Fresh Blogging Content For My Blog Readers
Every bloggers want to become successful means, what to earn full time income, but only 3% bloggers become it, of course there are many reasons behind of it, but the most common reason is uniqueness, if a blogger writing good unique and fully descriptive articles then no one can stop the blogger to become successful but today I am going to share with you the unique and most useful information in blogging, which will bring you even uniqueness in your blog post.

So, are you ready to get those tips to make your blog unique and also use full for your blog readers- Here those the big tips-

#1) Be Eager to Learn New Things

When I have started blogging, in that time I did not know what do, what to write but as time goes, I have learnt many things, I have been blogging from last three years, even then still I think, I am a newbie, that's why I have found bunch of information, which is information regarding converting your blog traffic to regular readers of your blog even customer of your blog.

I know there are many bloggers are writing about getting traffic by using SEO and these that.

But this is different, if you know about it, even then there are many thing I am sure you did not know.

Which is I am going to launch on my next blog post, the post will have many blog posts, I mean it's lengthy that's why I have distribute the blog post part wise, which is all about free email marketing.

Email marketing is also a new trend of marketing because it is easy as well as effective to make people take action.

#2) Read At Least one Ebook Every Week

May be you are thinking, an ebook in a week, yes of course!

If you want to succeed in blogging then you must have to be a hunter for new contents related to your blog niche that's why you can provide most useful contents to your blog readers, I mean that's why people will come to your blog again and again.

Now next question probably you are thinking, where you are going to get ebooks, you need to pay for it or not.

I will suggest to read all type of ebooks, whether it is paid one or free one, now a days it's trend to increase an email list many top bloggers are providing free ebooks you can read ebook of those bloggers as well, which will definitely increase your knowledge.

#3) Do Lots of Experiments 

This is my favorite.

As a blogger you are having benefits, because if your experiments will successful or not does not matter, you can share with your blog readers, because if your experiments will not successful then probably your blog readers will get benefit, that is they will not waste time and money on that activity on the other hand if your experiments will become successful then they will even use your tips to create another success stories, which is most important in blogging, at least those bloggers are giving tips in the blogging, make money online, web designing, affiliate marketing like niches.

#4) Don't Loose Hope in Blogging

From the above headings I remembered only one thing, that is don't loose hope, keep going in blogging, one will day definitely come, when people or bloggers will talking about your success stories, you can become inspiration for others, but to see that day you have to do hard work with consistency.

I know most of the blogger, quit blogging after blogging two or three months even some bloggers before one month, then let me tell you, you are not going to become a successful blogger with in one month even six months, because there are million of things to learn and implement in blogging, that's why it takes time.

If you want to take your blog to the next level with in six months then you may read my free guide of 6 months planning for blogging.

Update 2015-
I have discovered one recent techniques which helps me a lot for finding out new topic to write and most important thing is that people are looking for it.

So, the technique I have applied here is that- actually, I have gone through all my competitor blogs and see what they have written and what they have missed in their blog post and then I have start writing the same blog post and I have maintain better standard than all of them and guess what?

My blog post started ranking higher and higher, but don't write any article which is not wanted by your readers otherwise you can not make your blog a niche blog.

See, niche blog always make lot of money.

Niche blog means a blog is related to only a topic or few topics, if you will write focus on a single area then your blog become brand in that area and you will be on eyes of people those are looking for the niche and you will make lot of money.

But, one of the most important thing I would like to share with you don't compromise with readers, because your blog will exist if you will help your readers otherwise you will loose traffic potential of your blog and I think you don't want that.

Here are few steps to gone through for getting more benefit from this technique-

Step- 1 Visit Competitor Blog

After visiting competitor blog, you need to find out topics those are written by them a long time ago and you have much more information to share.

Find topics those are really good and most important is that you are very good in it.

Step- 2 Do Little Research on It

See, always don't look at more articles but always look at the article you are providing must have great quality that's why people will happy after reading the article and they will get maximum information from the blog post.

One of the main thing you need to do for doing research on it I mean you need to know traffic potential have that keyword and then make a better title for the keywords.

Step- 3 Start Writing Article

Well after doing the above two steps start writing article that's why you can reach towards your mission, well try to write from basic to advanced level.

And yes don't forget to add image to it and of course write a SEO friendly blog post.

Step- 4 At the Last Most Important Thing to Do

Yes, after hitting the publish button your job is not done.

You have just started see only search engine is not the way that you can get your content reach to people there are other media too, which is the real power of today that is social media.

So, you need to share articles of Facebook Group, Facebook Page and everywhere but it would be depend on type of content.

See, in blogging you have to give time for writing, promoting as well as helping others to help them that's why you will build trust of people and finally you will start earning money.

Personally, I believe anybody can become a great superstar blogger but one must choose a right topic to blog, in which he or she is having very good knowledge as well as interest.

Is there any other ways to find fresh content to write for blog