Google Plus is really changing the blogging world, it is making more smart internet Google recently Google also announced about there commenting system for blogs that once again great feature from Google for bloggers, hopefully you know about that.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you, How could you add Google plus profile photo to search results of your blog post, if I will tell you in simple language you want your photo with your blog post results on Google right!

Actually I have already written a blog post on this topic, here is the step by step guide to add Google Plus profile photo in Google Search Results.

Let me tell you more about it's features and why even Google the search engine giant did it?

Actually Google is making the web more transparent, that's why they made it, in this way bloggers having lots of opportunity to become a popular blogger, I mean blogger can also become a celebrity like John Chow, he is just superb.

I will suggest you only two important things about blogging, those are Keep Blogging and Add value to your articles.

These two are key ingredients to become a success blogger, why am I telling you these?

Actually there are millions things to learn in blogging, I know even it will take time because it is not like that you will become famous blogger within a month or two months it will take time.

Remember what is taking more time, the value of that thing is more as compare which thing take less time, so always be motivated to achieve tough target.

I know it is little odd, but this is true dear.

That's why from my childhood we heard that is "Truth is Always Bitter".

What do you think let me know about Google Plus Profile in Google search results and also about these tips for blogging?