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If you are talking about top advertisement networks then Infolinks is one of them which provides great CPM rate mine maximum CPM rate way $7 but I hear that many even getting $17 that's really cool, that's why I am writing this review that is about "Infolinks Review 2018". Infolinks is generally known for in text advertising network, when the advertising networking has launched, the advertising network has unique concept about showing advertisements on any blog or websites, but few months ago then have launched new way of advertising on blogs but in text is now also exist.

So, today I am going to share with you about Infolinks advertisement network, with some hidden facts, those points, I got after using this advertising network from last few months.

So, here are those products you can use to show advertisements on your blogs from Infolinks-

Well let me first start with their main purpose of showing advertisement in the different way in the market, i.e. is hidden in their tag name.

InfoLinks 2021 Payment Proof in India

Yeah, I am an Indian blogger and its been long time I have been blogging and till now I have earned $1000 ad networks alone.

But, I like affiliate marketing the most, because most of my earning from affiliate marketing only, okay I know you are looking for payment proof right so here is the latest payment proof:

India infolinks, payment proof, ad networks

IMPORTANT- This network is using new approach to help advertisers as well as publishers that's why it will work superb for you, if you are publishers or even advertisers its just amazing, for advertisers they have also launched a new program name as Adshop Self Advertising Platform its good.

So, take your own chance to get into this program and see the benefits of it by yourself, yes don't forget to share your result with me.

Here is the tag name- "Break from convention - advertise inside the lines"

                                 Click Here & Join This Network

Infolinks Known About-

Infolinks not a new ads network at all, another thing about Infolinks- it is one of the most promising alternatives to Google Adsense and of course sometimes it works better than Adsense, because I have seen bloggers earning more then $17 per thousand visitors from their blog.

Here, I am going to help you to know in depth everything about Infonlinks, that's why you will be known everything about this ads network, from joining this ads networks to adding code to your blog, each and everything you are going to learn and do from this blog post.

There are many reasons that Infolinks one of the most promising ads network here are few of them those are just awesome and must be known for any one who is interested to know-
  • Easy Sign Up Process
  • You can easily generate more revenue from your blog
  • Integration of code to your blog is very easy
  • Multiple source for accepting payment
  • Minimum balance required to get payment of $50
  • Every 30 days automatic payment schedule
  • I recommend to use Paypal for accepting payment because I have been using Paypal from last three to four years for getting payments
  • Awesome new technology to get more clicks, which means more revenue
  • Large number of publishers as well as advertisers
  • The websites having numerous back links according to Alexa- Analytical tool
  • Great customer support from their team
  • Mobile ads optimize for mobile traffic
  • The ads network is using In3 Technology for increasing revenue of a blog or websites
So, lets start with their first product then respectively till their last product-

1) In Text- InfoLinks Review

This is an amazing product from Infolinks advertisement network, because there is a simple concept behind this, the ads shows when a reader will get the cursor on the word with double line text, then the ads will show, as I have given below on the screen shot-

InfoLinks Review

By looking at the screen shot above, you can understand now, how much powerful is it to make you more money from your blog.

If you are having great content then, it is not tough to get around 10$ per 1000 visitors, but you need to improve your blog to make your visitors number to there.

2)In Tag- InfoLinks Review

In tag advertising, the advertisement shows right after the blog post end, that means your readers will definitely want to take actions after reading the whole article, then that is the right place to show ads, which exactly Infolinks doing for you.

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One another unique feature about Infolinks, I would like to share with you, but at the end of the review, which is true but most important for non techie guys.

Okay, come back to the main point. In tag advertising is really poweful to make you more money from your blog.

So, here is the screen shot, I am going to add just below-
InfoLinks Review
One more thing about this product, I have not share with you, that is the tags will automatically adjust keywords according to your blog post content to increase your CTR, which means your earning will be more.

3)In Frame- InfoLinks Review

In frame again an amazing product, because the ads will show there only, where your blog space is useless like on the side bars, but I know many bloggers do not left free space but most of the bloggers left free space to give better look to a blog, then Infolinks helping bloggers to monetize those, your blog both sides(right and left) free space to make money from advertisement networks.

For your better understanding, I have given a screen shot just below-

InfoLinks Review

Now hopefully you are understanding about this product and how much this product is useful for your blog to make money from your blog.

4)In Search- InfoLinks Review

I think, this product can give you more CTR rate because the reason is simple, Infolinks shows ads related to blog post content. At the footer with automatic ads hiding and showing feature, more important, when needed  to show ads, the ads will show, when do not need, then the ads will not show.

For your best understanding, again I have given below a screen shot-
InfoLinks Review

Hopefully, you got about insearch ads from Infolinks!

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How to Sign Up for Infolinks-

As I have stated above I will tell you each and everything about Infolinks here, so here are few other things to know, well lets know how to Sign Up for infolinks-
  1. First click here to land on official page.
  2. Now wait for a moment to load the page properly
  3. Now click on Join Us, this option you can easily get from the webpage you have opened, even then if you have not found this option then see top of the right side of the webpage
  4. For your help let me paste a screen shot of it just below-
Infolinks Sign Up Process for bloggers
After filling the form, you need to wait to review your blog, after reviewing your blog you will get e-mail whether they approved your blog or not, that's why you will be so sure that you can use Infolinks for your blog, in the next step I am going to share with you, how you can add Infolinks code to your blogger.

