As a blogger, I will not recommend any one to copy any one content as well as images, because copy can not make you unique, in internet if you are not unique then you will not become popular, your method should be unique, those copied contents from other blogs they never succeed because ranking of there blog never be high as much rank you can get by updating fresh and unique content on your blog

I am going to share you "how would any blogger come to know, who is copying his or her blog content".

#1) Copy Scape

Copy Scape ( name of the website, this website is providing service to all bloggers, internet users, website owners to check, who is copying any one blog content, but make sure one thing before checking it, actually this tool will help you to find out similar content having other blogs or websites.

You can also do Plagiarism in between other blogs or website, about how much content they have copied in percentage.

#2) Google Is Your Friend

Just copy a part of your blog content and then search on Google, Google will show result which blog or website having same content as you are searching, I think you are getting me properly.

One another great way to find out, who is copying your blog content, just search on Google, the title of the blog post.

But I think, the above one is better, because that is the easy one!

#3) Image(Google Image Search)

This is a amazing feature added by Google, but you need to follow my step by step method to do it, so here we go.

Go to, then just copy URL(Universal Resource Locator) of the image?(for which image you want to search, who is copying) then click on, where the below screen shot is telling you to do.
Google Image Search

Now you will see new options on the same page, as I have given below screens shot-
Google Image Search Process
Now paste your image URL, Google will tell you, how many other blogs or websites are copying your blog image.

Top 10 Advice Regarding This-

  1. Those are real internet business people they never copied other content, because they what will happen this.
  2. As a publisher you can go for DCMA protected batch from
  3. You must concentrate on writing best content, that's why content will distribute very fast in the internet.
  4. Must Add image to the blog post for image optimization of the blog post.
  5. Your blog post must be optimized for SEO.
  6. Your blog post must be lengthy as well as fully descriptive.
  7. Make sure you are not copying any one content.
  8. Don't be hurry for clicking the publish button, take necessary steps before this that's why your readers you will be happy for reading your blog.
  9. Be original, creative, useful, easy, practical, helpful, successful.
  10. Always do smart work.
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I think these are the great ways to know who is copying your blog post and also images, but you must have your own identity, as I have been blogging, I have not seen any one become famous those copied content, rather I see those people quit online business.

Do you have any other method to find, who is copying your blog content?