SEO stands for search engine optimization, these are only three words but their importance in the web world is too much, as a "beginner bloggers" you first learn about basics of SEO then go for blogging other wise you are not going to get more benefit of blogging. If search engines will not crawl your blog posts then probably you are not going to stand any where in the market of blogging.

SEO Tips for Blogger, SEO Tips

See there are about 100 million blogs exist in the web but only 3% of them are making money online, then what about others? They are not making money right! I think there are many reasons behind failure in blogging, the first reason is SEO, because they don't know about SEO, that's why they unable to drive good traffic to blog, then what next they quit blogging.

But don't worry, after reading this blog post you will capable of doing all those things, which will make you money making blogger.

So, here are those Non Stop SEO Tips for Your Blog-

#1) Submit Your Blog to Search Engines

First step of search engine optimization for your blog is submit your blog to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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#2) Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions tells search engines a small introduction of your blog, that's why search engines will decide category of your blog, that's why stickiness to topic is one of the best way to becoming a famous blogger.

For example, if I will add Meta descriptions to my blog then I would write "This blog is providing blogging tips to become a famous successful to money making blogger".

#3) Meta  KeyWords

This is similar to meta descriptions, but here is difference in meta keywords you have to add important keywords of your blog, like for my blog important keywords are SEO Tips, Bloggers Tips, Make Money Online.

#4) Meta Tags

Meta Tags are good for providing users friendly blog as well as good for search engine optimization point of view, if your blog on blogspot platform then this is known by "Labels".

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#5) Title of a Blog Post

Title is most important to get good rank on search results, here is the simple reason for you, because title of a blog posts tells search engines, what your blog post contains.

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#6) URL Structure

URL(Universal Resource Locator) structure also play important role to get good rank on search engines, what I have been analyzing from last three years.

One more thing I would like to share with you about URL structure, i.e. this is one of the best tip to get your blog post on top of the search engines other than title of your blog post.

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#7) Keyword Density

Keyword density means percentage of keywords you have used in your blog post, which is also important because your blog post keywords repetition is good but repetitions of keywords too much is not good.

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#8) Link Building

Link building is good for your blog, but there are two types of links- one is inbound links which is also called anchor text(this term is describe just below) and another one is outbound links means links from other blogs or websites.

If your blog is having more links from other reputed blogs then definitely you will get more juice from search engines.

Well, link building is not a one day job, you have to build links for your blog with time, like you are writing blog post with time.

Suppose that you have aim that you have to build one link daily, that is good enough for your blog for becoming next level blogger.

#9) Anchor Text

Anchor text is one of the best way to improve pages views of your blog and also improve rank on Alexa, which is really good for your blog.

Such an example, in the above sentence you can see, I have linked one of my blog post with just a perfect anchor text.

#10) Long Tail

Long tail always work in blogging, see I found there are two ways to use long tail one of them is give name of your blog post long with adding some important keywords, which is related to your blog post, another one is give name your blog post header, related to your blog contents.

That's why when people will search on search engines, then search engine crawler will easily understand that you are providing solution related to the query by the users.

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#11) Social Media Sharing

Let me tell one important thing about yourself, you use social networks at least once in a day right, I am sure about this! So, like you there are millions of people use social networks daily, only Facebook having about 900 Millions active users every day.

So, the thing is that if you are not using these networks for networking purpose then you are missing some sauce for your blog, it's sometimes better than SEO (organic traffic), because search engine like Google shows results on the basis of social popular post also.

Social media sharing always gives green signal to search engines, the reason is simple because people like the content that's why they are sharing, that means it is useful for readers, so search engine gives preference.

#12) Popularity

This is totally depend of your blog reputations, if every people is recommending others to read your blog then search engine definitely give a favor to your blog, because people are getting benefit of reading your blog that's why your blog become popular.

Just imagine, you know few blogs, websites or anything around you


The reason is simple and genuine that you got some help from it, so if you can provide help through your blog then you can also become popular for this you don't need to practice rocket science.

#13) Block Record

Probably you have seen on "Google block this webpage" right! I have seen many times, whenever I have not found right thing for me.

So, if you will block any URL then that is a negative signal from search engine crawlers, this will definitely effect blog post ranking on search results, so don't write any bogus content that's why people will not want to read your blog, see if you will fail to satisfy your readers once then it will definitely loose some massive traffic to your blog, so don't write too much blog post, one blog post is good enough in a day. Believe in quality not quantity, yes if you can provide more quantity of blog posts with maintaining quality then that is great for growth of your blog.

#14) Domain Age

Domain age is also matter, may be you are thinking how? Here is the simple answer for you, if some one is blogging from last few years then that person having more knowledge than newbie blogger right! And the another name of blogging is learning and sharing, if some one is from last blogging few years definitely that blog having more posts than a newbie's blog, that means they providing number of articles on same topics with different sources.

