Keywords play important role to get good rank on search engine results pages, so today I am going to share with you, importance of first 50 words in your blog post, probably you have notice that Google results page shows only three highlight words on different places, of course that is depend on your query keywords.

For your better understanding lets take an example of my blog post {With time I have changed URL of the blog post but the concept is same which I have been following from years now}

I have written this blog post few months ago, but still it is on the top of the Google Search Engine Result Pages, when people search like "Make Money Online in 2013"

Right now even I am searching the exact term on Google to show you the highlighted keywords according to query, i.e. "Make Money Online in 2013" on Google, so here I got the result as I have given below screen shot-

The above experiment you have I did way back in 2013 and it is now 2021 now even this is working, because basics always works.

Now you can see three numbers out there on the above screen shot, about 1(Title of the blog post) & 2(URL structure), I talk lot earlier, but I did not write about the third one properly, I mean the exact concept which helps to push your blog post probably on the top of the search engine result pages.

First, let me play the music then I will again start writing, although I know this is not a part of the article, sorry!

Okay let's get back to the point, I am talking about importance of first keywords in your blog post, see this is too simple, but probably you have not think about this till now.

Okay then let me clear you about this concept, see use main keywords but in a manner as user will search in the search engine, if you do not figure out from yourself you can use free Google Adwards Keyword Tool.

See, now after knowing those keywords use those keywords at most two times and at least single time on the first 50 keywords of your blog post, which will tell search engine crawler about the blog post better way.

This is a part of on page optimization, on page optimization is really important, even I will write in more details about on page optimization.

 Now another question come here again, why two times, why not more?

Well this is a white hat SEO, if you will do so,  I mean you will use keywords more than two times on the first 50 words of your blog post, then probably your blog post will be on top for sometimes, but not for forever, because people will not like your article and probably you know, all things later come to the content, because content is king in blogging remember that.

One more on page optimization tips, I would like to share with you, i.e. content length of the blog post.

Content length also play important role to get your blog post on the top of the search engine results page.

Ideal blog post content length must be more than 500 words, always write a bog post with keeping in mind the length of the blog post.

This tip is working for me as well, for proof you can see the above screen shot which is red underline, there are 1,540,000,000 results but my blog post is on the top!

One of the most important thing is that hosting, I have written an article regarding this on Japan as well as about Germany. Here is it Web Hosting in Germany and Best Web Hosting in Japan

Most Important Points While Implementing this Tips in Your Next Blog Post-

Well, this is true that if you will include important keywords in the first 50 words then definitely it is going to help you in ranking factor but with that you need to use those keywords naturally & should not be keyword staffing that is really a bad idea, here are steps to follow-
  • So find out important keywords for the article
  • Write Amazing heading
  • Be prepare to write just like crazy I mean writing about 2000 words article
  • Use important keywords in the first 50 keywords
  • Use important keywords in headings
  • Use bullets, numbers and of course bold few important keywords.
If you will follow above points then definitely you are going to drive good organic traffic than before because these tips work for me, so therefore will work for you.

Is there any other importance of first 50 words of a blog post?

Okay, lets talk more about SEO which is working in 2021, actually now search engine algorithm changed drastically.

So, you can not accept to get traffic without effort you need to put effort and what is working now may be will not work in the next work.

But, basics things will be same always.

Now, most important thing is user engagement, means more time user will be on your website, better ranking you will have as well as more conversion also.

Actually, my recent experiment while doing webinar I found more time spend by average more conversion I got.

So, simple make it useful and valuable for readers so that they will stay on the web page for more time which equals more conversion that means more revenue.

Happy learning.