Blogging world is increasing day by day, because many bloggers are making lot of money, like Rowse), Chow), Patel) these bloggers are making money from blogging, their earning few times more than their own respective day job.

But in this article I am going to tell you real truth of blogging success as well as how can you create your own blog for free.

Here is the real truth of few successful bloggers, none of them are computer science engineer, not even they are technical guy, they were just like simple guy, if they become successful blogger, then I think any one can become, but they have invested money as well as time to create relationship with their readers, that's why today they are on a successful journey.

If you really want to make good money from blogging, then first choose a platform for getting experience, I will prefer you to use to create your first blog, then after getting good experience you can move to wordpress platform.

For You:- How to Create a Blogspot Blog, Step by Step Guide

Hey, only creating a blog is just beginning but now you need to choose your niche to create blog post, remember don't choose too many topics select two or three related topics to blog and stick to topics, if you have knowledge about another niche then create another blog, but after getting some experience about blogging.

See blogging can not make you money from very first day, because blogging is a long term process to make money, but you can make effective money from blogging, you just need to provide great content to your readers, that's why they will feel that they got some thing new from your blog post.

Hey stop!

Don't write even a single article on your blog post, if you don't know about basics of SEO for blog, after knowing you may write, because many bloggers quit blogging because they don't know about SEO and SEO play really important role to get your blog to next level, because SEO can drive more traffic to your blog.

Now one more thing I would like to share with you, don't get excited after creating a blog, because many bloggers they get excited about blogging, then did not keep same excitation for long time, so make schedule to do blog post  and keep writing blog post for one year and don't think about money, but I know if you will write blog post for one year then you will definitely become one of the money making blogger from Google adsense only.

Now the next thing for you is content length, this is the big factor in blogging, if you are writing short length article, like 100 or 150 words then I have to say this, you are just wasting your time, write article at least for 500 to 800 words and see the results, I know it will take time to write this much lengthy article, but your time investment will pay you one day, remember this.

Let me tell you one good example for you, a book writer give years to write a book that's why more people will read the book and will get worth of paying money for the book also for time too.

Just like same in blogging, if you are investing more time to create a blog post, then definitely your blog post have more useful contents, which people will read by readers, more important people will spend more time on your blog. Again it is good for your blog for aspects of search engine optimization.

Don't try to make money fast or create blog post fast, just simply create a blog post daily or may be in a week is enough for beginner bloggers and keep reading other blogs too.

That's why blogging concept will familiar with you, see in blogging you can make money as much you want to, but you first think about your content, that's why people will come to your blog again and again.

Last word for you, blogging is a serious business take it seriously to make serious money!