Add Most Popular Posts Widget to Blogger
I was thinking today to share with an article which is about "Most Popular Posts Widget to Blogger", well lets go to the tutorial, may be you know the benefits of this gadget, this gadget can decrease the bounce rate of your blog, which is pretty good for your blog but SEO point of view.

#1) Go to

#2) Then Go To Dashboard

#3) Now Click on Layout

#4) Then Click on "Add a Gadget".

Till this steps I have already share with you a blog post, in which blog post I have shared how to add HTML or Java script to blog.

You can follow these steps if you are getting problem to follow directly, because that blog post have step by step with screen shot, that's why any one can do it even newbie.

Hopefully, you are getting me, because to maintain quality of this blog post I don't want to repeat those steps again and again.

Okay, come back to the tutorial.

When you will click on "Add a Gadget", then a pop up window will open, just like I have given below a screen shot.

Add Most Popular Posts Widget to Blogger

Then Just Now Scroll your the page to the below little down till you will not see the option, as I have given below a screen shot.

Add Most Popular Posts Widget to Blogger

Now, click on + sign which option you can see just right side of the "Popular Posts", widget, hopefully you got the point, now the pop up window will close automatically after clicking "+".

Click on "Save", this option you see right side but on the top of the layout of your blog, now click on "View Blog".

You have done.

Have problem to add popular posts widget to blogger then ask questions.

Top Five Benefits of Adding This Widget-

There are many benefits of adding popular posts widget to blogger blog, but here I am going to tell you top five benefits of using it on your blog.
  1. Page views of your blog will increase
  2. Reader spending time will be more
  3. Readers and your blog relationship will be better because readers will spend more time on your blog
  4. You can come to know which blog posts is popular on your blog & why? In this way you can make other blog posts popular 
  5. Look of your blog will be better

Best Location to Add This Widget on Blogger-

I know it is really difficult to judge where to add it, many added on the top, many added on the bottom of the blog, many even side of the blog, but which location if best to get most benefits of it.
  • Bottom of the Blog 
  • Sidebar of the blog 
These two locations are most preferred locations of many pro bloggers even for me, so use this widget and enjoy the benefits of it.