Custom Domain Name, Benefits of Domain Name
Update 2020- I have purchased my first domain in 2012, I am pretty sure that was one of my best decision of my life till date I have bought over 80 domain names.

So, buying domain name definitely worth it even I will suggest you to have your own self host blog, which is even much better but if you are beginner then you can do blogging on blogspot blog with domain name also.

For beginners, blogger is a good platform to learn about blogging and understand the concept of it, once your basics is clear you can go for self host blog with domain name, for VPS hosting I will recommend VirMach Coupon 2020. If you are planning for getting self host blog with domain name you can contact me directly to

I will help you there.

Let's know more-

Blogger is providing awesome platform for getting start a blogging career, even there are many professional bloggers are using blogger platform but there are many platforms for blogging, I think blogger is the best platform for blogging at least for beginner bloggers, there are many reasons behind of this, like zero hosting fees, Google Adsense integrated with blogger, even blogger service is provided by Google, like unlimited space as well as unlimited bandwidth for the blog, you can even create unlimited blogs in a single account, more important blogger blogs are fully SEO blog, but you need to do little technical work for getting best result for your blog.

If you want to know the answer, is it beneficial or not, then I have to say this there are lot of benefits of getting domain name from traffic to money as well as reputations, it's worth is nothing if we will compare with benefits.

So, in this blog post I am going to share with you, what benefits I got after getting domain name on my blog-

1) Brand is the Key

In online business, you need a brand to make profit from your blog, without brand you will play with pennies only, what I believe?

I mean think about this, you go to show room and spend money only because that is branded right!

Does not matter that is cloth, Mobile, Lap Top whatever!

See, if you want to succeed in business then you have to do little investment, otherwise you are not going make it happen for you quiet easily.

2) Indexing Speed of Your Blog Posts on Search Engines

See, when I did not have a domain name for my blog,, in that time I have very good support from Google for driving organic traffic to my blog.

But dear, what about other search engines on web, like Yahoo, Bing, Ask.

If you have a domain name and you are writing for helping people(I know, you are writing for people), then your blog posts will definitely get index on other search engines, but probably it takes time.

What I have analyse for my blog, for indexing pages on Google and Bing after getting domain name-

For Google, the screen shot is given below-

For Bing, the screen shot is given below-
Note- I have continued working in this blog

3) Reputations of Your Blog

Reputations of a blog depend on type of content providing, platform as well as leadership quality of a blogger too.

A blogger must do everything to provide great content but in simple way that's why a beginner can even understand about the article.

Reputations come from the quality of the article you are providing in your blog also!

4) More Traffic 

If you will maintain above three then definitely you are going to get more traffic, which will inspire you to do more great quality blog posts.

That is just the beginning part of the success in blogging!

If you are thinking about traffic then there are three things to do daily-
  1. Write daily and proof read before publishing it
  2. Promote daily on any two social media
  3. And of course the best one build relationships with others

5) Look Like a Professional

Don't do anything which will show that you are not serious about blogging!

Actually those are silly mistakes those shows you are not professional about blogging, one of the most common mistake is not reading blog post before publishing it(proofing reading).

One more tip, I would like to share with you, regarding proof reading, don't do proof reading just after writing the blog posts, do proof reading after sometime writing a blog post, I mean to say give a gap between these two activities.

There is another two things to do for being like a pro and you can become pro because if you are reading till here that means you have patience and in blogging if anybody have patience to work for long hour then definitely that person will get success may be sooner or later-
  1. Invest money to buy a blogger template I am providing a template for only RS 99 & of course I am also selling most advanced pro template but it will cost more about 499RS, but it is worth full, check fast loading SEO Friendly blogger template
  2. Start collecting readers e-mail address that is the key to get success in blogging, I will recommend you to take a free test drive for next 30 days with my favourite one- Get Response.

6) More Money

Finally the part come, which is the most interesting part of blogging, I think that's why many people start blogging!

You are right, I am talking about making money blogging, yes this is true, blogging can make you money online, but you need to do only three things in beginning, later you will automatically discover other ways from yourself, probably you wanted to know, what are those things write!

So, here we go- (a)Hard Work  (b)Patience  (c)Experiments

Why I am saying these three, because these three are the keys to get success in any work, then why not to implement these three master strategies in blogging.

See I don't know about you, even your financial status, if you have about 10$ then buy a domain name for you blog, to go little bit above the competition.

If you don't have 10$ to pay then try to make some money from online for free, like Paisalive go for it, but remember if you want to become a successful blogger in these days then you must have a domain name.

What are benefits we can get after getting domain name for blog?