I was thinking today, to write about most time wasting activities bloggers usually do, because when I have started blogging in that time, I have wasted too much on such activities, that's why probably what I needed to do in that time, I did not do, in blogging most important is your blog post, bloggers usually create blog posts up to 20 because till that much they were excited about blogging, then they start wasting time to make money online, but my dear 20 blog posts can not make you even 1$ per day by simple method in beginning of blogging. Yeah you can make but for that you need to have good knowledge about blogging.
May be you are thinking about affiliate marketing, one blog post can make you easily 100$ per day, but my dear to get sells from affiliate marketing you need to have good writing skills and also traffic, which is really not easy for newbie.

By the way, I am going to share with you those activities which is killing your time-

1) Checking Blog Stats Again and Again

As a newbie blogger, probably you are interested to know your blog stats on Alexa, but don't waste your time to check your own blog stats daily, instead of this, do create your blog post with great content(write blog post from your best knowing facts), that's why people will check your blog post, not you!

2) Check Other Blog Stats

Many times, you probably wanted to know the stats of the successful bloggers, but sometimes it motivates to keep blogging, but don't check again again it will waste your time.

Hopefully you are getting me!

3) Using Social Networking Websites While Writing a Blog Post

See using social network too much is not good even for your future dear, I am 100% sure about this, I don't know what do you think? I think social networks are totally wastage of time, because we are not using these networks for networking right?

I will suggest you to use social networks to promote your blog, nothing else and sometimes for getting in touch with friends and family, great!

4) Watching TV(Unnecessarily)

See most of the time, when people are free! they usually watch TV for refreshing mind right! so watch TV till you will refresh yourself, dear don't do extra refresh yourself that's why you will become lazy!

5) Listen to Music While Writing a Blog post

I was thinking that it is quiet good to write a blog post while listen to music, but after knowing the benefit of proof reading I start reading my blog post before publishing, so I found more mistakes when I was writing blog post while listen to music than only writing a blog post, it also take less time.

So, don't do any other activity while writing an article, only give concentration to write an effective article dear! Only article can make a blogger, what you wanted to become from blogging? See, I don't know about you, that's why I can not say, what you want from blogging?

6) Read Other Blog Post While Writing a Blog Post

Sometimes it happen, when you are writing a blog post(if your blog post is too lengthy), usually try to read your favorite blogs, don't do this while writing a blog post, because it will decrease your creativity, but of course you should read other blogs, at least those blogs are on your niche(to know what other bloggers are thinking and achieving)

7) Checking Emails Again and Again While Writing a Blog Post

See, everything having time to do, so don't try to mixed up every thing, just do finish a target then go for next one, other wise everything will mixed up.

Of course you should check your emails daily, I know probably you have subscribed many bloggers newsletters or probably Google Alerts, hopefully those are helping you, but read those letters or alerts after writing a blog post not while writing a blog post, make sense!

8) Talking Long Time While Writing a Blog Post(Phone)

You know that! Phone, I mean mobile phone is the most disturbing device for me till now, because I have received calls while writing a blog post, then talking long time, it will reduce your creativity in your article, now what is the solution for it?

I think you should keep your mobile on silent while writing an article. 

See time is money, don't waste it, because time is most important in our life nothing else, invest your time to make your future better.

Are you facing any other activities, which is wasting your time, please share!