I was thinking today to write some thing important in my blog to help my blog readers more, I am going to share with you "how to get more comments on blog", well comments really play important role for blogs that may be users point of view and also SEO point of view, there are benefits of commenting on others blogs too, but as a blogspot blogger you may do one thing to get more comments without doing any change of your writing, i.e. change setting  for comments, which allow users like open identity or anonymous to comment.

Here are things for you, those will really work to get more comments on your blog, so probably you are waiting for those tips-

#1) Write for People 

People will come to your blog once through social media, search engines, advertisements but if you want the visitor to your blog for life time, then you have to write for him or her and there are billions those wants to get things for free.

Because this is internet, the world's biggest market place, here if you are thinking for people then there are many those will think about you, remember this every time you are going to write an article.

#2) Write Article With Proper Explanation

Many times we think that, these things every one knows, in this case we are wrong, because there are many types of internet users, some one newbie, some one well smart about internet.

Then you have to write every article from beginning to the end with proper explanation, don't get lazy while writing an article because it will kill your blogging career, see if you want to become famous blogger then you have to help people, there is no other shortcut way to become famous money making blogger.

#3) Make Sure Your Article is Helpful for Beginners too

As I already said, start writing article from beginning to the end, then there is another good exercise to do that is proof reading of your blog, see people said that proofing reading is only eliminating errors from the article, I think this is not that, you have to read the article as a reader of the blog not owner of the blog, then see the difference in blogging.

#4) Write SEO Article to Get More Visitors

See there are many things in SEO, but there are some basics of SEO, you need to use those basics tips to get your blog posts on top, some times it happen, not in top even but at least in top ten that's good for your blog.

But here I am going to tell the simple tip for you for writing SEO article, use keywords of your blog post title in your blog content and see the improvement in ranking of your blog.

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#5) Add Subheadings to Your Article

See this is a good tip to give your article professional look, more benefit for adding subheadings, your users can easily understand about basic concept of the article and it also shows main components of the article.

Adding subheadings also help to get good rank on search engines, because search engines crawlers also find subheadings in the blog posts before showing results for a query, if you are not using then you are missing it.

#6) Your Article Must Have More Than 500 Words

As I have already told you that you have to explain your blog post in a well manner that's why a beginner even can understand the whole concept from your blog post.

But why content length, here is the main reason because this is the only way to indentify unique contents, that's why search engines lead the user to the correct destination.

What you would do, if an article length is not that much, I have a simple solution for you, yes this is a simple solution, write related about the article but most important thing, your users must give interest to that part of the article(write most useful things in that part of the article to make it effective).

#7) Write Truth

This is amazing! in life, in business and also in blogging, if you are speaking truth then definitely you can long run successful blogger.

Don't write anything what you don't know, write each and every thing what you know, this method you should apply not only in blogging, but even in your life to become a successful person.

#8) Write What You Know

Many bloggers for getting short term traffic they do write articles, but the article is short and also not having good content.

Then what will happen, the blog post can drive traffic for short period of time, then it will never drive traffic until or unless you will not modify the blog post.

#9) Ask Question at the End of the Article

This is a great trick to engage your blog readers to comments on the blog posts, there is one another tip I would like to share with you, don't forget to reply comments.

#10) Write Conclusion of the Article

Every movie having end, if the movie is not having proper ending then it is obvious the movie will be flop, like here same in the case of blog post, if you will not end the blog post in the proper manner then it is obvious probably no one is going to comment on your blog post.

Think about this and make change! Go Ahead.

Getting comments on blogs is easy but you can make it more easy I mean, I am talking about ton of comments, of course it's not easy, but you can get, if you will follow these tips, I am following these tips for my blog to get comments, if I will get another tip to get more comments I will definitely share with you.

Do you know any other method to get more comments!