Well today I figure out the best way to find proper keywords for your blog post, well you can come to know what people are searching on the web, by using Google adwards keywords tool, it will also help you to drive more traffic to your blog, because it will help you to write proper title of your blog post. But that's little confusing for beginners, that's why in this blog post I will share an easy way to find out proper keywords for your blog posts, even this tip will help you to figure out proper title of your blog post.

Hey there, before I am going to share with you the tip for you, I would like to tell you something important about blogging, see in blogging there many ways, many resources to use, ultimately to become a professional blogger or popular blogger, but sometimes more hurry to become a popular blogger, is more dangerous for your dream about blogging, like you one of the blogger had dream about professional blogger, but its a story of few years ago, his name is John Chow, he was really curious about blogging, probably that's hurry make his blog banned from Google search engine about three years, so every one can not think like John Chow even work like him, so you must not do anything which will make you in that situation.

Recently I have heard that he makes zero to $200,000 in one month from just two info products, Blogging with John Chow and IM John Chow.

He is also well known for blog earning from zero to $40,000 per month!

Now you can think the power of blogging, probably every one can not see this type of success but I have to say he is a successful blogger, what do you think?

Now come to the main part of this blog post, I am talking about keywords right, so here is the most easy way to find your blog posts title and keywords to use in your blog post for better ranking of your blog on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc.

Hey in your life you want to get something from the sources then you have to use the source in proper way, right? So, here are our sources of getting organic traffic from search engines, so why not we will use search engines to find proper title and keywords to use in our blog post.

Here is the method to find out, just go to Google, I use Google for work, because Google is my favorite, so go to Google and just search on Google, about your blog post title then you will get results right, may be you are thinking, what is this? You know, right?

But you are not using the main important thing in the results that is "Searched related to" terms, yes search related terms to use in your blog post to get good rank on Google.

For your better understanding I have an example, which will really clear all concepts about this tip, so here is the example for you, In 2 April 2013, I have written an article about making money online in 2013, so before writing the article I have research that what other people are writing about making money online, at the same time I have also used a strategy to use keywords to get my blog post on top, keywords like "make money online in 2013", after writing the article I got that blog post on top, as you can see today even, just search on Google "make money online in 2013", you will see as I am seeing, I have also given below a screen shot too-

You can see on the screen shot there are 1,830,000,000 results, among of those results mine blog blog post is on the top, here are those things I did to get my blog post on top-

#1) Proper Research for Keywords

There are about 200 things on those basis search engines show results, but among of those, keywords are really play important role to get your blog post on top for sometime and may be for forever.

Here are two things to do just search on Google on which topic your are going to write an article, just like I did, I first search on Google "Make Money Online", then I got many search related terms, I have also given a screen, which I got on the bottom of the search results on Google.
I used keywords like Google, Investment, blog, free, fast, survey but you must use main keyword like, I have used "make money online" to get my blog post notice by search engines crawlers.

#2) Subheadings 

We bloggers write article to help people, I think you too, if not then keep this type of thinking every time in your mind before writing a blog post, I think it will work for you.

Now come to the point, why subheading?

Because subheadings help your readers to understand easily about the topic, more important it looks like a professional blog post and don't forget to add images to the blog(images also drive traffic to blog)

#3) Proper Use of Keywords in the Article

Hopefully you got it, how can you find proper keywords, right now you need to use those keywords in your article, but don't use those keywords too much in your article, it will again negative signal from search engines.

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#4) Article Length

After blogging of three years, I got this concept that write an article lengthy that's why the article will be fully helpful for beginners, that's why any one can understand, what do you want to say?

I usually write article about 500 to 1000 words but few articles I have written even more than 3500 words, there are reasons behind, one of those reasons are easy to understand.

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#5) Useful for Users

At the end, it is totally depend on, what you are providing for users? If your blog post is not useful for users than you are just wasting time.

If you want to really make money online from blogging then you have to provide great information to your blog that's why people will get benefit from your blog posts.

See, if you are providing good content then definitely people will stay on your blog more time, that is the great way to get good rank on search engines, even your alexa rank will also increase.

You and me both know traffic is important for any blog, but first think about traffic, what they want and also research what they are getting? what not?

Provide both but in different way to become a next my and others favorite blogger.