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Blogging is easy to start but really tough to make it famous or probably you can say make money blogging, here I am not talking about blogging for penny, I am talking about at least $5,000 per month.

I can not say no one is earning this much money, there are even bloggers like John Chow making over $40,000 per month, but to make this much money you need lots of skills and also implementations of those skills in better way in your blog.

Because- Idea's Are Worthless, If You Will Not Implement!

See I know every body have some hidden talent, but only few know about their hidden talent, I think blogging is the best to know your hidden talent and more important is it will enhance your overall development even you will earn decent income from online, then why not blogging.

Many people search on Google "Can Blogging Really Make Money", the answer is simple YES, if not then I must not do blogging from last three years, I think because of blogging now I don't have any problem with English.

Even, I am improving day by day, why I am saying this, as an Indian English is not my first language, it's mine third language even then I have to know this language to make my future better, here is the most interesting reason behind this.

India is an unique country, our national language is Hindi but we do all higher education in English, even people talk in English most of the time in the Indian corporate world, I can not say this wrong even this is good for the development of the country, I think that's why many MNC's prefer to setup office in India.

I think you are interesting to hear about blogging, right! Okay so lets talk about blogging, actually today I was talking with my friend(Founder of Vyas Studios Pvt. Ltd.) about blogging, he knows about blogging but he did not want to do so because the reason he told me is most reasonable.

Because it's easy to create a blog, but it is really tough to make it popular!

Let me make you understanding about this, actually there are thousand bloggers, they will set up your blog for free, you will have your own blog, but have you ever think, what next?

What you are going to do with blogging, I know it's good that you have a blog, but that is not good enough for you, you have to choose a topic to blog and more important you have to stick to your blog topic.

If you will not solve people real problem then it is obvious probably no one is going to read your blog posts, no readers means worthless blog, now how would you find how many people are there those are looking for the topic on which topic you are going to do blogging.

Then, I will suggest you to know potential visitors about any topic use Google Keywords Tool, don't worry it's free, but worth more than even million.

Now come to main point of this blog post, if you are really thrust about money as well as popularity then share things in your blog what common people can not do but love to do and use.

If you can do so, then I have to say this, no body can stop you to become a next level blogger, have any problem then ask me questions, I will help you for free!

I know every one want to make money blogging and also getting popular, my dear if you want that some one will talk about you or may be about your blog, probably online or offline then you have to solve their problems and solve real problems, foe this you need to do hard work, only hard work can make you a next level blogger.

There is no short way to become a popular blogger, remember this every time!

What do you think about making your blog famous or probably popular?