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In blogging search engine optimisation plays really important role, in this article I will share with those importance, that's why you can become better blogger, see search engines help you to get visitors to your blog as well as search engines help users to reach to their destination.

So let's know important facts about SEO, there are many factors on which basis search engines show results for a query, but I am going to tell you the main thing in blogging, which every body like and even search engine crawlers, so it is about the only, how you are helping others to grow with the world?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisations is a full form of SEO, this is really a rumour that people always say that search engine optimisation will make your blog be on top this is just not possible, people want only information from you, what exactly they are looking for, so the thing is that only SEO is not good enough to become a popular blogger.

But, yes if you want to attract visitors to your blog then your blog must optimised for search engines, that's why you will be ahead in life.

Now come to the next big point in search engine optimisations, that is content and content length that's why I always tell write from yourself, sometimes write about your experience and about your experiments.

Now the big one, that is content length, if you want to get your blog post on top on Google or other search engines, then you must write a blog post having more than 1000 to 2500 words with proper explanation that's why once read an article for a topic he or she will satisfy from the article means you have to provide all information you know, don't hide any thing you know, write every thing you know, many people thinks that if they share their there secret with others then probably they will loose that, but this is not happen in reality if you share best things with people, you will become best.

That means, if you want to become best blogger then you have to share your best known thing!

Importance of SEO for bloggers:-

#1)- More visibility for search engines crawlers
#2)- Your all blog posts gets indexed on search engines
#3)- Good ranking on Alexa
#4)- People will like your blog
#5)- Good Reputations
#6)- Good Google Page Rank
#7)- You will get direct advertisements to increase revenue of your blog
#8)-  More Traffic for blog(which is important)
#9)- Links from other blogs or websites
#10)- I want to listen from you, can tell us any one, what are others benefit of SEO for blog.

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Updated 2016 SEO Tips and Tricks for Bloggers-

If you know about me then I am sure you know that I have been blogging from last five years so in this period of five years I have learn lot of things and did lot of experiments in many field, but here I am going to share with you few experiments those really helpful like updating blog posts, see in the beginning of blogging many did mistakes that is concentrate on writing short content and writing more and more blog posts, just need to change this habit to become a next level blogger, actually I am doing experiment on this, hope it will work for you, because it is working for me. That's why I am sure it will work for you also.

But, don't just update your blog post rather try to update your blog post with very good content that's why people will like it.

And if you miss to add an image then add their an image but you must optimised that image for search engines that's why you can drive traffic to your blog from images also.

See search engine optimisation is good but more important is thing that what you writing for your readers, remember this every time.

One more thing always do read your blog posts after writing it then publish, in blogging world we said it as a