Blogging is a good way to make money, even you can become a professional blogger, but you can only become a professional blogger, when you will make serious money from blogging then only you will can live with blogging, right! I know every one want to become a professional blogger, but to become a professional blogger starting a blog is just beginning, but to become a professional bloggers you need to take your blog to the next level.

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In this blog post, I am going to share with how would you take your blog to the next level with some exclusive my own tips-

#1) Design of Your Blog

I was thinking that if you are providing a good content, then what's the use of blog templates, but after reading many blog posts on others blogs about designing a blog, I have decide to design my own blog template, but not from scratch but of course from blogger default templates, so I have changed my blog design, even I have invested to design my blog logo, to make my blog look more professional.

People say! "First Impression is the Last Impression" , That's really true! First impression is your blog design.

But there are few things you need to see before going to use the template, my recommendation about blog template design, if your blog design simple and clean, then it would be good for your blog, if you are a design blogger then you may design your blog as you want, but rather than make it simple and easy to load.

Because according to Google, the blog take less time to load the blog get good rank on search engine result pages than the blog take more time to load.

#2) SEO for Your Blog

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, this is really important to make your blog posts index on search engines, which will drive you most valuable traffic, which traffic is called organic traffic, means traffic from search engines.

See, There are about 40 SEO tips I have written, to make your blog better search engine friendly.

I would like to share one very good thing about search engine optimizations for your blog, that is write a blog post with properly descriptive, like you are talking with your readers face to face, make your readers enjoying while reading your blog post and explain your blog post from beginning.

#3) Clear, what is your blog about

Make it crystal clear for your blog readers about your blog, see don't choose too many blog topics to write on your blog, if you want to do so then create more blogs but don't do blogging all topics in a one blog, because in blogging, if you want to succeed then you have make it best for a niche, stickiness to the topic is the most important concept to take your blog to the next level.

Now probably a question is going on your mind, how would you make your blog crystal clear, then I have very good method to make it clear, first write your blog header, which will clear about your blog to readers as well as search engine crawlers.

Which will also increase blog post ranking on search engines, I mean it will give your blog a step to take a blog to next level.

#4) Type of Contents

This is really king, that's why sometimes I say "content is king", but the question is that how would you make your content king for your blog, that's why readers will enjoy and satisfy after reading the article, which also can change your new blog reader to life time blog reader, if you will ask me how is it possible, then I have only one effective answer for you, do hard work!

The next question probably going on your mind, where you would do hard work, because if you will not put your effort at the right place then probably you are not going to get, what you want?

Probably you are ;looking for examples, right, I think the most hard working animal in the planet is Ass(Animal) then you can understand only hard working can not give you thing, which youwant but yes, of course smart work can give you everything, now how would you do smart work, see in blogging there are two things you need to do to take your blog to the next level, one of them is never ending experiments and read other blogs on your niche.

These two things will help you to write great, unique content, which readers are always looking for, see internet always want talented person, no matter in which field, then choose a field and keep working, one day will definitely come, when people will talk about your contribution to the internet, I know there you will have to face few problems but don't worry keep solving problems and keep blogging.

#5) Frequency of Blog Posting

This is a big issue in blogging, no matter how much good content you are providing in your blog, if you will not write a blog post at least one in a week then I am sure it would be difficult for your blog to get good traffic, there is one simple reason behind of this, the competition in blogging is increasing day by day, so keep in mind only providing great content is not everything, you have to keep it consistent, let me give you an example.

Suppose you are studying, then if you will not do study regularly then it would be more tough for you to good scores even knowledge after completing the course, like same here, you have to be consistent.

#6) Promotion of Blog Posts

Now the big concept is here, now after writing a blog post, if your blog post will not reach to the readers then how would you come to know about your writing skills, how you are going to get comments, if your blog post will have more comments, that means you are not going to help from search engines from comments on your blog posts.

See, I have already publish a blog post, for promoting a blog post, but here I am going to give only two things to build great readership for your blog, use Feed Burner, don't worry it's free, but it's worth is more than even you think and another one is use social medias(Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, StumpleUpon(My favorite).

#7) Guest Blogging

I have analyse many bloggers to build their email list and finally blog readers from guest blogging, see I know it is not easy for any new blogger to make publish a blog post on Big blogs, like problogger, John Chow, you can still do guest post on small blogs to make relationship with other bloggers.

See relationship really important in any business and blogging is a really business, that's why it takes time, but later it will pay you for your smart work.

I am going to give you list of blogs, those blogs are really great blogs and top blogs in the world, I will suggest you, when you think you are having very good content in your blog at least 200 blog posts and good design then do start guest blogging to get more benefit from it, but don't forget to target these following blogs to publish your blog post as a guest blogger.
One more thing, I would like to share with you, write a best blog post on other blogs and see the result, it will definitely motivate you to do write more guest blog posts.

Keep watching this list, I will add more blogs later, when I will found any another great blog, which allow Guest Blogging.

Guest blogging really play imporant role to take your blog to the next level.

#8) Monetize Your Blog

This is the concept, on which I did not have knowledge, when I have started blogging, if I could then probably I have started making more money from last two years, but not the least now I have very good knowledge on "how to monetize a blog", see I will never recommend to monetize your blog in the beginning of blogging, I mean, if you have started blogging today and you want to make money from your blog from tomorrow, then I have to say this, this is about impossible, even you have to keep blogging at least for six months to make good decent income, but still you will not get satisfied from your earning from advertisement networks.

That's why I am going to share with you power of blogging concept to make money, never monetize your blog from one program, sign up for multiple program, like advertising, affiliate program, review other blog post, if you want to make more money from blogging then one more thing I would like to share with you, never stop experimenting to make money online from your blog.

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#9) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, the big name in the internet to make money, let me tell you the big fact about affiliate marketing, see many people offer affiliate marketing course, but I don't think so, any newbie can become successful affiliate marketer, even it would be possible that the person will loose money.

So, I will suggest you to start affiliate marketing from beginning, I mean to say, first use your blog to sell affiliate products, One more think use Clickbank to promote affiliate products on your blog.

There are many hot Clickbank products to promote on your blog, but choose product to promote according to your blog topic, for example if your blog is about make money online then promote "make money online" products.

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#10) Own Product

I know to create own effective product you need experience, that's why this guide is not for beginner those started blogging now, but of course you should create your own product to make more money from online.

The best way to create your own product that is an e-book.

Having your own product is really amazing thing to earn more money from internet, but most of time we don't know what kind of products will get sells, then I have very good answer for this question that is choose a proper niche like health, informational niche, education niche, professional guidance niche etc.

#11) Trust 

Trust is important in blogging, so don't write anything in your blog, which will prove any thing wrong about your blog.

But although do daily something new, which will make your blog more trustful and informational blog for readers.

#12) Keep Going 

Keep going, why I am telling this, because there are many bloggers start blogging with full of excitation, but time to time they loose their excitation, you know why is this so?

There is only one big reason behind this?


Yes traffic.

Beginner bloggers unable to attract traffic to their blog that's why they do not make money even, because a blog with no traffic means no money.

There are many reasons behind of not getting traffic to blog, but most usual reason is copying contents from other blogs, not proper SEO for blog, Promotion of Blog, Not Writing a Descriptive blog post.

I know every one want to become a professional blogger, then let me tell you it is not easy these days, if you will not work hard but using your brain, that's why I called it smart work.

Blog at least 8 to 10 hours daily to create more useful content in your blog to make money blogging, which will take your blog to the next level.

Are there any other ways to take your blog to the next level?