Chitika review, chitika payment proof 2016
Chitika online advertising network is a good alternative to Google adsense, I come to know about this after using few days Chitika advertising on my blog, probably you don't know is not my first blog, I am a well experienced blogger, I have another blog, where people usually go to search colleges in India and little bit beyond.

Many bloggers don't get approval from Google Adsense easily specially those are Asian bloggers and Google Adsense is the best way to make money blogging, but as a Asian blogger it is really difficult to get approval but with Google Adsense even Chitika Works Better.

So, here is the solution for you, that is Chitika Advertising network, use it and see your earning from your blog will better than any other advertising networks, what I have been analyzing from three years.

Although I don't dependent on any advertising networks to make full time income, to make full time income you need to attract directly with direct advertisers. But till that time Chitika is a Good alternative for your blog to make money online.

There are about .3 Million publishers are using Chitika to make money online, I think those people are getting benefit from Chitika that's why they are using Chitika to earn more revenue from blog traffic.

What I Found Special With Chitika

Chitika is one the best advertising network for CTR(Click Through Rate), it's average Click Through rate is about 3 to 4%, one more important is Chitika will not make leave your visitor from your blog.

Because if any visitor of your blog will click on Chitika ads then the ads will open in a new window.

Specially, if you are getting traffic from USA and Canada then probably your earning will boost even you can not imagine.

Let's talk about payment threshold, like Google adsense their payment threshold is 100$, but like here for Chitika 10$ for Paypal and $50 for Check.

One more good thing I found about Chitika that is you don't need to add ads code to your blog every where, just add ads code to your blog in one place, their technology will show ads like Linx ads, Hover and also Highlight.

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What is Link Ads(Linx) on Chitika Which Make Difference-

Back by popular demand, Chitika Linx are in-text ad units that automatically identify relevant keywords on your page to hyperlink (double underline) to interactive paid (CPC-based) product listings. For those of you with a text-heavy site, Chitika Linx is for you!

What is Hover Ads of Chitika, Which Is Good For More Clicks-

These ads will hover on the bottom right corner of your site, and will stay in the position as your user scrolls down the page. They are similar to our mobile ads, but make up less screen space and will show on all devices, not just mobile. A great way to make sure your Chitika Ads don't go by the wayside.

What is Highlight, Chitika's Keywords Based Ads-

When one of your site visitors wants to copy and paste some text on your page, they will be served an ad based on the keywords that they have highlighted directly below that paragraph of text. The ads will disappear once they copy and paste different text. These ads will only appear when text has been highlighted.

Okay, its time to break down all these, here are couple of points I would like to share with you about Chitika, which I have analysed from couple years-
  • Its not an ad network which takes long time for approval, yes its approval process is fast
  • Even they approved almost all type of blogs
  • Their CTR (Click Through Rate) is just too good my maximum 14% and that's huge
  • Minimum payment threshold is only $10 through Paypal and that's my favourite source for getting paid from ad networks in India.
  • Its really easy to get integrate code to your blog
  • They have just amazing support team to help you, let me tell you an incident it was 2013 in that time I was not seeing ad on my blog and I contact their support team and resolved that problem and guess what? I saw ad on my blog and I was happy that's why even I am writing about that incident.
  • You just need to drive traffic to your blog and rest Chitika will do to make you money, in fact it will increase your revenue.
  • Even then if you are earning good money from ad network or any other network just try Chitika and see the difference and the thing is that you don't need to pay anything to join this ad network.
  • This ad network world wide alexa ranking is 14000 and that's good.
  • I got paid couple of times and more important thing is that I got paid from Chitika ad nework when I needed money, that's why I can not forget about this ad network.
  • There are more than 6000 websites/blogs directly link to chitika [I got this statistics from Alexa]
Okay that's all about chitika, if I will get something new about this ad network, I will let you know.

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