Simply Perfect Blog, Write in Less Time
Blog posts are key in blogging, I hope you know that, that's why you are reading this article, one more tips I would like to share with you rather than writing a blog post in less than one hour, may be you are little bit agree with me, okay lets directly heat the point, that is article length, in content marketing there are two things important, those are- content quality as well as content length.

I hope you know importance of these two in blogging!

Now come the real part of this blog post, that is how would you able to write a blog post, which have at least 800 words and also quality with in one hour, actually those bloggers are extremely busy they just don't have time to write and here they made mistakes that is they do write short articles, may be 100 to 200 words, actually this much short articles just don't work in many niches, specially those niches have more competition like blogging niche or may be you can consider tech tips niche.

Because most of the bloggers eyes on these niches only, the reason is quiet simple that is more traffic and more traffic means more money, right!

So, here I am going to share with you, only five tips for writing your blog post more effectively as well as lengthy that's why your blog post will get good ranking on search engines-

#1) Write Article Title in Inventory for Month

 I know you want to become a better blogger, may be you want to live with blogging!


Then this is most important to keep blog post on inventory at least for month.

Yes for month.

It will improve your blogging business, this is damn sure.

Now let me give you one more tips, regarding this, don't write all articles titles for month in one day, keep thinking what should you write that's why your blog readers will get best value from it.

Then write down article title in your note book.

#2) Every Articles Should have Subheadings

Subheadings are keys for making your blog post more professional, let me tell you benefits of providing subheadings in the article, it will help your blog readers to understand about the topic easily, the article will be familiar with search engine crawlers, which will change the future of your blog and what not?

Dear, may be you are thinking, what not? You can get help from subheadings, here is the big help dear for what you are reading this blog post, that is it will save your time while writing an article for your blog.

So, till now you have learnt that you have to write in advanced title name with subheadings of the article.

#3) Conclusion Too

Conclusion is the good one.


Because it will help your readers to recall, quickly what they got from the blog post.

It will make your blog post more strong, that is for sure.

If you don't believe me, then read any top blogger blog post as well as you can attend any seminar of the company, they must give conclusion at the last.

So, this is important too, for you and finally for your blog.

One more tip, dear.

Don't forget to ask question regarding the title at the last, it will increase comments in your blog post.

#4) Target Post You Want to Promote Through Your Article

Now it's time to use anchor test to increase page views as well as decrease bounce rate.

Which is too good for your blog SEO health.
Now one more tips for you, don't promote same blog post in every article, it will again decrease your blog post ranking.

So, probably you are thinking, how much blog post is suitable to promote in a single blog post, then I must say not more than six, but of course it is depend on number of words in the blog post, get that.

You can promote "one anchor text" means one blog post per 150 words, which is pretty good, I think.

#5) Edit After Writing the Whole Article

Many bloggers will tell you to edit article while writing the blog post, but I will suggest you not to edit an article while writing a blog post, this is my personal experience, when I did so.

I have seen many times, error was there and this is not good at all for the future of the blog.

So, do it carefully, my recommendation is that, you must edit your blog post after writing the whole article.

Simply Awesome Idea for Writing an Effective Article in Less than 1 Hour-

Well, if you are thinking about writing perfect blog post, then may be you are in a situation like you are new to blogging or you are not getting traffic to your blog. So in that you need to take little rest from blogging and learn few things like-
  • In which niche you wanted to write articles for long time, simple start writing if you have knowledge, have experienced in anything, otherwise your chances of getting fail is more.
  • Use rich media like videos, images would be much easier way to interact with readers and building relationships (Remember this equals real money).
  • First outline your blog post, means what you are going to share in the article? If you will follow these steps then it will become easier for you to write just perfect article.
    • Objective of the article
    • Heading, subheadings and main points you are going to cover in the article
    • What is the outcome of the article? Means what readers are going to learn from the article.


Oh, this is special part of any blog post.

So, hopefully you are going to use these five tips for writing your next blog post, I know, it will save lot of yours time.

And let me remind you, time is money and money is not time.

What other tips, we can use to write just perfect article in less time?