to blogger, like Google Plus comment on blogger to comments easy for users.

Well that is good for bloggers, specially those bloggers are using as a blogging platform, but for others it is depend(actually they have not released till now that we can use this comment system on other platforms)

Here we go to increase visitors to blog by using Google Plus-

1)- Google Authorship

Few days ago many SEO experts like Matt from Google, they were talking about Google authorship helpful for getting good rank on Google, that's why most of the bloggers were moving forward to get Google Authorship.

 Here I got after verifying Google Authorship, good CTR rate according to Google Analytic and also more traffic to blog.

Here is the reason behind this, Google is now moving away from anonymous, that's why they are liking more approved author's for the article they are showing results for query than anonymous articles.

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2)- Google Plus One Button

Google Plus one button is also important for your blog, may be you are thinking how? Because when you will put Google Plus one button to your blog then people will add a plus one for your  blog, Google search engine shows results on this basis too that is how much popular your blog socially.

3)- Create a Page

Now come to the page, create a Google Plus page for your blog, that's why you can share your each blog posts on Google Plus that's why you will get more visitors to your blog, because if you will create a page and you will share your posts, people will get notify that you have shared a post, then those follow your blog page on Google Plus definitely they will read the article, then what will happen you know! you will get traffic.

4)- Share Your New Post

It takes time to get index your new page to search engines, some times few minutes, some times few days, but share your blog post to Google Plus profile and Google Plus Page, that's why your blog readers can easily reach to your blog post.

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5)- Good Rank on Google(Search Engine)

Now Google has given full credit to Google Plus for showing their results on Google search engines for any query, actually this is good for bloggers, just we need to use these tools to get more traffic to blog, traffic is really important for blog, without traffic you are not going to make any money.

Actually there about 200 factors on which basis search engine giant Google shows results and Google Plus is one of them, but Google Plus is having good weight among of them.

There many social networks, those social networks even help you to drive traffic to your blog but Google plus is the unique one which also enhance your blog posts results on Google, this is the big thing of Google Plus.

If you want to drive traffic to your blog then you must know how to promote your blog posts after publishing it.

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