I was thinking about mistakes in a blog post (which is killing the reputation of a blog), there is one best way to overcome from this problem that is proof reading, that means after writing the blog post do read the blog post but not at a time, but of course after sometimes before going to hit the publish button.
check spelling mistakes, check grammar mistakes of blogger blog posts
Actually today, I was reading news paper, I found there a mistake in a article, I was really feeling bad about the news paper, now lets think about this in blogging, if some one is reading your blog post and found any mistakes then definitely reputation of your blog will gets decrease, so don't let it happen for your blog post(ultimately for your blog).

There is only one way to eliminate those errors, by proofing reading of the blog post, but I have found another two ways to eliminate your blogspot post error.

#1) Blogspot Article Writing Header Help

This is a amazing feature for blogspot blogger, that they can check spelling of their blog post by just click on the option.

This option you can see on the right hand side as a name of "ABC"(Having right sign just below ABC)

This is a amazing feature man, I am saying twice I know, But Thanks to Blogger team ultimately to Google to make it easy.

#2) Copy Paste the Article to the MS Word

Again Microsoft Word also, we have alternative to check grammars as well as spellings of a blog post, see eliminating error is the key thing to make your blog error free for readers?(which shows how much serious are you about blogging).

So, keep in mind every time write a blog post for the readers and readers like error free blog post, what I think, what do you think? Let me know!

Problem- If you will do so, then don't use bullet of MS Office because it will not work properly on blogger.

I have face such problem very often, that is why I have started using WordPress for couple of my blog, if you wanted to use a WordPress then I will suggest you to use Cloudways for getting cloud server in very reasonable price, even you can get free trial through them, here is the Cloudways Coupon 

#3) Top Online Tools to Check Blog Post Spelling, Grammars 

Other than these, I know there are many tools to find out errors of your blog post.

Errors are devil of your blog post, I hope you come to know about it.

Well, I am going to share with you those tools name-
  • spellcheckplus.com
  • reverso.net/spell-checker/english-spelling-grammar
Well, there are many tools available in the internet, but I found these are good and easy to use for any one.

Even these tools are effective, because I have used these tools for checking my blog post, hope these tools will be useful for you too.

Proof Reading of the Blog Post-

See, if you are interested in blogging then you have to do hard work without any expectation for next one year, till then you will have at least 100 high quality unique articles, quantity matters but with quality.

Yes, always understand the cash flow process and then go for it, yeah I was talking about proof reading.

See, proof reading play most important role to make your content look professional, one more thing just after writing the article don't proof read take time and do proof read.

For proof reading 1000 words article you must spend at least 15 minutes.

Blogging is good way to reach your audience by writing targeted contents but lets make it more useful for readers by putting effort on a blog post.

I think every one wants to become a professional, good money making blogger. I think, if you want to become a professional then you have to notice this thing, that you must provide error contents to your blog readers, to make trust on your blog.

Is there any other ways to make your blog blog error free?