Choosing Domain Name, Blogging for SEO, Domain Selection
Domain name really important in blogging, if you are not having one then buy one for your blog it's cheap even than value of it, but in this article I am going to share you one interesting and an important part of blogging because domain name also important to get good rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engines.

I have categorized into four most important facts about it, so here is the first one-

1) Selecting Domain Name (like .com, .org, .net or may be .in)

This is also important, if your blog contents helpful for worldwide then I will suggest you to choose domain(.com or .org or .net), the reason is simple because these are most famous international domain names, because search engines show results worldwide, if your blog having one of these domain names, so probably of getting free traffic is more from worldwide.

I will personally suggest you to choose a .com domain name for avoid any kind of confusion among users.

Now come to the next point of this subheading, i.e. if your blog contents useful for a specific country then you may choose your own country domain name like for India .in or may be

See choosing domain tell how much you are professional about blogging, if you want to make brand then this is must, one simple lesson I have learned in blogging, if you want to get good output(money) from business then you have to put some input(money) in your business.

It's like Newton's third law remember you have studied in school days, what are wonderful days it was.

2) Selecting Name of Your Blog (like mine one

Finally, you are going to know the best part of blogging for search engine optimization point of view for your blog, hopefully you are curious to know the hidden facts about selecting domain name.

Actually this is also known by domain name structure, if your domain name structure is related to your contents you are providing in your blog then that is one of the best thing to get your blog post on the top of the search engine results.

Let me help you more to get this point properly, actually there are most four important factors to get your blog posts on the top of the search engines.

Those are

  • Title
  • URL Structure
  • Content
  • Keywords 
(These are basics of SEO) more important if you want to learn more about SEO then I will suggest you to take your time and then start reading my full SEO Tips and Tricks

But, here I am talking about most important part of the URL structure that is main URL of the blog, I mean think about this, if URL structure is helpful to get your blog posts on the top of the search engine results then the main URL of the blog will be definitely helpful to get your blog posts on the top, right!

Here is the example for you, if I have given name of my blog then probably I could get more traffic from search engines than now, but I am not going to change it, because it's a unique name easy to remember too!

But I will suggest you, if you are planning to buy a new domain name then use the most important keywords of your blog in your blog URL and see the ranking in the search engines for each post, as well as good web hosting is also required, you will get discount too IOZOOM Promo Code

Important Words- Here in above domain name means URL of my blog is even not that much perfect, can you guess why is this so.

The reason is I have used HowTo, actually search engine Google does not bold these words, well I am going to discuss more in the next heading.

3) Keywords to Avoid in Domain Name-

After blogging more than 9 years I have learnt as well as earn lot of money, I have also added few payment proofs on my blog as well as my education YouTube channel in which I have been able to attract over 100,00,000 view as well as about 130000 subscribers, but most of my income come from  direct one to one consulting, affiliate marketing.

Okay, lets come to the point, here I am going to share with you the tip, which probably no one is talking in the whole internet world, at least I did not heard.

Here is the main points to notice while selecting domain name, don't use keywords like- what, how, when, where.

These keywords are not going to help you at all, this is my real experience, here is the proof of it also, I am going search the term- "how google adsense alternatives in India", here is the screen shot of it also.
Keywords to Avoid in Domain Name

Here in the screen shot you can see, search engine Google did not bold the keyword "how", then what's the use of using these keywords in the domain name.

I hope this is going to help you!

Pro Tips- Try to keep your domain name short, sweet and easy to remember for people.

4) Why People Made Mistakes Here-

The reason is quite simple, if you are really curious about blogging and want to earn money as fast as possible then probably you are going to make mistake.

Because, you will take all decision earlier, here people make mistakes, see before taking decision take time and then take decision because it may effect your career.

One of the best way to find right path, consult with person those are already succeed in the same field they can give you good suggestions.

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Still Required Guidance to Choose Domain For Your Blog-

Hey, this is also possible that you still required personal guidance to buy domain name and my personal guidance then don't worry I can help you, just contact me on Facebook.

Here, are things you need to notice before going to buy domain name-
  1. In which topic you want to write blog posts
  2. Domain Name Length
  3. Your targeted country readers [May be all over the world depend on topic you have choose]
  4. Which registered is best for you? You can go for Godaddy [I bought more than 30 domain names for me and my clients too], Bigrock [More than 8 domain names]
  5. Technical settings like CNAME, AAA and there are others too [If you are newbie then you required help, don't worry I will help you]
See domain name is important but it is also important choosing a domain name, remember every time before buying a domain name, your domain name must not too much lengthy, about 8 to 16 words is good.

Because, it is easy to remember and give an interesting domain name for your blog that's why people will see once they will remember the domain name for forever!

What do you think about choosing domain name for blog?