Blog post ranking on Google or other search engines, getting lower and lower every day, in these days it is really difficult to make your blog posts on the top of the SERPs(Search Engine Ranking Pages). Actually, the main thing to know, how search engine did it? The real fact to know is that, don't worry, I am going to tell you in depth the concept about blog posts ranking with time that's why you can figure out, how would you able to see your blog post page on the top of the results for long time.

See, it is really necessary for us to know, how search engine did it?

Well I found that secret, yes the secret, here I am going to give a screen shot one of the my blog post-

Now, you can see on the above screen shot, date of the post published but you can not see the time, but Google crawlers notice these two things to discover fresh content for the searcher on the Google, probably you are getting the concept, but the next thing is, how they ranking on the top of the search engine, actually as you can see a blog post screen shot on the above, which blog post I have written on 2nd of April 2013, now even the blog post is on the top, what I did or probably you wanted to know, what I have wrote in the blog post that the blog post still is on the top. For searching like "Make Money Online in 2013".

Here I have figured out those things, what I did in the blog post-

#1) Content Quality

Quality content, most of the blogging gurus says that provide quality content, but they will not tell you, how would you write quality content in your blog, again this is a secret sauce, but I am going to share with you the secret behind writing quality articles, what I usually do for writing a blog post on my blog to take my blog to the next level.

Now it's time to know the secret for writing a quality content for a blog, here let me tell you, what is the meaning of quality article?

Quality article means, the user or reader, who is reading your blog post for purpose, the purpose will be full fill, to the full fill the user requirement, you need to write quality articles, you can only write quality articles, if you have experience about the topic and you have very good knowledge about the topic, right!

If you don't know about any topic, but still you want to write then read at least 10 blog posts regarding that topic and then start writing on that topic, otherwise for few days your blog post will give you few traffic, that is true but not forever because there would be some one else will write a blog post on the same topic then again your blog post ranking gets down, to keep your blog post on the Search Engine Ranking Pages(1st page) you need to follow these five heading and then I am sure you will definitely get good traffic to your blog for more time than now, probably for forever.

#2) Content Length

Content is the big factor on ranking of your blog post, this fact, I am analyzing from last few months, when I wrote a blog post of having more than 2000 words the blog post driving more traffic than a blog post having 500 words, even 500 words blog post is having more quality, but it is sure I have written a blog post on 2000 words have good information.

So, from this study I got that content length can change the future of any blog, I know it will take more time to write even more time to edit and then proof reading but your hard work will pay you that is sure. Today or may be tomorrow.

But I will suggest you one more thing, don't write a blog post having less than 300 words, which is almost useless, if you are writing a popular topic like Make Money Online.

Now, the big questions probably going on your mind, how would you able to write this much lengthy article?

Of course, it is really difficult to write about 2000 words article even in a week with maintaining quality, so here I have implemented few things to write this much lengthy article.

One most important of them is "read more lengthy article", probably you are thinking, what you are going to get for reading a lengthy article? My dear, you will get knowledge about the article and also you will improve patience level, see blogging need more hard work as well as patience to succeed.

Now next questions may be going on your mind, how would you find this much lengthy article, I know, you know that, but even then let me tell you, ask modern god of course search engine.

#3) Image with Animations

This is not that much effective as above two but even then it is also play important role to attract a visitor to read the blog post, specially when a blog post ranking better on search engine then probably your blog post will become one of the top reading blog post of the week, if you have added popular blog posts like mine, right! An animated image will attract a visitor to read the blog post.

There are many reason, the visitor will read your blog post, because, if you are writing a great content and again another blog post is popular on the blog then the visitor will definitely want to learn more from your blog, if the visitor will read the popular blog post then I am sure that reader will come back to your blog again and again. It is pure business.

Well, when I was started blogging, I did not add any image to my blog post, because I thought it's wastage of time and show off nothing else, but whenever, I have notice about the new age social networking website Pinterest is growing insanely because of world of images, then I have putted first ever image to my blog and certainly, I have seen there is improvement in visitor to my blog from image searches, so what does means, it will attract visitors as well as give a description about the blog post in short for the readers, that's why, visitors can visualize about the blog post.

#4) Way of Writing

There are numerous thing to learn to succeed in blogging, but I think one of the big thing to learn is, how to write a good blog post, in this section I am not talking about knowledge, of course you need knowledge to write but in this section I am talking about how would you write your knowledge in simple words.

Probably you are thinking, why in simple words?

Because you don't know about your readers, right! so always write a blog post that's why even a beginner can understand about the article, don't underestimate your blog readers, just write each and every thing on your blog post, what you know and what you have got from blogging and experimenting, well that is depend on which topic you are writing a blog post.

Let me give you few real tips to write a blog post in better way, first of all start writing a blog post with a solid cause, I mean to say what people are looking for on the web.

Now start writing a blog post from a paragraph, the paragraph must have at least 100 words, now what you should write in the first paragraph that's why users will read the whole article.

Only write in simple words, what you are going to share with the reader in the article, this is good enough to make the reader keep reading your blog post, hey don't write an article like school time boring stories, write article like you are talking with the reader live, ask questions from your self and then give answers in the blog post, then you will notice that you have started enjoying while writing an article, when you will notice this thing, then assume that you can write more better quality article in future.

I would like to share with you one more thing, which is also important for search engine optimization point of view as well as readers point of view, i.e. use subheadings in your blog post to make it interesting for readers to read as well as search engine crawlers will come to know about the blog post.

#5) On Page Optimizations(SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, when I have started blogging, I did not know about SEO, even I did not know that this type of word really exist, but I have been spending time to know about SEO, it's a vast of factors on which basis search engine shows results.

But one of them and the big factor is On Page Optimization, that is optimization of your blog post and meta tags as well as meta descriptions.

First of all title of the blog post is important to get good rank on search engine ranking pages, I have one simple tip for this, simple give title name of the article, which title people are searching on the search engine.

Now come to the second part of this on page optimizations, use of keywords in your blog post, people are saying content is king, that's true, but it's time to make your blog content more visible for search engine crawlers, now let's come to the point, how would you do this, that's why search engine crawler will show your blog post result through your blog post content, here is the simple method for you, use words in your blog post content, those words you have used in your blog post title, because those words are the most important keyword for that particular blog post.

Now it's time to make search engine fall in love with your blog, do interlinking of your blog post with your old blog post, which will also keep live your old blog post, interlinking is really important, do you know why?

It will increase page views of your blog, that means a single visitor will read more blog posts, which will decrease bounce rate of your blog post, which is really good for the reputations of the blog and also SEO point of view.

Now the questions is that, how would you interlink with your blog post?

Let me give you an example, I have written this blog post, right! Till now you have seen many links with keywords right, that is called internal linking, this is also called inbound links.

But in inbound link do not use nofollow link, it is negative for your blog from SEO point view, so which link you should use in your blog for your blog internal linking, use dofollow link.

The last as well as the important one, that is URL structure, there are four basics SEO tips, provided by Google, URL structure is one of them.

See, if you are using blogger as a blogging platform then you can use permalink for better URL structure, which will also help you to drive more traffic, one more thing I would like to share with you, always use dashes or hyphen in between the words in URL structure, don't use underscores not even nothing in between the words like just adding words.

Blog Post Ranking on Google depend on about 200 factors, but these above tips are working well for my blog, you must also use these tips to succeed in blogging.

But let me give you one more tip to use in your blog post that I would like to say in one word quality. That's why your blog readers will satisfy.

What other things, we can do to get blog post on the top of the search engine?