What is Bounce Rate in Search Engine Optimization- Need to Decrease It
Bounce rate is an important factor in search engine optimization, in this article, I will share with you, what is bounce rate? Also little idea to decrease your blog bounce rate, generally bloggers see bounce rate most of the time on Google analytics and also on Alexa.

What is Bounce Rate?

Well bounce rate means how many people are reading only single article of your blog, means no matter from which sources(may be search engines, direct, referral) the readers are coming to your blog, the reader is reading only single article then that is bounce, based on this Google analytics, Alexa they calculate bounce rate of your blog.

Hopefully you got this! if not then let me give you an example, now you are reading this article, right? If you will not read any other article of my blog, then definitely you will count as a bounce reader, hopefully now you understand completely, what is exactly bounce rate?

If your blog have bounce rate of less than 50% then search engine count your blog as a good informational blog, if your blog bounce rate having more than 80% then again negative signal from search engine for your blog.

Let's Learn How to Decrease Bounce Rate of a Blog?

Now just see my way, you have been reading my this blog post and you have seen many anchor text, which is leading you to read another article of my blog, right?

This is my first way to decrease my blog bounce rate, but first of all write great article(which brings more traffic), that's why you readers will encourage to read more blog posts of your blog, this is the primary requirement of blogging, that is content of your blog post.

After all "content is king in blogging", even Bill Gates(founder of Microsoft) said this.

Now may be you understood that first requirement is great article, now come to the main part of this section, your blog design should have easy navigation, that's why readers can easily find article of your blog, add search engine to your blog to make it more easier for readers to find any other article.

Now show related post articles on the side bar or below the article, add plugin which show popular article of your blog.

These tips are really working for me to decrease bounce rate of my blog, now the main important thing, I am going to share with you, always do experimenting and experimenting, which will make your blog different.

"Because Winners Don't Do Different Things They Do Things Differently"
By Shiv Khera

So, keep blogging but share what you got from your experiments then definitely you are not going to get traffic today but of course one day.

See blogging is not a one day process to make huge money online, you need to give time to get it there, more important daily and consistently.

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Simple Other Tips and Tricks to Decrease It

  • Write in Details
  • Promote Promote Promote
  • Use Reditt, StumbleUpon, Digg and Other Blog Directories
  • Tell Others to Share, Specially your friends
  • Mention someone specialist in your niche, let him or her know about the blog post.
  • Be the first to share a cover story in depth
  • Invest in your blog for promotion
  • E-mail marketing is must for getting recurrent visitors
Give time to write every article, to write better informational article for readers, which will help your readers lot.

Don't think about short time, think about long time in blogging, because real business need time to make established, blogging is a real business, you need to give time to make a established blog.

Is there anything you need to know about Bounce Rate?