Blogger always want to know about other bloggers activity like-

  1. what they are doing? 
  2. What they are writing? 
  3. How much they are making money from blogging and many more.

I know these things will even motivate you to keep blogging, but after jumping from one blog to another blog, you will motivate enough but you are not using that power.

Which you are getting from other blogs, I mean to say, motivate from other stories, which is good, but also use the power in your blog, that is start writing blog post.
Key to Success, Blogging Mistakes

Why am I telling this?

Because there are thousands of bloggers, those are successful in blogging, even they are making money blogging as their profession, you can also say, they are professional blogger.

So, if you will read their success stories then probably it will take a year and after one year you will get destructed from your path that is sure, then what's use of reading those success stories, according to me keep blogging and reading other successful stories, which is good to take your blog to the better level, if you are beginner and even if have already started blogging, then it will help you to take your blog to the next level.

I have another very good example, regarding this!

People get education right! If they will not implement, what they got? Then probably it's value would be zero.

I can remember one quote, which is written by me itself.
Ideas are Worthless, if You Will Not Implement
Hopefully this make sense to you.

One more tips, I would like to share with you, i.e. content generation with consistently can help you to make your blog more useful for readers.

Actually, what happen as a newbie, they do start blogging with full of confident with 100% excitation but after few months they loose their confident also excitation about making money blogging, do you know?

What's the main reason behind of this?

Actually there are many reasons behind of this like copying other contents, writing short articles, not describe the article in the proper way, not adding images, not using the SEO and many more.

But, these reasons are most important, specially content part is my favourite, because people come to my blog, only because I have very good content on my blog niche.

As a beginner, find top ten blogs on your niche, for finding top blogs you can get help from Google and also from Alexa and then start commenting on those blogs but after reading the article, not only one day, but daily.

Which will help you to grow traffic of your blog and commenting on other blogs help you to get back links too. Actually I will recommend you to make a schedule for commenting as well as blog post writing, which would be better for you.

Top 10 Secrets Nobody Tell Your to Get Success in Blogging-

  1. Start learning about affiliate marketing from day one.
  2. Change your strategies, if you are not getting success but not your goal that is to earn money online.
  3. Keep trying to find out the best for you.
  4. Don't stop learning and implementing.
  5. Start learning from e-mail marketing, start from feed burner which is free and good still I am using along with other.
  6. If you are don't have a domain name get one and yes don't forget to learn about SEO before choosing domain name.
  7. Try Youtube video blogging platform for further promotion of your blog.
  8. Care, Think, Provide, Improve.
  9. Follow someone in blogging world and keep following.
  10. Have blogger friends to learn and earn more money.

Advice for New Bloggers-

Keep blogging, but don't forget to focus on your niche only and become best on your niche, which is really work in blogging, just follow these steps for 15 days and see the changing in traffic for your blog.