Top 10 Things to Do After Publishing Blog Post for Promoting
Many bloggers do create great informational blog post but they do not promote their blog post, probably that's why they do not succeed in blogging, there is one big mantra in blogging that is, let people will read your articles and if you will not promote your articles in proper way then how could be possible people will read your articles, you and me both know, if you are not getting visitors to your blog, then worth of writing your blog post is zero, but make sure you are providing quality contents in your blog post that's why people or your visitors will get some good staff through your blog post.

In this article I will share with you, what should you do? That's why maximum number of people will read your not only one article each article, but you have do my sharing steps for your blog post after creating each blog post.

So, are you ready to do those steps for promoting your blog post, that's why you will massive get massive traffic to blog-

#1):- Share Blog Post on Social Networks

Probably you know, what are social networks? Like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. It is sure that many people are using these networks and alone Facebook having more than 1 Billion active users. If you are not using these networks for promoting your blog post then you are missing something big in blogging, if you are having little bit doubt about this, then it will clear, when you will see difference in traffic after sharing your blog post on social networks.


Facebook is the world largest social network, let's use it for your blog, actually there are two free ways to promote your blog post, one is creating page of your blog(give name to your page on which topic you are blogging to get more subscribers quiet easily like if you are blogging on html then you may give name of your Facebook page "HTML Tutorial") then don't forget to share your each article on your page.

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Even if you are having one subscriber after sharing, click on like by self to reach to maximum number of people and another one is sharing your blog post on your profile and don't forget to tell other friends to share your blog post on their profiles too.

b)Google Plus:-

Google plus is the best place to promote your blog for search engine(Google), because Google has given whole credit to Google Plus probably you have seen Google Plus one symbol, so it really good to get more people to your circles and get more visitors to your blog post and ultimately to your blog.

You can also create a page on Google Plus to attract your readers to follow your blog page.

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Twitter is the world largest micro blogging website, if you are not using twitter to promote your blog post then you are missing massive traffic to your blog post, use twitter to promote your blog.
Just you need to share about your blog post on your profile then automatically your followers will get the shared post, then what will happen? You know! You will get traffic.


Generally LinkedIn is known for professionals network, but now a days you can also promote your blog post on your profile on LinkedIn to get good traffic to your blog.


This is a new age social network, may be you are thinking why? Actually there way of attracting world of people are world of photos. You should add image to your each blog post that's why you will get visitors too from image searches(Search Engines), here is the place to promote your blog post through your blog post photos.

#2):- Share Blog Post on Social Medias

Social medias are also having great traffic, means where is traffic there you can promote your blog post, but you should know world best social medias, let me tell you world best social medias are StumbleUpon, Digg, Technorati,


StumbleUpon is a great platform for readers as well as for bloggers to promote a blog post, if you are still not using this network then use it and see the difference in traffic instantly and later also.


If you are really writing great content then don't forget to add your blog post to Digg because your one blog post can drive alone more than 20,000 visitors to your blog, it will not happen every time but it will happen definitely, to see that day keep blogging with great information and keep submitting your blog post to Digg.


Basically this social media is for technology bloggers to get visitors to their blog, they also provide top 100 blogs in the world, you can also discover best blogs on your niche to make your blog better than world's best blog.

Here is the chance for you to take a step to become a best blogger but if you want to be best then you have to give best possible information to your blog post.

Well, other than these there are also few social medias having capability to drive lot of unique visitors to your blog like Reditt, for content and for your images Pinterest, these two are really great.

#3):- Send Emails News Letter

Sending emails to your contacts, if you are not making list of emails then do it from today, it will help you to become a successful blogger, it's true.

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#4):- Share Blog Post on Blog Directories

Blog directories are good for bloggers to get good audience to your blog, specially if you are writing blog post on blogging niche.

I have a special thing for you, join to get automatic back link to your each blog post.

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More Important Points About Blogging-
See, these ways are for instant result, may be sometimes your blog post will go viral then you will get consistent result, but your best friend is search engines, because search engine can drive you lot of traffic to your blog for long long time.

But, for this you need to do hard work, make a proper plan also, see I have experience of blogging more than 4 years from now, so I have studied lot of things about SEO as well as I did lot of experiment on those.

After spending this much time I came to know about important things about SEO, see its not just about getting traffic, its about how much time people are going to spend on your blog.

On this basis search engine work, well this is not only the single point on which search engine work, but this is also one important of them.

So, let me tell you how you can get your readers on your blog for long time, I mean at least for three minutes, may be you are thinking it is easy, but in actual practice it is difficult, but I have full proof plan for this- Get Good Template, Embed Videos in articles, Write full length article with interlinking other articles too.

If you will do these two things I am sure you are going to achieve your goal quite easily.

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Blogging is good but you have to write very good articles to make your readers happy and keep reading your blog posts, but sharing your blog post on other medias for promoting is important to get feedback from your blog readers through comments, there is another reason, which is really important, that is people will come to know about your blog.

Do you have any other idea to promote blog post?