But here is one good tip for you, don't try to write articles on more topics, write best articles on few topics, become master on few articles and then see where blog is going, ultimately where you are going with blogging.

#15) Domain Structure

May be you know URL structure also help to get more traffic, which is the basic strategy to optimize your blog post for search engines.

But now think for a while, if your blog URL is related to your blog topics then probability of getting traffic is higher from search engines, even people eye also see on that, if you have given name of your blog is then definitely people will understand that your blog providing tips related to searching, right!

That means domain name also play important role to get good rank on search results!

#16) Domain Record

Domain record means, does your domain name got banned from search engines like Google, then it would be quiet difficult to get index once again, may be it will take few months or sometimes may be year.

So, keep your domain record clean that's why reputation of your blog will increase day by day unbelievably.

#17) Content Length

Content length is my favorite, because as a blogger I always concentrate to write for newbies that's why they can succeed in blogging.

Content length of your blog post obviously will increase reputation of your blog, if you will start writing a topic from beginning then that's good for your blog as well as for readers, see you don't know about any body, but I know there are people those even don't know how to log out Google Plus account, even Facebook account, that means there is nothing to loose to start writing a blog post from beginning, even for this you will get money making traffic.

Because those are successful blogger they are not going to make click on advertisement easily, if not necessary but those are newbie's, if they will see an offer for them, they will certainly make a click and you will make few cents from that user.

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#18) Links to Other Websites or Blogs

Many blogs having links to blogs or websites, some times I even link to other blogs or websites, but I will suggest you not to provide links to any blog or websites easily, if it is quiet necessary then provide, other wise do not provide links.

It will decrease reputations of your blog.

Although you can give name of your blog with out giving direct link, just provide link in text, for example

#19) Do follow Links

The most dangerous as well as most useful links for your blog, see if you are giving a dofollow links to other blogs then it is not good for your blog health, but you are getting dofollow links from other reputed blogs then that is good for your blog health, see there is one good way to get good reputed blog do follow links to your blog that is commenting on other reputed blogs.

#20) No follow Links

No follow links are links, which you must provide links to other blogs or websites from your blog, because search engines will not pass your blog reputation to the link blog from your blog.

So, always provide a no follow links to other blogs to maintain and improve your blog reputations.

#21) Google Plus One

See Google has given full credit to Google Plus one for showing search results for a query, probably you have seen Google Plus one, on almost all social media sharing bar, like for my blog I have added social media sharing on the below of each post, many add floating and some bloggers also add on below the post title.

By the way, don't forget to add social media sharing bar on your blog and you must add Google plus one button there.

This is the best way to fight with Google Penguin and Panda updates!

#22) Past Record

Many blogs having good reputations like Mashable, TechcCrunch, if they will add any blog posts to their blog then it is sure most of the time they will secure first position on search results, because they have reputations.

If you want to make that much reputation on your blogging niche then you have to write great content on your blog, more important is make sure people will get benefit from your blog post.

#23) Frequency of Posting

This is my personal experience, when I was posting blog posts daily 4 to 5 on my blog, Google index my blog posts within few minutes but now I am busy with my this blog, that's why I do not update that blog every day, now Google index my blog page after few days.

So, creating a blog is nothing, creating a blog post daily consistently with out loosing quality then it is really difficult, remember every time, if any thing is difficult to achieve then the worth of that thing is more than the easier one.

#24) Pictures or Images

Pictures or images really play important role. Do you know why? Here is a reason for this, see people are not only searching contents they also do search images on search engines, then if you are not adding images to your blog post then you are missing those visitors right, so provide image to your blog post, even a blog post look better than without image blog post.

#25) Image Name

Only adding an image to your blog will not drive traffic to your blog, you have to do something for this, that's why search engine crawler will understand about the image, see search engine crawler can not read "what is written in the image", but crawler looks at the image name, so provide name of the image as per your blog post.

Let me clear more about this, as I am writing this blog post, I will give name of the image which I am going to add in this blog posts, "SEO Tips for Blogs". Get it!

#26) Image Tags

Image tags make search engine crawlers easier to understand about the image, so add tags to your blog post images to get more traffic to your blog through your blog post images.

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#27) Reputations of Blogs or Websites Those Links to Your Blog

This is really amazing or probably worst, because if any non reputed or spam blogs or websites are providing links to your blog then it is again not good for your blog.

what is the solution for this?

The solution is that, just send an email to remove your blog link from their blog!

How can you find, who is providing link to your blog?
Just go to and click on reputations, you will come to know, who is providing links to your blog.

#28) Error Page

Error page of your blog, you can find by using Webmaster tools which is provided by Google, let me clear you about this, if any user will come to your blog from search results and if the user will not find the content, for what the user come to your blog then definitely the user will immediately exit your blog without looking to any other blog post that means time spend by that user is quiet less, so this is the negative signal for your blog from search engines.

