Search Engine Optimization is really needed for bloggers as well as for webmasters, but if you will get guide or tips from one of giant then it would be awesome news for every one, actually I got this guide from Google few weeks ago, that's why I was thinking to share with you, that's why you will also get benefit from this SEO guide.

Actually it's a one page guide but it's worth more than 100 pages, here I am going to paste that one page guide just below-
Basic Search Engine Optimization Guide from Google

This page have only five important concepts about SEO, but search engine like Google shows results for a query based on about 200 factors but among of those factors, these five are on page factors, these tips really work for getting good rank on search engines, that's why you can drive more traffic to your blog.

So let's start in details about these five tips provided by Google-

#1)- Title of a Blog Post

Title is big man for getting good rank on search engines, so the question is may be going on your mind.

How should you give name to your blog post title right way?

Dear to give proper title name which brings more traffic to blog post, you have to do little bit research i.e. search on, which title most of the people are searching for topic you are writing now, here I have already share, how to write proper title of a blog post which bring traffic, use long tail title but not too much long, that's why you will get benefit of getting good on rank other keywords also.

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I know you understand this, but I would like to put another point here.


If you will see, there are blogs like Mashable, Techcrunch and others too.

Those rank on Google just like magic, the main difference is that, they used keywords but their title always tells something new.

Just like, if they are going to write an article about Facebook.

Then, they will definitely put Facebook in the title but other words are just for readers, which helps them to get great CTR.

#2)- URL Structure of a Blog Post

URL (Universal Resource Locator) structure is also important to get good rank on search engines, so how to write good URL structure, here is the simple solution for you, write blog post URL as you have given title name.

But, use dashed in between the words, which is must.

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#3)- Content of a Blog Post (Keywords Matter)

Content of a blog post also matter to get good rank on search engines, may be the big question going on your mind i.e. How?

The answer is here dear, because search engine algorithm also go through your blog post content, so use keywords on your blog posts those keywords you have used on your blog post title and see rank increasing of your blog posts on search engines results, but remember keep improving your blog posts, then only you will succeed in blogging.

But, most important thing is the content you are going to share with readers, they must satisfy from your blog post.

See, if you can satisfy them, then I am sure you can grow in blogging.

But, it is not easy, because there are only few those read full blog post rest others just see headlines, if you have used.

Otherwise, they just go away from the blog.

But, yes there are many those read blogs, you need to target them, that's why they will be happy after reading your blog.

#4)- Image Optimization

Image optimization means you will optimize your blog post images for search engines, that's why search engine crawlers can understand about the image and finally show results for image searches, if you will optimize your blog post images, then you can drive ton of traffic, but specially those are travel bloggers, they must use this tip for getting more and more traffic.

Reason is quite simple, people do searches images of a tourist places, so if you will optimize your blog post images then definitely you will drive more traffic to your blog through your blog post images.

May be you don't know.

How images drive more traffic?

Well, let me tell you then, if you will design image by your own and share on image sharing websites as well as media like Pinterest or, then it would me much better for promoting your image as well as for this you will earn some quality backlink, traffic as well as reputation.

If I will say in once sentence, it will help to grow your blog with faster pace.

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#5)- Update Blog and Keep Going

Update your blog daily with unique contents, that's why your blog ranking will improve day by day, because content is everything in blogging, if you wanna become good blogger, then I will suggest you don't compromise with your blog post content, if you will, then I have to say this, you will never succeed in blogging.

One more thing, I have realize in blogging, if you can write longer as well as useful details content then you will grow faster.

Always used SEO aspects but first concentrate on your blog post quality as well as value you put for your readers.

I mean readers should not look for any other blog to know about the thing for what they read your blog.

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Most Important in Blogging-

See, I have been blogging from last few years, but the real power of blogging, I came to know only few months ago, when I come to know about affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing as well as few other things.

Among of them, the most important is e-mail marketing, which is must for every bloggers, if you want to get regular readers for your blog then e-mail marketing is the best solution for you.

If you want then you can get professional one then you can go for it otherwise you can go with Feeburner automatic remainder, which is best for bloggers.

Well, if you want to know more about SEO, then wait for my SEO University.

Yes, I am going to launch series of videos.

Those are exclusively for you, yes for my readers, actually I realize the need of this, right now only.

Okay, here is the best thing about blogging, I am going to tell you, which I have just discovered few days ago.

See, in the beginning you are not going to get readers.

Then what you need do?

Yon need to use social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc

See, I will tell you concentrate on one media first then go for another one, see after implementing a trick I am getting average 50 likes for each blog post on my new blog.

I will tell later about my new blog as well as my unique strategies.

Search Engine Optimization is the good way to get good rank on search engines, but I will suggest you to take care of people than SEO, that would be better to become a better blogger!

One more thing, stop doing keywords staffing it will make your blog readers bored, try to help people as well as tell me real fact behind the cine just not get traffic from keywords staffing.

Is there anything You Would Like to Know about Google Ranking Factors?