Google analytics is a amazing tool for bloggers to know more about blog traffic, more important is it's free, so to know your blog stats you don't need to pay even penny, it is also a trusted tool for bloggers as well as website owners, in this article I will tell you how can you install Google analytics(code) to your blogger blog, I will also tell you "where to paste Google analytics code in blogger".

Well, I found two ways to install Google analytics to blogger for blogger blogs stats from Google analytics and also other platform bloggers like Wordpress, so here I am going to share with you those ways, but you can use any one way to add Google analytics to your blog.

So, here I am going to tell you step by step guide to install Google analytics to your blog-

#1) First go to, then you will see a page as I have given below screen shot-

#2) Now just click on "Now click on "create an account", then you will see a new page as I have given screen shot-

#3) Now put your Gmail account and password then click on "Sign in", then you will a new page, as I have given below a screen shot-

#4) So now you are just few steps behind to get analytics of your blog from Google, now click on on "Sign Up". Then you will see the page, as I am seeing, the screen shot is given below.

#5) Now you have options to choose analytics, one is "Universal Analytics and another one is Classic analytics, I will suggest you to choose Classic one, I am using this feature, it's good for me.

To choose classic one, just make a click on that, then you will see green button there, now just go ahead and feel the form.

After filling the full form now click on the "Get tracking ID", then you will see a popup window open, as I have given below its screen shot-

#6) After reading the TOS(terms of services) agreement, click on "I accept", if you want to other wise you can click on "I do not accept", hey wait before going to click on I accept just make sure that you have change country name according to yours!

Now you will see a new page, As I have given a screen shot for this also-

#7) Now you can see there is written Tracking Id(copy this id if you have blog is on blogger) and also a code at the below, these two you can also see on the above screen shot.

Now here is the easy way to add "Google Analytics for blogspot blogger" or probably you have custom domain name on blogger.

#8) Steps for other platform bloggers, just copy that code and then paste to the page, which page or blog you want to track. Make sure you are pasting the code before ending script of the page.

#9) Now lets do it for blogger platform blogs, hopefully you have copied that "Tracking ID", now go to, then log in to your account now go to the blog, on which blog you want to track, I mean for which blog you have signed up for Google analytics.

#10) Now click on "Settings", this option you can see on the left side of your blog dashboard, I have also given a screen shot for your better understanding.

#11) Then you will see many options, but you just need to click on "Others", just see the screen shot, it will clear all.

#12) Now scroll down to the end of the page then you will see "Google Analytics", as I have given below screen shot-

#13) Now add that tracking code, where the screen shot is telling you to add, then click on "Save Settings", this option you can see the on the top on the page(right side, just below your profile), you can also see the screen shot too.

Congrats you did it!

Hopefully you have successfully install Google Analytics code to your blog, if you have any problem then just give a comment, I will help you, thanks for reading!