is an advertising network for bloggers as well as for website owners to make money online by showing third party advertisements, that's why even I am writing this review but bloggers as well as website owners always want to make more money by putting less efforts because earning money from blog make easy by advertisement networks, but you should choose an advertisement network, which will pay more per click that's why you will get benefit for putting efforts on your blog.

Actually I come to know about this advertisement network from one of my blog reader, that's why I have tested this advertisement network.

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Probably you are looking for knowing "Is Qadabra a Legit Advertisement Network" the answer is here, yes qadabra is a legit network but I am not using this network any more for low eCPM.

But if you are not getting approval from Google Adsense then you can use this network, because the biggest advantage of this network is their minimum payment threshold is only 1$ !

And this is amazing for newbie for making their first dollar in the internet, because even I have not seen any other network having this much minimum threshold.

Now come the main important for this blog post, that is proof that is a legit advertisement network.

Here I am adding the screen shot, which I got main from that they have sent my earning, it's small amount but it's proof that this is a legit network.

Payment Proof of Qadabra Ads Network

Qadabra Payment Proof Review
Hopefully you satisfied now that this is a legit network.

But here is one more thing for you, they give payment on net 45 days basis, but they give payment that is true, that's why I got this mail, as I have given screen shot above.

Things I Like About Qadabra Ads Network-

Actually, I have lot of experience with ads network but I like the most about Qadabra is their lowest payment threshold.

Actually, Its only $1.

Is not that interesting.

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Note- Is there any thing you wanted to know about Qadabra advertising network.