How to Add Infolinks Code to Blogger- 

Okay, I hope this step is helpful for them those are new to blogging and they got approval from Infolinks, so here you go, you are just one step behind to start earning from your blog through Infolinks- here is the step to follow, first I will tell you steps to get code from Infolinks that's why you can add that code to blogger, which means ads will start showing on your blog-
  • First go to Infolinks and then log in to your account
  • To log in to your Infolinks account first time, may be you will face problem, because it is little different than other usual website to log in, first take your cursor over then you will see Publisher and Advertisers both option you need to click on Publishers
  • Then wait for few moment, because a popup menu will open there you will need to add your log in details and then go ahead
  • Now click on Integrate, this option you can easily see on the top of the website, then wait for a second then you will a code like I have given below a screen shot-
Adding infolinks code to blogger
After copying the code, here is the step to copy the code easily, just make a click on the code then you will see it is select all codes available in the box, now you need to copy the code, just click on CTRL+ C, that's it, you have copied the code.

You can save the code on your PC or laptop for further use, okay here is the steps to add the code to blogger, actually I have written a blog post for adding any Javascript or HTML code to blogger, here is that awesome useful blog post- Adding JavaScript or HTML to Blogger

Hope these steps is helpful for you, if you need any other help regarding Infolinks for your blog then don't forget to ask me, because I am here to help you through this blog.

Why Infolinks Plus Another Ads Networks Awesome-

One of the most reason, people read review that's why they can get more and more information about this ads network, in real Infolinks is a legit and most useful networks and one of the most promising Google Adsense Alternatives, but I have analysed if you will Add another networks to your blog with Infolinks then I am sure your revenue from blog will be much higher because the ads network I am talking about it is giving almost highest CTR (Click Through Rate), if you will little optimize the ads placement then sometimes you can get more than 15% CTR, because this is my personal experience about that ads network- here is ads network- Chitika Review 2021

Because I have used this ads network and got paid couple of times, if you wanted to know more about this ads network then you must read the above linked blog post, because that is one of damn fine review about a ads network, it is having all information regarding the ads network.

Most Important Info to Read- InfoLinks Review

As I told you, I am going to tell you the most important fact for using Infolinks for non technical guys, because for these all formats ads you don't need to put ads codes to different places, just you need to add code to any place in your blog, your ads will be shown in your blog.

Little setting you need to do in your Infolinks account, just go to customize sections on your Infolinks account to customize your ads and also how many ads products you want to use in your blog. You will automatically understand, what you need to do, because it's too simple to use, if not then ask me here, I will definitely write another blog post on this topic.

Now the best thing I am going to share with you, that is how much really you will earn from Infolinks alone and how much my highest earning from Infolinks.

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New Feature of Infolinks Got Mail Few Days Ago-

Hello, I got mail from infolinks about their new feature, I hope infolinks is providing such feature to provide great experience to publishers to increase their revenue, lets see what this new feature can do us-
Infolinks review, new feature

Important Points About Infolinks-

See, this part was missing and I found sharing important points about ads network always helpful for publishers as well as advertisers, well most of my blog readers are bloggers and most of them are newbies.

Frankly saying this is also one the network which can help you to make more money but you need to have traffic, if you have quality traffic then you can achieve high E-CPM rate, I also preferred others to use Pop up ads because I have used and Earn $555 from Popads

Okay, here are few points those you should know about Infolinks-
  1. This is one of the promising ad network
  2. According to Alexa its worldwide rank is 8,185
  3. Having more than 1,50000 publishers worldwide
  4. Even pro bloggers used Infolinks, including popular news channel, jobs websites too
  5. Easy to integrate with Blogger and Wordpress platform.
  6. Earning seen more than $17 per thousand visitors
  7. Easy to withdraw through Paypal, Check
  8. I used this network for my job blog.

Infolinks Review for Avdertisers & Affiliate Marketers-

I know there are many those wanted to start as an advertiser with this ad network and why not this ad network having lot of premium publishers including me, even once up on a time one of the top bloggers he is John Chow also used this ad network on his blog to generate revenue.

And there are many others the reason is simple this ad network take care of both sides, I mean for advertisers as well as publishers.

Okay lets talk about ROI of infolinks, one of the best part is that they pay good to their publishers and they always review blog before giving approval so that means you can be sure that you are going to get quality traffic, most important facts you need to know as an advertiser of this network, here are those reasons-
  • Infolinks is world's third ad network and that's really cool.
  • There are lot of ad units you can choose according to your choice
  • This is cool man, that is why you can target audience according to you.
  • You can also track and keep doing experiments to get best out of it
  • Amazing ROI but vary from campaign to campaign
I hope you got good reasons right. I have only share with you reasons those are most important for you, but I want to tell you one more thing is important' that is collecting e-mail address of people, I mean does not matter what you are going to promote.

Everybody is not going to buy right so, why not to collect their address and when you will get new offer then you will promote it to your all contacts and just sending an e-mail and you are going to get sells right without spending any money on advertising, so may be you are thinking, how to get started with it and how much you need to pay, you just need to get start FREE, just join now and get free account with one of the finest and marketers choice e-mail marketing company that is Get Reponse click here and join now.

There are several reasons to join to Get Response-
  • Its free to join
  • There are three BIG features landing page with your own choice, Webinar and e-mail collection forms with lots of varieties
  • You don't need any technical knowledge
  • Free tutorials to grow your list
  • The BIG reason because I am using it to build my own list and there are other popular marketers also using it.
Well my highest eCMP from Infolinks for my this blog is $7.29, but not all days, more interesting is I have seen many people even earning more than $17 per eCPM, I am just working hard to break this much limit even.

What do you think about this ads network for bloggers?