Getting blog post on top on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask is not easy for a certain keywords, if on those keywords high page rank blogs or website are getting rank like Wikipedia, otherwise it is easy to get your blog post may be not on top of results but at least on the first page, why I am telling this because results on search engines even vary from place to place and time to time also, this fact I have observed many times for my blog.

In this blog post, I am going to share with some important things for getting your "blog post on the top of the search results" for forever.

#1) Write Unique Content

Write unique content but give title name as common people are searching on the search engines, you can easily find by using Google Keyword Adwords Tool.

Now probably you are thinking, how would you write unique blog post? Here is the simple method to do it, but as a newbie it is title bit difficult, if you believe in memorize, I will suggest you don't use this method in blogging, start writing from yourself rather than copy from other blog posts, now how would you write from yourself?

There is only two effective ways to do it-

a) Do Experiments 

Experimenting on things can give you unique knowledge, probably some times you will get achievements, then share your experiences with your readers, see experiences can be good or bad but sometimes bad experiences help us too much to become a next popular person(blogger).

Let me give you an example, if some one did not experiment about blogging then how today they become popular blogger, even many bloggers are make living from home, even director of many organisations dream about such life style, so if you want to get that type of life style then you have to do experiments.

b) Read Other Popular Blogs on Your Niche

See there is nothing to loose with gaining knowledge from other blogs experiments, although knowledge can help you to do innovations in blogging.

Innovations sometimes better than inventions, remember that!

#2) Use Proper Keywords Density

Lets first know about keywords, exactly what is keywords? As a newbie it is little bit difficult to have clear concept about Keywords, keywords are "most common words which people are searching on the search engines", now lets take an example for keywords of this blog posts, "Blog Post", "Top on Search Engines", "SEO" and "Keywords".

Hopefully you got now the concept behind keywords, proper keywords means you know now, but here is the good thing for but do read this sentence carefully other wise it will not be useful for your blog, so here we go, use keywords in your blog post content, but don't use keywords too much just use keywords on the starting of the blog post and of course at the end of the blog posts but not more than 3% of total words you have used in your blog posts.

One another tip, I would like to share with you that is- don't write short article, lets make the article helpful for a child even or you may say for newbies. If your blog post is helpful for newbie as well as for expert then you will definitely become a professional blogger very soon!

#3) Use Bold and Double Invited Comma on Some Important Keywords

It's time to give attention to search engine crawlers that you are providing contents related to certain keywords, then bold them(keywords) and use double invites comma also on some keywords, like I have used for my blog posts keywords.

Get it!

#4) Write a Blog Post Like You Are Talking to Some One

See now a days there are thousands of people are creating a blog with only one dream to make money online, but don't concentrate on money, concentrate on what you providing to your blog readers that's why money will come to you.

By the way lets talk about, how can you write an article like you are talking with people? Here is tip for you, write questions(which generally people think after reading the topic, which topic you are writing) then provide answer of those questions in simple language.

#5) Take Care of Your Blog Readers

"More you will take care of your readers more money will come to you", use this strategy to grow
blog simultaneously.

One more thing do read your blog posts before and after publishing the blog posts to provide error free content to your blog readers!

If you want to get good traffic from Search engines, then first think about people, those are reading your blog then you will get good massive traffic to blog.

But basic SEO tips is must know every blogger, does not matter on which niche you are blogging!