Planning for blogging
I hope you want to get better life style like money freedom, no headache of bosses, no specific work time. I hope this is enough for any beginner blogger, today I was thinking about beginner bloggers, when I have started blogging, I did not have any one, who will tell me step by step method to do blog. That's why I can figure out about blogging.

By the way the time has gone.

Long, long time!

Yes, I have been blogging from last three years.

But still I think, I am just beginner!

Never the less, I am still long way to go.

Well, come to the point.

If you are a beginner blogger even you have started blogging from last few months, even for a year, I want you to follow my steps, but it is depend on you!

To follow me or not.

I just want to help you, to become a famous blogger, this is 6 months of blogging plan for you, I am going to give you tips from beginning-

#1) Choose a Right Topic for Blog

I strongly recommend you to invest more time, at least seven days to choose topic for your blog, because topic is almost everything in blogging, don't see that others making money online from that topic, that means you will choose that topic to blogging. So, here is the tips for you, choose topic to blog in which you are interested and passionate about the topic,that's why you can do blog for long time.

#2) Stick to It

Stickiness and consistency is the great way to get success, I know it needs time and concentration too.

But as you can give it.

You will that much get it, yes I am talking about your success in blogging.

#3) Do Lots of Experiments

People even search engine, advertisement networks all want unique contents in your blog, unique comes from experiments, I am not talking about experiments in the chemistry lab, but of course I am talking about experiments on blogging topics, that's why you can give more unique content, for which the whole world is looking for.

It could be small or big, it could be success or failure, but experiments are experiments, people, I mean your blog readers will definitely going to get something important and unique.

I mean this is the best way to keep your blog readers for life time!

Real business want this and you know blogging is the damn real business.

#4) Don't Pre-assume Anything

Probably after getting a domain name or after getting 500 blog visitors, you will think that you did something, it would be 50,000 visitors one day or may be you are going to make $1000 per day.

That's true.

It could be, even more.

But, I am talking about.

Keep working, don't dreaming only.

I mean dream is good, big dream, but to achieve that big dream you have to start from small today.

#5) Don't Choose Shortcut Way

This is the biggest lesson, I ever learnt in  blogging.

Probably you are thinking, how?

Yes that is the question you are thinking, I hope so, but I can not guaranteed about it.

Okay, Now come to the point, why?

The reason is simple, if anything is taking less time to do that work, that means the value of that work is less.

If more hard work need to achieve anything, which value is always more, remember this, not only in blogging, but also in your life.

#6) Write List of Blog Posts With Subheadings 

Although I am talking about 6 months planning in this blog post, I know it.

So, here is the key ingredients for you.

Means, write list of blog post, you are going to write in the next 6 months.


Because you don't need to think, what you should write in your blog post, next day or may be next month.

When people started blogging, in that time, they got excited, I know it.

Even they forget about other job.

I will suggest not to get excited too much, rather know more about it.

Keep working and list of blog post make you to keep working for next six months, which are most crucial  months for any new blogger.

Now come the next point, that is subheadings, subheadings are most important for gaining attention from readers as well from search engine optimization point of view.

It will also help you to keep going, because if you know about subheadings, that means you can write the article quiet easily.

It seems tough in the beginning time of blogging, but later it become more enjoying as well as more easy.

#7) Keep Going, I mean Writing

This is the big one man!


Because in blogging, you have to write, okay you can start video blogging.

But I am talking about article writing.

Beginner bloggers don't have that much writing skills, even they don't have very good typing speed, so the solution is that to keep going and writing, which will enhance your all skills as well as your personality.

#8) Write At Least Two to Three Articles Each Week 

Why I am not telling you write one article daily?

The reason is quiet simple, if you are new to blogging world, then it is sure this is your part time job, right.

So, if you will write an article daily one, I know you can do it, but for some times, probably for one month or at most 3 months, after this much interval of time, I am pretty sure, that you will loose your confident about blogging, that it can work for you even.

So, the solution for you, don't concentrate on quantity always concentrate on quality but if you can do maintain quantity with quality then that is the best ever thing for you.

#9) Article Content Matter

As I already told you, that if you want to become a good blogger, then you have to do lots of experiment that's why you can write better unique article but only unique is not going help you any more, you have to write articles in well manner, means start each and every article from beginning to the end.

Why am I telling you this?

The reason is quiet simple, because you don't about your readers knowledge, so if some one already know about it that's good for them, but those don't know, they will get something from your blog.

If you want to succeed in your life, then don't forget to concetrate on root, which is most important and in blogging writing for beginners!

#10) Believe in  PPP

Probably you are thinking what is this "PPP"?

Well I did not know about this either.

When I got a resume from my friend to make my own resume, I have seen this "PPP" but it was two years ago.

This is big?

I know it, you will also come to know about it.

PPP (Personality, Patience, Perspiration)

Now probably you can imagine, why did I say it "BIG".

If you will believe in these three words, I am damn sure, no one can stop you to succeed, no matter in which field, blogging just a simple one, then why not in blogging.

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An Interesting Story of Blogging-

I think you probably heard about John Chow, when he has started blogging in that time he unable to earn even $1 in his first two years of blogging but later he got many things because he learnt a lot about blogging and see now a days he is earning million of dollars every year.

That's why I have shared with you six months planning, because in the period of six months forget about earning just learn and learn, And share more and more quality blog post it will work for long time, because it already works and I am sure it will work for you too.


I hope, you got the point, which point I wanted you to get.

There is nothing secret, the all secrets are discovered by me and like you people.

I mean the secret is in you!

To change anything in this world!!

Make it better, live better and become smarter!!!

Is there any other planning can make your blog better in six months?