Sunday, August 7, 2016

How to Add Gadget(HTML or Java Script) to Blogger

Gadgets are really play important role to make your blog look more beautiful, but don't add too much gadgets to your blogspot or custom domain blog, may be you are thinking why? Here is the simple answer for you, if you will add too much gadgets to your blog then your blog loading speed will gets down, what does that mean, that is a negative signal from SEO aspects.

So, lets starting adding HTML or Java Script Gadget to your blogger blog, step by step guide is given below-

#1) Go to, then go to your blog dashboard, now click on Layout, this option you can see on the left side of your window, for your better understanding I have also given a screen shot below-

#2) Now you will see the page right side of your window, as I have given below screen shot, now click on "Add a Gadget", as the screen shot is telling you to click.

#3) Then a pop up window will open, as I have given below screen shot-

#4) Now scroll down the page to little bit down, then you will see, as I have given below screen shot-

 #5) After click on there you will see another page, I have also given screen shot of the page for your better understanding-

#6) Now add your HTML or Java Script code there on "content" section and then do the last step, click on "Save".

Now see your blog, hopefully you are seeing now your gadget on your blog.

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Have a question then feel free to ask by giving comments?

Five Gadgets You Must Use in Your Blog From First Day

See in blogging you need to put effort and of course need to help others through your blog, actually one of my friend he is working in a school and earning very good money because he is a top class faculty member, but one thing I have told him not to stop anywhere keep moving, that's why even I am going to give drastic change to this blog, because it is required to make my blog more famous.

So, here are top five widgets you need to add to your blog-
  1. E-mail subscription box [my guide to Feedburner for blogger]
  2. Popular post widget
  3. Social media sharing widget, you can see mine one
  4. Definite guide articles for increasing user engagement
  5. A video, if you have anyone which can increase visitors time spend on your blog, which is really needed.


  1. Thats good, but what to add in java script??

    1. You can do many things in Java script@Gagan Gulati but here you can add HTML or Java script gadget to blogger.

  2. That's looking very interesting job.

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  3. Thanks dear for the answer, its clear to me.

  4. Replies
    1. Dear it is up to you want you want to add to your blog may be popular post widget

  5. I've addede the gadget on my site but i cant see the ads appearing

    1. Okay after adding the gadget make sure you have add it successfully even then ad is not showing then let me know.


    2. You can also contact their support team to resolve the problem.

  6. I had put script code in my blog template before body close tag, but i can`t see the ads. The popcash has already approved my blog

    1. Okay, follow steps I have showed here, I am sure it will work, last you can contact them through mail, they are good in this.


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