Setting Up a Custom Domain Name on Blogger is easy, but you need have first a domain name for setting up your custom domain name on blogger, actually you have to buy a domain name, generally there are two types of domain name, one is top level domain name and another one is country wise domain name.

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So, what I am writing here totally from my own experience and if you got any query regarding buying domain name, set up domain name then don't forget to comment below.

Like for India, country domain name are- .in, etc

And top level domain name are- .com, .net, .org

But I will suggest you to buy a domain name according to your blog content, like if your blog have content for any specific country then buy a country level domain name otherwise buy top level domain name.

Where to Buy a Domain Name?

 The I must say, it's Bigrock!

Here is the step by step guide to Buy Domain Name From Bigrock for Any Type of Domain Name.

Hey wait, before buying a domain name you need to read one more article, Remember it can change future of your blog- SEO Factors in Domain Name

After buying a domain name you need to go to the control panel of Bigrock.

Then you need to do settings, Even I am going write another article for setting up a custom domain name for blogger blog on Bigrock.(Because it is little lengthy that's why I write another article on this).

Let me give another tips regarding domain name, I mean if you are blogging from few months, then may be many questions are going on your mind, like is it worth full or not?

Then I have to say, yes is it.

But what about other questions like, are you going to your loose existing  visitors ?

No, but for few days, your blog visitors will get slightly down, which is sure but after few days it will come to the normal situation.

Which is pretty sure.

I know, you want to become a professional blogger, right?

Or may be you want to make money from blogging, then this is must. What I have felt?

Steps to Set Up Domain Name in Your Blogger Blog-

Most of the blogger bought domain name from Godaddy and many also bought from Bigrock, that's why today I am going to share with you step by step guide to set up domain name for both the companies.

Setting Up Domain Name on Bigrock-

I know there are many those wanted to set up their domain name, those bought it from Bigrock. So, here is the complete article for you to set up domain name- Step by Step Guide to Set Up Bigrock  Domain Name on Blogger 

Setting Up Domain Name on Godaddy-

This is amazing, actually I have created a video on this, because visualtion really make simple to understand it easier, so here is the video for you-

Query Regarding Setting Up a Custom Domain Name

If you have any other questions regarding setting up a domain name then feel free to ask. Thanks