Jemery Shoemaker's is a great internet marketing blog, probably you know about this blog, according to alexa it's ranking is about 14,000 worldwide, which is good, I think so, he has been blogging from last few years(2003), has been make money living from blog, this type of life style any one dream about, right!

8+ Amazing Blogging Lessons I have Learned from Shoe Money

Imagine the person, whom called Google for using different adsense formats on his blog! The blog having more than 270,000 subscribers including Facebook, Twitter and feedburner.

He made multi million dollars from online(blogging), I have been reading his blog from last 2 years, so I was thinking to write, what I got from his blog in these two years, by the way any one can read his blog for free, but here I am going to share with you, what I got from his blog in these two years?Those will definitely help you out to become a money making blogger-

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#1) He is Consistent

I have already written many times about consistency in my blog posts, that's why you will be regular to keep blogging, see I have seen many bloggers, they write very good articles because of only lacking in consistency they do not succeed in blogging, I don't want any one of my blog readers will not succeed in blogging finally quit blogging.

Simply write one blog post daily and see your blog stats within one month, but please maintain quality in your blog post and don't forget to read your blog posts after writing it, but after sometimes.

#2) He is Having Own Products

One of the big source of making money blogging, that is having own product, but for this you need to have good readers as well as you should have unique knowledge about what you are providing in your product.

One of the best product my him, that is shoe in money the complete guide to become a affiliate.

#3) He Take Cares of His Readers

This is amazing, he always write useful contents for his readers, that's why probably he is blogging from more than even 10 years, of course he is make money living from blogging.

If you want to succeed in blogging don't forget about your readers, do write anything but must be related to your blog as well as useful for your readers, do lots of experience and then share with your readers, I think this one of the easiest way to become a successful blogger.

#4) He Wrote Reviews

I think for every blogger one of the best source to earn money that is write reviews of good products on your niche, but this concept will work for you only when you will have good reputations blog then only, other than almost most completely wastage of time nothing else, what I believe and experienced!

#5) He Distributed Shoe Money Tee Shirts(With Fans Photo Gallery)

One of the best attraction of his blog is his fans, I observed this many times, he shows slide show photos of his friends wearing Shoe Money Tee Shirts.

You can also do the same, but first become at least a good money making blogger then use this strategy.

#6) He Wrote Great Affiliate Offers for People(His Readers)

Again this is a money making point for any blog, affiliate products always make money, but to get sells through affiliate product articles on your blog, you need to have very good writing skills.

But first build readers to share these offers with them and make money, remember don't share offer which is not useful for your readers, otherwise you are going to loose your blog readers in mass, think about this!

#7) He Speaks Truth

Truth always work to succeed in life, not only in blogging! I have been reading his blog from last two years, as I already told you, I have not find even a single article which is not useful for me.

I got many things from his blog, but these are the best points about him, I think that's why he succeeded in blogging.

#8) He is Using Super Simple Blog Templates

Many bloggers used too much heavy and too many different color in the templates, if you are not a design blogger then I will suggest you don't use any heavy critical templates just use simple templates, because users like simple templates, simple template easy to load and also easy to find articles for the users as well as for search engine crawlers.

#9) Way of Using Advertisement Space

He do not show advertisements on the same place in his blog, he always shows advertisements on the different places on his blog that's why people will not get bother from too much advertisements.

#10) I Like His Product to Become a Super Affiliate(Shoe in Money)

I know every one wants to make money online from blogging or probably affiliate marketing, I think affiliate marketing is one the best way to make money because which can make you unbelievable money, if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing then I will suggest you to try his product Shoeinmoney, don't worry you will get 60 days 100% money back guarantee. Try it, if you want to earn serious money online.

No matter on which niche you are blogging, I know almost every niche have very good traffic, use these top tactics, these tips I got in 2 years you are getting in 10 minutes use these tips to succeed in blogging.

Hopefully, I will see you there, where you wanted to be!