URL Structure , Dashes or Underscores
URL structure is one of the best part for best Search Engine Optimization for your blog posts, but in this blog post I am going to share with you, what should you use in your blog post URL "Dashes or Underscores", Dashes we also called Hyphens, I am telling this because I don't know, how you called it.

Now let's talk about the main important part of this blog post, for this I think you are reading this blog post till now, right! So, here are those things for you, actually I will tell you one more thing for bonus and absolutely for free, which mistake many even smart bloggers do. I don't want my blog readers will do any SEO mistakes in blogging and not succeed in blogging.

Because, I believe only on simple strategy, any one can do any thing and there is only and only one promise, you have to do hard work, that's it!

The answer for this blog post is do use Dashes(-) not Underscores(_) in your blog post URL structure, if you are blogging on blogger.com platform then it is called Permalink, this option you can see on the right side in your blog post writing box.

Now the bonus for you, now you come to know you need to use Dashes instead of underscores but how would you exactly do it.

Let's take an example of this blog post for your better understanding, I am writing this blog post and I have given title name of this blog post is "What to Use in URL Structure of a Blog Post Dashes or Underscores for Good SEO" as you can see even, because I am blogging on blogger.com platform that's why I have changed permalink to "http://www.bloggerhowtoseotips.com/2013/06/What-to-Use-in-URL-Structure-of-a-Blog-Post-Dashes-or-Underscores-for-Good-SEO.html", you know its too lengthy so think to make it short sweet and laser targeted to get best out of it.

Don't write a URL structure like "http://www.xyzdomainname.com/2013/06/WhattoUseinURLStructureofaBlogPostDashesorUnderscoresforGoodSEO.html"

Probably you are thinking, why is this so?

Dear, here is simple answer for you, because search engine crawlers better understand the link which have dashes instead of underscores or probably without underscores or dashes.

So, don't repeat these mistakes, if you want to get better rank on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!

I think, that's why on blogger.com they have automatic dashes optimizer for any blog post, but if your blog post title is lengthy then they show only few words from the beginning of the blog post title.

I think that's why sometimes blogspot blogs good rank on search engines like Google, I have seen this many times.

URL Structure Experiments And Result-

This is one of the most important thing, I am just about to share with you, see if you want to write proper URL structure then you need to understand its concept from base, here I am going to tell you step by step way I did and got better ranking on search engine result.

See, first of all you need to find out main keywords, those you wanted to target for getting high rank and then you need to add only those keywords to your blog posr URL, next choose title of the article around those keywords and then use those keywords in the article but don't forget to use headings, sub headings and bullets also.

Because these things are most important in order to get good rank on search engine result pages, suppose if you are writing article for highly competitive niche then it is just awesome way to beat your competitor that is writing high quality content, other than URL structure you need to have a good design template and good template is one of the best way to grab attention of people, here is the good design example- Fast Loading Blogger Template, this is one of the best template for blogger.

For You-
I know every one is not so much perfect in SEO, but you can get into that much, if you will try, then only.

In blogging SEO play really important role to take a blog to the next level, don't be too hurry just simple keep going then tomorrow will be your's.

"Don't Loose Hope, You Never Know, What Tomorrow will Happen for Your Blog"

At the last I would like to say you one thing only, only knowing the fact is like nothing will change for your blog, use these tips for getting good organic traffic to your blog.