In this blog post I am going to share with you the super simple way to add Facebook Like box to your blog, I hope you have created your Facebook page, right!

So, follow the following steps to add Facebook Like Box with Thumbnail to blogger.

#1) Go to Facebook and Log in to your account.

#2) Now click on the Given Below URL

Then you will see the page, like I have given below a screen shot-

Now, it is up to you, what type of like box you want to add to your blogger blog, if you don't want live streams, means up date on your page then un-check "Show Streams".

If you want Dark background then you can select black background- just click on "Light" you will see black too, just click on black, your Facebook like box automatically become black, for your better understanding I have given below a screen too, which has without Stream also.

Now I think you have created your Facebook Like Box for your blog.

The second last step, but which is most important even.

Now copy your Facebook Page URL- If you don't know how would you find your Facebook page URL then follow the follow steps-

Go Facebook Home page<Click on Setting the last option on top(like a gear in image)<Now a menu(drop down) will open<Click on the page(for which page you want to create Facebook like Box<Now copy the URL from your Browser(simply copy).

Now paste the URL as the above screen shot telling you.

Now after pasting the URL of your Facebook page, just click on the outside any where to functions the URL, then wait for few seconds you will see your Facebook Feed there.

Like for my blog, for example-

Now click on "Get Code".

The you will see a page will popup on the same window, like I am seeing here, the screen shot is given below-

Now after copy the code, go to<Blog Dashboard<Layout<Add a Gadget< Java Script< Paste the Code there<Save.

If this is difficult for you, then read my step by step guide to add Java Script to Blogger

Click on the Save Arrangement, you can see this option just above the layout.

Now visit your blog.

You have done it.

If you are getting any problem regarding Facebook like box then don't forget to comment below, I will definitely help you out.