Most of the time, bloggers provide link in a blog(On Menu Bar or Header Bar) but the link is not having any link, which will redirect the user to the new blog post, don't add any link to menu or header which do not content any link to blog post, it will again kill your blog ranking.

#29) Per Users Spending Time

Many bloggers ask me the questions why some blogs having good rank on Alexa, although they have very less traffic than any other blog.

The answer is quiet simple, more time spending by a reader the blog having more reputations, there is one simple way to make a blog readers stay more time, that is writing lengthy and great articles.

#30) Load Time of Your Blog

Load time of your blog depend on many factors, but I am going to tell you most important factors which decrease loading time of your blog, first how many blog posts you are showing on your home page, I will suggest you to show 4 to 5 blog posts on your home, not more than this, another major factor is plugins of your blog, I will suggest you to don't use any plugins or unnecessary gadgets on your blog.

Just keep your blog clean and simple is good!

#31) Number of Pages or Posts

It is obvious that if your blog having more pages with quality articles then your blog would have been more popular than a blog having less blog posts, see I have already share with you that search engine also shows results on the basis of popularity.

#32) Growth Rate of External Links

External links means links from other blogs to your blog, see there is one simple way to increase your back links from different blogs other than commenting on blog that is buy back links, but some times your blog links increase suddenly, I mean 1000 back links in a week that is most dangerous for your blog.

Because only back links are not good for your blog, quality back links, means back links are driving traffic is good.

I will suggest any one to  buy back links, but of course you can buy back links from those companies, who will increase your blog back links naturally just like commenting on other blogs, guest posting.

#33) Number of Commas in Title of Blog Posts

Many times, many bloggers used many commas in a blog post title, don't use even more than 4 commas in a blog post title, which is again not good for your blog blog ranking on search engines results.

#34) How Other Blogs Links to Your Blog

See I already told you that there are two types of  links, do follow and no follow, if your blog is getting no follow links from other blogs then that is not too much helpful for increase reputation of your blog.

Another one thing to know about this fact, i.e. if any other blogger is linking to your blog with anchor text then that is the best ever thing for your blog.

#35) Comments on Your Blog

I think every blogger want to get more comments on their blog right! so there are many ways to get more comments on your blog but I will suggest just write effective article and see how much comments you are getting on your blog.

More comments also help you to get good rank on your blog, comments are part of your blog and on comments people talking about only key things of the blog post, key things main keywords of the blog post, then when search engine crawlers will index your page, it is easy to get good rank on search engines for a query.

#36) Author Rank

Probably you have seen a profile photo on Google while searching on Google, that is author profile for the blog post or article, actually Google want to make the web more transparent that's why they want to show writer for an article, which article you are going to read!

One come to author rank, it is depend on how much people adding you on Google Plus, if you are blogging don't worry about this, but write best thing which will make you best blogger.

It is depend on from how much time you are blogging! As a newbie no one is going to add you on their Google Plus but you can achieve things in blogging that's why people will love to get tips from you.

Dear it takes time, don't worry keep going!

#37) Page Rank

Page rank is also depend on domain age, but if you are writing good content then probably you can get page rank on PR 3 easily(within a year), actually page rank is provided by Google which tells know the reputation of the blog from 1 to 10 out of 10.

But better page rank does not mean your blog having too much traffic and also good rank on Alexa.

#38) What People Are Talking About Your Blog

When you are helping genuine then people start giving example of your blog in the internet as well as mouth to mouth, but here in this blog post I am talking about SEO, so Search engine will give preference to your blog on the basis of internet presence of your blog.

This thing only will happen, if you are helping lot of people and from long time, so it takes time but one day it will happen. That day will be one of the best day for any blogger.

#39) Type of Topics You Are Writing

Newbie bloggers do this mistake they start blogging by looking others what they are writing, don't do this, write what you know and what you are doing.

See if you know something then it is easy for you to tell others about that thing, people will even get benefit of reading of your blog, that's why it will also depend what you are writing.

I will suggest you to write articles on only three to four topics and become master on those topics.

Lets make master on those topics from your blog!

#40)  Navigation of Your Blog Template

Blog templates structure also help search engine crawlers to index your blog pages or blog posts, one just simple way to make your blog navigation better that is use a clean and simple templates, this is it.

Don't make your blog complex for users, do every thing in your blog which will make your blog reader easy to find any topic, add search engines, use drop down menu.

Conclusion of SEO for Blogger:-
SEO is must for bloggers, because it helps to get good rank on search engines to drive more organic traffic to a blog.

But more important is "www", no it's not world wide web its what(what your are sharing), where(where your are sharing or how you are sharing) and when(at what time you are sharing). Just like news you have to update when it happens right! Otherwise people will move to another source of getting news rather than yours one.

So first learn SEO basics tips and then write for people that's why people will like your blog, see "search engines like those blogs, those blogs like people".