Blogging is about writing and marketing, these two are key points to make money blogging, but in this article I am going to share with you, about as per title name, by the way, let me tell the title of this blog post, which I have decided to write i.e. "How to Write a Blog Post? If You Don't Have Knowledge About Topic".

So, lets start from the beginning, because these kind of thinking usually beginners blogger do, see I don't know about you, even about your blogging experience, but I do know only one thing, i.e. you are going to get an idea to write an article on any topic, by the way I have already shared in this blog about the idea to write any article in brief but under different title name of the blog post.

👉First of all, I always tell people to choose niche of a blog, if you have done something or have some experience in that field. Because in this way it will be like fun to write and engage people in the content, No. 1 reason people fail in blogging because they unable to enjoy the process.

Hope you got the point. Keep trying to find out the best is the way to get success in LIFE and never ever stop in this process.

So, here is the planning for you, steps by step, just follow, drive traffic, make money and enjoy!

1) Write the Title of the Blog Post 

First you must know, what you are going to write on your blog, that is the key and title is one of the most important part in blogging, because title play most important role to get organic traffic from search engines, actually traffic come from search engines are called organic traffic.

Now come to the point, how would you decide your blog post title on any topic, first choose a topic to write and take decision to give a title name, I will suggest you to use Google Adwards Keywords Tool, to decide the title name, which will better for beginner bloggers, at least it will give you an idea to write a better title which will drive traffic, in short I can say this, which title people are searching on the web or search engines.

2) Search on Google, Bing

Now the next step, as I have stated above, search on search engines on the same title to get knowledge about the topic, but you must not copy paste, you just have to get knowledge what people are talking about on the same topic, which will help you to write a better blog post.

Which I have to say!

See when I have started blogging, in that time, I took about 1  hour to write a blog post of 100 words, but now I can write a blog post of 3000 words with in 5 to 8 hours, it can be done by you even but from your experience. I mean to say, it needs experience!

3) Pick At Least Five Blog post

Now you need to choose blog post to read, see if your topic is not that much popular, then it is not difficult to select blog post to read, but if you are searching on popular topic, like "Make Money Online", then probably you will get dozens of blog post, now come to the point to use while planning to write a blog post.

Pick those blog posts, those blog posts have author photo on Google search engines, in Bing you can pick any top 5, which I usually do and you can say it, this is my experience!

4) Read Each and Every Blog Post Thoroughly

Now come to the point of learning, one more thing I would like to share with you, before going to give you more tips, if you are afraid to learn new things then probably blogging is not for you, if you want to succeed in blogging then you have to learn daily some thing new and then share with your blog readers. Simple!

Come back to the point  "learning", what you are going to read, on these your blog posts, quality of your blog post will be depend, so read each blog posts thoroughly, if you want to make it enjoy full then choose a topic to write, in which you have very good interest.

Then probably you will not get bore and you will even enjoy while writing a blog post, which will need or you can say that, this attitude will lead you to become a professional blogger.

Else, read one quotations
Do What You Love, Love What You Do!
It's amazing, is not it!

5) Write Key Points

Now it's time to use pen and copy, to write down key points, those points you are getting from the blog posts.

But don't write the same points, on your blog post, rather write a point from yourself, if you are thinking how? then, I have to say this "Man can Do Anything, Then Why not Blogging".

But don't forget to use those points in your blog posts.

6) See What People are Not Getting

Now, it's time to use your own brain,  till now you got almost every thing about the topic, then it's time to give input from yourself.

Now see, what people are getting from other blog post, then write point from your self, what they not getting. Then describe those points from beginning, don't be genius or assumable in online, just write a blog post for newbies, because you don't who is going to read your blog, right!

7) Combined All Points

Now combined a blog post in chronological manner, or in short we can say this, magazines style, because if you will write a blog post from beginning to the end, then it will not be interesting for readers, but if you write a blog post in chronological style, then I have to say it will give great user experience to the readers and which is the sign for becoming a professional blogger.
  1. Take time to combined all points
  2. Invest average ten hours to write a blog post
  3. Write all points on a piece of paper
  4. Always write from heart and just like you are to talking reader directly face to face.

8) Start Writing from Beginning

I know, I am repeating this again, but I had too, because this is a most important point for any blog post, as I told you earlier, you have to write a blog post which will useful for readers no matter what is the background readers have? then use Chronological method, now come to the main purpose of giving this heading is to help you, to put stress on writing from beginning your blog post, this tip will work for you for forever.
  1. Like you will write about TV, then first introduced what is TV?
  2. Write in depth including pros and cons
  3. Invite someone may be any internet people would be great idea to attract lot of traffic
  4. Write about well known company and share on social media who knows that company will re-share it, that will be huge, like recently infolink ad network retweet one of the blog post, here is the screen shot of notification.

Retweet, Infolinks, Twitter

9) Provide Subheadings on Key Points

This point will make your blog readers to give interest to read the whole article, remember if your blog readers will not read the whole article then your whole work is going to be dump for washing, this is a simple method to make your blog readers read the the full blog post.

which would be your first objective to make readers to read the full article, but don't forget to give value in the article, that's why the reader will come to the your blog once again. and then Again and again!

10) Use Conclusion Part, but Ask Questions to Readers

Specially this is favorite of mine, because if you want to know the whole important factors about the blog post then come to the conclusion part of the blog post and probably you are thinking, why ask questions to your readers?

Because it will simply increase your blog comments, comments are also play important to increase popularity of your blog as well as to get good rank on search engine results pages.

I know this is a lengthy process, even it will take about 6 to 8 hours, to do it properly, but my dear your blog post definitely going to get rank on search engine results first page, that is sure and most probably it will be there for prolong time.

Now let's do a little calculations, if you will write 3 blog posts weekly and you are writing a blog post those are highly demand blog post, like Make Money Online, then it is sure that you are definitely going to get at least 20 visitors per day from per post.

So, what does that means, after one week of blogging, you will have more than 50 visitors per day and I think that is the best thing for any beginner blogger, lets come to know about my story, little bit not fully because it's lengthy even too lengthy, when I have started blogging I took about 3 months to see 50 visitors per day on my blog, but for you I am giving the solution, you can get this much visitors easily with in a week. Yes a week!

In short, how much visitors I have driven in 3 months, you can do the same in a week, but remember stick to the topic, don't get diverted from your blog topic, even I am going to write another blog post, on this topic.

That means you will get about 1000+ visitors after the end of the first month of blogging!

So, use these tips and get more visitors, so, If I will ask you, what else you want to know about blogging, I guaranteed, you will suddenly ask me, where is the money?

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I know, every blogger want to make money blogging, even want to become a professional blogger, but it is not easy, but you can make money from blogging as a part time job, but becoming a professional blogger is not easy, by the way keep blogging, one day you will become a professional blogger. I hope so!

What else? We can use to write a blog post, on which topic, we don't have knowledge!