Blogging is the way to share your knowing, analyzing, experimenting things with world of people to make money blogging, but most of the beginner bloggers think that, it is quiet easy and within few days you will become millionaire or billionaire, beginner thinks because they heard from fake guru's, those are self even not professional blogger, so don't think about this even for a while, because it will destruct you from your path.

I think you are newbie or may be struggle to make money blogger, right? don't worry I will give you some real tips, basically in this article, I will tell you some common reasons those are really big fat barriers for beginner bloggers, probably those barriers you will face or may be you are facing.

First of all, if you are thinking about make money blogging and living your life from your home or may be living room, then you have to give at least two years to your blog, I think then only you will become money making blogger, any one can become a professional blogger but you need a good vision for your blog, this is matter, yes I am serious dear!

See there are many things you have to learn, if you afraid to learn then don't even start blogging, you will never succeed in blogging, if you have to learn things and express the thing you have learned in your words in your blog post better way.

I will strongly recommend first learn basic SEO(Search Engine Optimization), then write your first article, of course you have to learn some important things in blogging to become a professional blogger, SEO is one of them(Big Player).

You should write from your self only, don't copy paste from other blogs, again this is the biggest barrier for bloggers, because there are unlimited source to copy contents, so don't do it.

What's Big in Blogging?

If you are thinking about this, then I have to tell the answer is "everything", from your blog design to contents.

My dear there is no short cut way to become a successful blogger, you have to do hard work to become a successful blogger and not only in one day every day, yes every day, you have to improve your skills as well as blog content every day, that's why any visitor will come to your blog, he or she will come to your blog to read blog posts for forever, this should be your strategy for your blog, no matter, which is your blog niche.

Of course it is true it takes time but it is also true more time it will take much better your blog would be, but to make successful blog it takes about one to two years, I mean if you will write average one article in average two days then then definitely after one year your blog will have about 180 articles and that is good not bad.

But, with this you need to maintain quality of article and of course tools required to get success-
  1. You need to have good template
  2. You need to use e-mail marketing
  3. Need to find out the best way to utilize social media.
  4. Find out good hosting if you are using WordPress, I will tell you to see VirMach Coupon Code 
  5. Make your own simple schedule for writing articles and promoting your article on different media.
One last line I would like to add here, follow the path which will gives you definite success.

I would like to tell you one more thing in blogging, that is checking your blog rank again and again, searching your blog on Google, chat with friends, social network(Big Barriers in Blogging).

Stop Doing These!

Stop doing all these things, just create great content in your blog, this is it! yes you should check your blog alexa rank but not daily once in a week, but after blogging at least six months, till six months just write great content with great title, which will bring you more traffic.

Don't forget to conclude your article at the end of the article, that's why your readers will get satisfy from your article, this should be your first aim in blogging.

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Satisfy your blog readers!