In blogging you need to do hard work, and behind this you need motivations, inspirations too, to keep doing hard work, because if you like blogging.

Update- 2020
I have written this article long back, at that time I was not professional digital marketer based in India, but today I am happy to tell its been 3 years I am a professional full time digital marketing.

Because, I have converted full time job to part time that is teaching and part time job to full time that is digital marketing.

There are three things I wanted to share with you after getting 10 years of experience and helping lakh of people.

If you want to become professional then you need to think of revenue and helping part both together so that you can sustain and enjoy the journey.

Because, without money you can not do anything in the internet world so first think of revenue and best way to get revenue that is creating your course and sell to the world.

For this you need only three things to get success-
1. Find your knowledge- Yes, your knowledge and passion required to create a course, create a video course.
2. Platform to sell course- Yes, you need a best platform to sell your course worldwide, I recommend Podia you can get coupon for Podia Discount Code.
3. Selling your Course- Yes, this is also important to understand you need to marketing your course on platform like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram as well as on other media for sales and then you can move to paid ads for fast scaling.

Best of luck, that exactly steps I have followed to get students across 130 countries over 13,000+ students.

More for help you can get contact me at

Let's continue...I mean every one have their own interested field, blogging is exactly provide that solution, you choose topic to blog according to your interest, I think this kind of freedom of choosing for job, no one can give you in all over the world, this is my guarantee, even I have not seen or heard about this till now.

See there are many ways to get inspirations, there are many books like "You Can Win" by Shiv Khera and "Who Will Cry, When You Die" by Robin Sharma

There are many books to get inspirations, even I read these two books for getting inspirations and   come to know the truth of life after reading these two books, this is really important to know the truth, if you know the truth then you can understand the whole thing in your life.

Because truth can lead you there, where you wanted to be, today or may be tomorrow but definitely one day!

Even these days I am reading- You can Sell by Shiv Khera

I am going to share with you, how I got inspirations to write articles for my blog readers, here you go-

1) Reading Other Success Stories Like -

This is my one of the best way to get inspiration for writing a great blog post for my blog readers that's why they can succeed in blogging less time than me!

I got too much inspiration from the founder of, his name is Amit Agarwal, I don't read his blog often because his topic is not related to my blog, but he is really doing awesome job for free for the world of people, he is also getting reward for the job, but when he has started, he was not getting reward, but even then he was continue blogging with proper dedication.

That's why he is here today, that bloggers are talking about him, you can see as an example of this blog post, there are many successful bloggers over there, but you should read their blogs but don't copy paste, it will never lead you to become a successful blogger.

Think about this and work hard to let people will talk about you!

That helps to create highly successful blog-
  1. The basic thing is that you just need make difficult things simple 
  2. You can do it by playing around it
  3. Become self motivator
  4. Always ready to do hard work and of course for long time
  5. Help others through your blog post

2) Positive Comments-

My second great source of getting inspiration is reading comments on my blog, when people will comments on your blog, that you are doing awesome, then it will give you great motivation to keep blogging.

But don't forget to say thanks, it will feel readers that you take care about your readers, remember if you will think about others, there are always some one who will think about you.

How to get more comments on your next blog post-
  • For getting more comments on your next blog post you need to put extra effort
  • I mean give extra 2 hours to write the article and extra four hours for promoting the article
  • Then see the result, it will be awesome don't forget to promote where people know you, may be any Whatsapp group, Facebook page, Twitter, Reddit these are just too good medium for promoting your blog post
  • And all know more traffic means more comment as simple as that concept.

3) Earning Graph-

After all it's come to money, then don't forget to monetize your blog with different sources in the beginning time, but Google adsense is the best, there is no other alternative to it. But it is little bit difficult to get approved adsense, even I am working on that to know the real facts of Google adsense to get approval.

See if you will see that you are getting some thing for your hard work, then definitely it will inspire more to do more hard work and making more money from blogging.

4) Help Others to do Blog(Offline and Online) for Long Time-

Lets make it big, by telling people to do blogging may be online and offline, that's why people will start helping others, more important, people will get best solutions for their problems.

But I am talking about motivations, you will also get motivated, when they will start blogging with great content and start making money online.

5) Be Happy, Speak Truth and Positive but no Ego-

This is really I like, see if you are speaking truth then it will happen, what you want in your life? But it will take time, not all the time but some time it take time to reach the information to the people.

But don't show ego, it will kill your skills, be happy and keep helping others with best possible way to see that day, which day you wanted to see.

These are my sources of inspirations for writing great blog post for you, probably you have different sources to get more inspirations for doing hard work and also to get result for hard work.

What would you say, does inspirations really work!