How to Make Your Blog Unique for Blog Readers

Uniqueness in blogging is important every body says that, even pro bloggers, but how would you create a unique blog for others, for which people are searching.

Then dear let me remind you, you are a unique from yourself, because it's a rule of nature of course you are unique in the world, so what you will do from yourself? That would be unique, right!

So, how would you write a unique blog post.

Then it is almost totally depend on topic of your blog, then if you are choosing a topic on which you are having lots of experience, Problems you have solved in your life, those problems you have faced.


This is it, this is really need blogging.

I know other than uniqueness you need many more things to learn in blogging, because only writing good content or problem solving content can not make you even a good blogger, I know most of the bloggers start blogging because of making money, even I have started blogging, where I did mistakes, that's why even it took too much time to make money from blogging, that's why I have created blog to make people create a money making blog in a short period of time. But the question is that how would you make your blog content reach to right people, which people are looking for, because in the internet there are millions like you, but you are unique from yourself, even every body is unique, even you can not create a same product(physical product).

I am sure, if you will think on my words, I am sure you will do something in blogging, that is dead sure.

Let me give more ideas to be unique in blogging-
  • Write About Your Life Solved Problems- This is always work, I mean if your content will not solve problem then does not matter how much money you have spend on graphics its worth ZERO.
  • Do Lots of Experiments- If you want to write something dashing as well as unique then experiments is only way for this, but it is depend on you what you want, because experiments always take time.
  • Read Forums- When I was new to blogging, I did lot of mistakes and one of them was, I did not invest time to understand the real need to audience I just concentrate on article, but that is not good enough for becoming a next level blogger.
  • Read Questions and Answers Websites- Again, the real juice for bloggers, I will suggest you to do one more thing i.e. don't forget to give answers.
  • Put a Contact Form for Asking Questions in Your Blog
  • Ask Problems to Your Friends or Colleagues or Known- In this way I was able to write fresh 10 articles for my audience.

Unique Tips and Tricks for Bloggers-

Tips and tricks always works, this is not only in blogging, so these tips and tricks will work for you like charm if you will implement these tips, see becoming a popular and a authority bloggers now a days is not a tough job if you are doing something unique because people are moving quite fast, so if they found something good they always shares on social media and another share by his or her friends which helps to reach the unique things from one person to another person, actually this is the real way to do something BIG, which can not possible in any other field in this world, that's why blogging is just awesome, but your idea must be unique and usable for others, that's why they will read your each blog post and you will also get benefit from it.

I am talking all these things from my own experience, generally I do not talk about myself in my blog post other than my blogging experience, well here I am going to share with you a story, its about me, actually when I got admission in B.Tech in the very first semester I got three supplies and in the second semester I got 2 supplies but later in other six semesters I become topper in Branch, College as well as in University.

That means nothing is impossible.

Even if you will split impossible then it becomes- I am Possible

I will recommend you will read the article, because it can change any one student life, because what changed my life I have putted all those information in the blog post.

Okay, the tips and tricks I would like to share with you, which I have observed couple of days ago, actually I do observe many top bloggers, their way of writing blog posts, ways of promotion of blog posts, blog post length, action, timing, power, patience and there are many things they have.

Usually, top bloggers always becoming top blogger, can you imagine, I am repeating the statement because its worth it, can you imagine?

Why they are top bloggers today?

Yes, I find out the reason.

I hope you also wanted to know that reason because it can make you to stay above the crowd and becoming a top blogger.

Well, here is the reason, because they do write a article in details always they share a real case study with full details information, that's why user's will get tired keep reading the article but articles will not finish, if any one will want to read the full article he or she needs to spend at least 10 minutes, which helps to make your blog in details for readers as well as it will helps not only help it helps to your blog post on the top always.

Time Need to Invest in a Single Blog Post-

Time is most important tool of our life, if you will invest more time in a single blog post rather writing five small lengthy blog posts, write a single blog post in full details that's why readers will get everything about the topic from your blog post.

Then, what you need to do? yes you need to invest more time in a blog post, let me tell you my story, I usually give about 30 minutes in a single blog posts for writing, but after understanding all these things I have started investing more than 5 hours in a single blog post, but I want to invest more time in a single blog post, it will decrease blogging frequency but that's okay no problem.

So, if you are concentrating on number of blog posts then stop it, rather start writing a single blog post but it will have value of reading, lengthy and full details with heading and subheadings

Writing a Damn Fine Blog Post Tips-


Here, I am going to share with you writing tips for a super amazing blog posts, see I hope you also want to become a super fine, authority, heart touching, amazing blogger right.

Then there is no doubt that you have to work hard, but only working hard is not going to help you, if you don't know where you need to put your work, see if you will put your concentration on the right path then it is for sure you will get success quite easily and you can do the super fine, amazing journey as a successful blogger.

I was reading a blog post of Brian Dean, his blog post always appear on the top, does not matter what type of critical keywords he is adding, after my 10 hours investment in his blog, I came to know those reasons, but before going to tell you those reasons, let me tell you the way to write a damn super fine article which will make feel proud your readers to read your blog post.

Start writing your article from basic information, see if you are writing a blog post on any product then write introduction of the product then features of the products, price, advantages, disadvantages as well as application for people.

It always make a very good format to write and more important readers will educate on that topic, which makes them happy and in this way your blog become popular and you will also earn money, which exactly you want, I hope so.

Okay, here are reasons that any top bloggers got his or her blog post on the top of search engines-
  • Start blog post with introduction
  • A case study in a blog post
  • Examples
  • Lengthy blog post more than 2000 words always
  • Time investment in a single blog post on an average 20 hours 
These above ways can make you unique for creating unique as well as useful blog post, but again if you want to become a popular blogger then have patience and keep sharing amazing content.

What are OTHER ways can make you unique?

What do you think about this blog post, please comment below, I will be thankful for this